Kaira OS : Unexpected Love

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Love. It’s just a word with four alphabets but it holds lots of emotions, lots of promises. Promises to be together always, promises to be with each other not only in good times but in bad times too, promises not to hurt each other , promises not to break the trust. Trust, the most important thing in love. Trust is needed in all relationships. Every relation is built on the basis of trust. It is needed more in between lovers. You can never love a person if you don’t trust them. In love you two hearts remain connected, two lifes remain connected and you obviously need to trust the person with whom you are connecting your heart. So without having trust on that person you can’t love that person.

And this is what Naira is scared of , trust. She is scared to trust people.It’s not like she never trusted anyone or she was always scared to trust people. She was the girl who once trusted everyone even if she met that person at that very moment. And that was her mistake. No, Her mistake wasn’t trusting everyone, her mistake was trusting one wrong person blindly. The worst thing was that she trusted him more than herself. She loved him with all her heart. But in return only got pain. He promised to be with her always, to never hurt her but he broke all his promises at once and left her heartbroken. Since then the girl who was once talkative, fun-loving and bubbly became all silent. The girl who once trusted everyone became scared to trust people ever her near ones. It’s easy to break trust but not easy to built it and this is applicable for Naira. Her trust was easily broken by her so called lover but no one was able to build her trust again but one person changed it. He taught Naira to trust people again. He made Naira Happy again. But will it last?

When Naira thought that her world was falling apart, a person entered her life and helped her to put it back together. When she thought that she will never be able again to trust people, he taught her to trust again. She thought that she won’t be able to love anyone again but he made her fall for him. He helped her to become the previous Naira again. He was her knight in shining armour, her prince charming.

Out of all people Naira never thought to fall for him, Kartik. He was a well known playboy of the college. And after what happened to Naira it was hard for her to believe that she trusts him and falling for him was the most unexpected thing. But that’s how life works, isn’t it?

Their love story started with a bet. A bet given to Kartik by his friends.It was during a college part. While Kartik was surrounded by a bunch of student, Naira was standing all alone in a corner of the hall.

Wearing a dark blue off-shoulder gown she wasn’t looking any less than a princess. But her life was nothing like a princess. A prince charming , a perfect love life, a happy ending, she had none of these. The only thing she had in her life at that moment was pain. The girl looking like a princess, plastering a smile on her face while greeting people had only pain in her life and one could have understand only if they looked in her eyes, which was full of pain. But people were too busy to notice the pain hidden behind the beautiful smile of this girl. Also Naira didn’t want to let people show her pain. She didn’t want people to see her pain, to show her pity or sympathy. A common problem of people that they can’t feel ones pain they only can show pity and sympathy, which Naira hates so she always stay on her own.

Some time passed, Naira was still on her own while Kartik was playing truth or dare with his so called friends. “Kartik, look at that girl. Isn’t she beautiful?” asked Akash, one of Kartik’s friend.
“Which one? The girl in the blue gown who is standing alone?” asked Kartik. “Yeah that girl only.” “She is beautiful,” Kartik said.”So Mr. Kartik Goenka, I challenge you to make her fall for you,” Akash said, “I bet you won’t be able to do it.” “It’s so easy. Every girl in the college wants to be with me. I’ll do it easily,” Kartik said. “She isn’t like the other girls,” said Akash. “Lets see,” Kartik said replied and went to Naira.

“Hi gorgeous!” he said to Naira but Naira completely ignored him. “May I have the pleasure to dance with you?” he further said and forwarded his hand but rather than accepting the proposal Naira walked away and mixed in the crowd.

“Akash was right, she’s different. But no one can resist my charm for too long,” Kartik said and smirked.

The next day,

Like always Naira reached college early and was sitting in the first bench all alone reading a book. Suddenly Kartik came and sat beside her. “Good Morning ” he greeted but Naira didn’t even look at her. “Scared that you won’t ve able to resist yourself from falling for me if you look at me,” he said while smirking and received and angry glare from Naira. “Why aren’t you talking? Lemme guess, speecless by my charm,”he said with a broad smile and received another angry look from her Looks like he was having fun. “You look so cute when you are angry,” he said and Naira slammed the book and got up to leave the class. But alas! It was too late the teacher already entered the class. So she had to sit where she was.

Soon the class started. During the class Kartik was continiously teasing and sometimes poking Naira which made Naira angry and irritated but she tried her best to ignore him.

Days passed by like this. It became their daily routine. Kartik used to sit beside her daily and blabber things and Naira used to pretend that she wasn’t hearing but actually she used to listen his blabberings.
And something about him told Naira that he wasn’t as bad as he seemed. So she decided to give him a chance. “And the next day is friendship day a great timing to give him a chance and make him friend,’ Naira thought.

So she bought a yellow rose for him and was waiting for him to come. As usual Kartik came and sat beside her and for the first time Naira turned towards him without him calling her or poking her. “Hi!” Naira said to him and he became shocked that couldn’t speak. “I know I’ve never talked with you but I think you’re not so bad as you seem. So I wanted to give you a chance,” she paused a bit and took out the yellow rose. “Will you be my friend?” she asked forwarding the rose and his eyes went bigger and his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape. He pinched in his hand to be sure if it was really happenning. ‘Ouch’ it hurted him means it was true but it couldn’t happen. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Was it really Naira? No, she couldn’t be. Maybe she is some alien, he thought. Or maybe she is drunk.

“What happened? Are you angry with me?” Naira asked. “Who are you and what have you done to my Naira?” he asked.”Are you alien?” he further asked. “What??!” Naira exclaimed. “Then you must be drunk,” he said. ” If you don’t want to be my friend then tell me directly. Why are you insulting me?” Naira said and turned the other way. “It means you are okay…” he said. “I just asked you if you want to be my friend or not?” Naira said. “Of course I want to be,” Kartik said, ” But are you sure that you are okay?” he asked and she gave him an angry look and he laughed. Naira tried to look angry but couldn’t , she also smiled.

From that day onwards they became friends. They used to sit together everyday like before but something changed. Now not only Kartik but Naira also used to laugh and talk. Laugh…smile…Nairaa couldn’t believe she was smiling again but what could she do when he used to crack funny jokes. All thanks to Kartik that she helped her to smile and laugh.
They shared everything with each other. They were best friends. Naira told him everything about Kushal, her ex- so called boyfriend who broke her heart. While telling about him she was almost breaking but he comforted her and was ready to break his bones for breaking his besties heart .
Also Kartik told Naira everything about his life, he told her what his friends always asks him do to. He told her everything without the bet his friends gave him. And listening to this Naira asked him to leave his so- called friends cuz they were spoiling him. She made him understand that they wanted his bad and he left their company.

And when he did so his so called friends became angry on him specially when he was spending his days happily while having fun with Naira so they plotted to ruin his happiness.

Here Kartik and Naira were developing feeling for each other.

By talking with Naira Kartik understood that she was a good-hearted girl, she was kind with others, she was full of life, she used to behave maturely but was a child at heart. Everything about her made him fall for her. How she helped others, how she behaved with others, how she played with the kids, her smile, her eyes everything. He loved everything. He took time to realise it but when he did he was more than happy. Naira was his first true friend and his bestie and he fell in love with his bestie who brought the good out of him. Because of her now everyone liked Kartik, beacuse of her Kartik is now a good student. And he loves the girl who did all good things for him what could be more happier than that.
And so he thought to confess his feelings .

Naira too started to develop feelings for him. Kartik was the one who helped her to be the be the real her self. He made her smile when no one could. He was a good person at heart. He was funny, freindly, trustworthy, caring. He was all she could ask for. When she started to understand the feeling at first she was confused if she actually loved him or not then happy that she loves her Kartik and then scared that what if he doesn’t.
She was scared that if he doesn’t love her and she confess her feeling then he might break the friendship and this friendship was precious for her . So she decided not to confess her feelings whereas Kartik was already planning to propse her.

Kartik prepared himself to propose Naira. He chose a beach side location and decorated it nicely. White tables and chairs, a vase with white and pink rose flowers in it, a heart shape made around the table with petals of white rose and the beach decorated with flower petals and candles overally the decoration was beautiful with the beautiful smell of the rose and the sunset adding perfection to it.

Naira should be here anytime, he thought and she texted him. He went to her. She was wearing a beautiful white top with jeans. Ahh..perfect, Kartik thought. He took a cloth and blind folded her. “What are you doing?” she asked. “It’s a surprise. You believe me right?” he asked. “Ofcourse,” she replied. “Then come with me,” said and guided her while side-hugging her.When they reached the spot he opened the blind-fold and stood on his knees infront of Naira. After opening her eyes Naira found him like that.

“Naira, I know you must be confused so let me clear it. I love you Naira, I really love you. Don’t know from when but I truly do. I love everything about you, your eyes, your smile, your madness, your voice everything. You’re the best thing that happened to me.I love you Naira,” Kartik said bringing tears in her eyes. The love of her life proposing her what else could make her more happy. She was in cloud9, feeling the happiness of heaven.
“I love you too, Kartik,” she said slowly while crying .
At that very time Kartik’s friends came some clapping, some wisteling. Naira was confused why they were here as she knew Kartik broke friendship with them Kartik too was confused as it’s been almost 3 months he stopped talking with them why they were here.
“Kartik Congrats bro. You won the bet,” said Rahul . Before Kartik could say Naira spoke,” What bet? And why are you here Kartik isn’t your friend anymore?” “Who said so? Kartik is still our friend, he lied to you only to impress you so that he can win the bet,” said Kartiks friend while smirking which went unnoticed by her. Listening to his friends Nairas world broke she was feeling empty. She ran away from there while tears were falling from her eyes. While running in the road aimlessly she went inside the jungle. Kartik too was following her but when she went inside the jungle he lost her he couldn’t find her anywhere though he tried.

Naira was sitting under a tree in the jungle. She was completely broken. Once again
she loved someone, trusted him blindly and he broke her heart, he broke her heart completely into million pieces. No one can mend it now. Here Kartik too was broken as he thought he lost his Naira, his first love, his life.

The next day Kartik went college only to find the first bench empty. “Maybe Naira is late,” he thought and waited for her but she didn’t come. Infact she didn’t attend any classes. She was absent for one whole month.

After a month she came to college only to give exams. She was so quite, didn’t talk with anyone. She used to come give exams and leave the campus early so Kartik couldn’t catch up with her.

But Kartik knew she would come in the farewell as the results will be given that day so it was a must to come. And so he thought to confess her again that day.

At the farewell Naira was standing in a corner all alone like always but this time Kartik was alone too. No friends around him. Naira was continiously looking at the floor while Kartik was watching her the whole time. Soon she was called to take her award for being the first on the whole college. She was supposed to be happy but Kartik saw she wasn’t.

It was all his fault, Kartik thought. He should have told her everything. His Naira was hurt because of him. He had hurt his jaan. How could he? He thought.

As Kartik expected Naira went out from the hall after receiving her award. Good timing everyone was enjoying the party so he could talk with her . Kartik also followed her. When he exited the building he saw Naira moving towards her car.
“Naira,” he called her. His voice was broken but when he called her name it came with love. Hearing her name Naira stopped. He was calling her. It’s been month since she heard her name from him she was missing it. She was missing him too. Yeah after all this she still loved him she couldn’t forget him. She stopped for some moment but then started walking again. “Naira please stop. I want to talk with you,” he said. “But I don’t. I loved you Kartik but you broke my heart. Last time it happened you could mend it but this time no one can,” she said while crying. “I didn’t Naira,” Kartik said he too was crying,” You have to listen to me Naira. I love.” “You don’t this all is just a bet for you,” she said. “No, I really love you Naira. Please listen to me once,” he begged. “Okay say what you want to but you’ve got only 2 mins,” Naira said sternly.”I love you Naira. I truly do. Yes at first it was for bet only but when we became friend I started to really fall for you. Also I actually broke my friendship with them. I did it all for you Naira. Cuz I love you too. That they they were lying cuz they wanted to take revenge.Please believe me Naira. I love u and can’t live without you. Look in my eyes Naira. Can’t you see how much I love you,” he said and held her from her shoulder and made her look in his eyes. He was right there were only love for her in his eyes. He too was in pain after losing her. He actually loved her.
“I love you too Kartik,” Naira said while crying and hugged him.Kartik hugged her back. Both of them were crying. They remained in each others embrace for a long time without talking. There were only silence. But they could feel each other. Truly sometimes silence speaks more than words.

The End

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