Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramila entering Ankit’s room and says she is sweating and unable to walk to her room. She says she asked Ketki to prepare butter milk for her but Ketki is busy preparing a drink (Sherbet) for Paddy Bhai. Ankit makes her sit and checks her. Ankit says but you are not sweating. Ramila cries and says she is thinking what is not happening to her and she will not get cure. Ankit tries to console her, Hasmukh comes and says this is not our room. Ramila says she knew this is not her room. Hasmukh asks her to get back to work but Avni says if she starts working then the hole in her heart might get big. Hasmukh thinks he got freed from Hasmukh but what to do about Ramila’s heart.

At the dining table, Paddy sings Hum hain rahi pyaar hain….

Kishan asks him to continue singing the song. While he forgets the words, Ansubaa starts singing the remaining song. Everyone are elated to listen her singing. Paddy appreciates her singing.

Avni gives him spoon, but Paddy says he is Pajrati. Karsan asks what is that? Paddy says it is a combo of Punjabi and Gujrati. Paddy asks the ladies to sit but Ansubaa replies they will have food later. Paddy says it is his rule wherever he goes he wants everyone to have food together. Paddy asks them to sit or else he will get up. Kishan gets some chair and all the ladies sit for dinner happily together. Paddy thanks Ansubaa for the lovely dinner. He seeks Ansubaa’s permission to leave but Ansubaa asks him to stay here and dont go anywhere. Paddy agrees.

Kishan talks with someone and tries to reason with him about the order. Bhoomi comes and take his phone. Kishan asks for his phone back. Bhoomi asks him to spend time with his brother in law, Kishan says he is busy and asks him to meet Paddy instead. Bhoomi pretends to get angry, Kishan agrees to meet Paddy. Bhoomi says she will gather everything in the hall and gives them gifts which Paddy brought for them.

Bhoomi wonders why is Kishan so disturbed? There might be some tension which he is hiding from me. Lily fayi praises Paddy and Parul also agrees with her. Avni informs them to come in the hall as Bhoomi asked them to be there. Ketki asks what is the issue. Avni says Paddy bhai brought gifts for us so bhoomi wants to gifts us. Ketki feels Bhoomi is exhibiting the gifts, but Parul dismisses her thoughts and says it is the true values.

Mayank comes and greets Ramila. Ramila starts crying saying about the hole in her heart. Hasmukh asks how come he is here?

Mayank says he went to the mountain and got some medicine from the priests. Ramila feels touched but Hasmukh is angry. Ramila asks Hasmukh to give 2000 Rs to Mayank, Mayank happily takes the money. Avni comes and asks them to come in the hall. Mayank jokes with Hasmukh about Ramila’s fake illness. All the ladies are elated to see the gifts, Ramila takes so many gifts and says she did like gifts but nothing comes from her daughter in law Ketki’s house. Ketki is irked. Parul tells Bhoomi that your brother spent so much in gifts, Bhoomi replies her brother is like that only. Bhoomi thinks to give shawl to Ansubaa but Parul says it is late, Ansubaa might have slept. Avni jokes that Ketki is forgetting so much these days.

Dilip comes to Hasmukh and asks for Ramila’s report. Hasmukh says it is in the almarah and he has shown it to the best doctor.

Diip says he is worried about his mother, Hasmukh says he gives the report to his friend and dont have anything now. Dilip doesn’t believe and stare at him. Hasmukh acts innocent. Dilip asks him to give the reports as soon as he gets it and leaves. Hasmukh thinks to get the reports somehow.

Kishan talks with someone on the phone. Dilip comes and informs him that he asked the reports from his dad and will show his mother to some good doctor. Then he asks about the mill work, but Kishan tells something. Kishan gets tensed and Dilip asks him to speak out. Kishan tells that the order is cancelled with which he opened the mill and nothing is working out. Bhoomi silently listens. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s tensed face.

Paddy tells Bhoomi that he ordered 3000 shirts from someone and he cancelled the order. Bhoomi asks him to give the order to Kishan, Paddy gets happy and says you solved my problem.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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