Adiya FF – Unexpected Love (Part-3)

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Days went by with Aditya trying his best to impress Zoya and Zoya ignoring him.Aditya used to sit beside her everyday and blabber things about him self which Zoya pretended to not to hear but used to listen to him ,sometimes tried to flirt with her only to earn angry glares from her. Because of sitting with him everyday and him talks and his jokes or something about him made Zoya feel that he wasn’t as bad as he seemed to be and so she decided to give him a chance.

It was friendship day and Zoya thought that it would be the best time to do so. So she bought a yellow rose for him and was waiting for him to come. As usual Aditya came and sat beside her and for the first time Zoya turned towards him without him calling her or poking her. “Hi!” Zoya said to him and he became shocked that couldn’t speak. “I know I’ve never talked with you but I think you’re not so bad as you seem. So I wanted to give you a chance,” she paused a bit and took out the yellow rose. “Will you be my friend?” she asked forwarding the rose and his eyes went bigger and his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape. He pinched in his hand to be sure if it was really happening. ‘Ouch’ it hurt him means it was true but it couldn’t happen. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Was it really Zoya? No, she couldn’t be. Maybe she is some alien, he thought. Or maybe she is drunk.

“What happened? Are you angry with me?” Zoya asked. “Are you alien?” he asked. “What??!” Zoya exclaimed. “Then you must be drunk,” he said. ” If you don’t want to be my friend then tell me directly. Why are you insulting me?” Zoya said and turned the other way. “It means you are okay…” he said. “I just asked you if you want to be my friend or not?” Zoya said. “Of course I want to be,” Aditya said, ” But are you sure that you are okay?” he asked and she gave him an angry look and he laughed. Zoya tried to look angry but couldn’t , she also smiled.

From that day on wards they became friends. They used to sit together everyday like before but something changed. Now not only Aditya but Zoya also used to laugh and talk. Laugh…smile…Zoya couldn’t believe she was smiling again but what could she do when he used to crack funny jokes. All thanks to Aditya that she helped her to smile and laugh.

In a few days they became best friends. They used to share everything with each other. Talking with her Aditya started to fall for her. He started to love her. Her cute antics, her smile, her anger, her eyes everything. And he planned to confess her.

Zoya also started to fall for him. Talking with him she understood he wasn’t bad. It’s the bad company he had which made him bad but only outwardly. Inwardly he was a nice person and Zoya loved that person. But Zoya was scared to confess him as she was scared that she might be left heart broken again and this time she won’t be able to handle it.

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