Amrit Manthan 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 11th June 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Amrit doing the Dhaba account but not getting it right..Tej comes there and tells Amrit she needs rest..He later asks to do it but Amrit says no its their job to look after the Dhaba she will do her share of job..Amrit says sorry to Tej about Yug behaviour..Tej says its ok and from now they all will be friend ..he puts his hand forward for a friendship shakehand…Tej tells Amrit i will get us tea then we will both do this work together..Amrit going through the pages got the marriage papers of Mahiji..Sunitaji .She says its their anniversary they even remember it?..

Morning Amrit asks sunitaji wat’s special today…she says its the day for Nimrit medecine to be changed and also to pay electricity Bill..Amrit says more..sunitaji says we must get new dinner set.Amrit says you failed as its your wedding anniversary today..she is shocked and says how can i forget it..she says let me i’m sure Mahiji too has forgotten it..Amrit says no he remembers and now you must give him a surprise..Outside Amrit saying same to Mahiji you have forgotten but she you must surprise her..Nimrit..Bani on couch both hungry and waiting for Amrit..Sunitaji hiding something for Mahiji and he did same..Bani says Dadi..Dadu why you both wearing new clothes..Amrit says its their wedding anniversary..Sunitaji says i did halwa for you and mahiji gives her a bouquet..Nimrit says Dadu you brought flowers for Dadi .put that white flower in her hair..He did so and Nimrit..Bani says they must have a party.Karan watching from upstairs with anger..he comes downstairs wishing both happy anniversary and says both should dance in the party..

Party is on full swing with the Bhangra music..Karan staring at Nimrit saying enjoy as today i will end your life..Nimrit dancing with Bani and Karan join them..He tells Nimrit where is Tingu..she replies upstairs..karan asks Nimrit to bring him but she replies he dont know dancing.Karan finally convinces her that if she dont bring him here how he will learn dancing..Nimrit agrees to bring him and walks upstairs with karan following her..He stops Nimrit in the corridor saying i saw Tingu going on the Terrace..Nimrit in thought and takes a step to go on Terrace when she remembers her promise to Amrit never go on the Terrace..she refuses to go but karan a bit rudely says you must go ..then sweetly tells her what if he falls down.Nimrit again takes a step to go but once more says no it will break her promise..Karan holds her hand and start dragging her to the Terrace..Nimrit shouting for Amrit but with the noise of the Dhol playing no one hears her..Nimrit fighting back for karan to let her go but he pushes her down on the floor..Nimrit in tears telling him why he did so .she is hurt… Standing up Nimrit shocked as Karan points a gun at her..she asks him not to do so as its a gun and she will get hurt..if he plays with it and she gets hurt..blood will come out of her body..Karan in full revenge mode says its not a revenge but a justice of a brother to his sister..he says soni whereever you are your brother is getting justice to your killer..Nimrit taking her step back with karan in full anger pointing the gun at her..Nimrit in fear grabs his hand asking him not to kill her as she dont want to die..A Gunshot is heard and Nimrit has Blood in her hand..she keeps staring at her hand and finally she gets flashback of the Temple Agam got shot and blood in her hand..Karan arm in blood and again points the Gun at Nimrit..the flashback coming back and Nimrit about to faint..Karan dont pull on the trigger instantly but after a while did so and at same moment Nimrit faints and falls down..the bullet hit somewhere else..

Amrit..Tej looking for Nimrit hears the gunshot and reaches the Terrace with the family along..Karan about to shoot Nimrit when Tej holds his hand snatching the Gun..the security guards hold him and Tej takes Nimrit inside..the Doctor examining Nimrit and says she got a big shock..i can’t say anything now about her mental state till she dont get conscious ..karan is in handcuff and Tej grabs his collar asking him why he did this to Nimrit..he says Amrit was right to doubt him..Amrit asks the police to take him away and let him rot in jail..he does not even know wat’s relationship?..Karan angrily replies i do know all this thats why and just then Nimrit wakes up shouting Agam’s name..She says Amrit Di why Agam has left me ..bring him back ..he did not have any enemy ..Nimrit breaks down emotionally with Karan staring at her..

Precap ..Tej asking karan why he did this and once more he gets interrupted when Yug says i know why he did so..i searched his room and got clues..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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  1. This drama serial is getting really boring because agam has died and nimrit has we child hood memory back and everyone
    And then this Karan dude comes out of no where
    I don’t know they shouldn’t have made agam die
    I don’t know what’s wrong with these people

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