Kaira love story (episode 46)

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Hey guyz! Ik all of u r waiting for my this update …really sorry as i have told u all ki m a 12th grader so have lots of studies  to do as hardly a month remaining for my boards n hardly few days for practical board exams 
..so i will  try my level best  to update but if it gets delayed plz understand n keep on supporting me ..its due to all ur support  i have reached to episode  46 …luv u all


In the evening  everyone were in thier houses n rooms

Goenka mansion

Kartik: mom m going for jogging ….

Keerti:arrey  waah my bro wants to loose some weight  before his shaadi gr8 going

Kartik: ohh plz ..i dont need to loose weight or anything ..m going just for fresh air! (He pauses n gets serious)  do u really think i need to loose weight

Keerti laughs n nods no

Suwarna:kartik beta no no u r perfectly fine..waise keerti kyun  wrong allegations  laga rhi ho mere kartik  pe

Keerti: haww mom aap bhi iske side

Kartik happily teases keerti 

Suwarna: m just telling the truth keerti .. ki kartik weight loose karne nhi naira se milne jaa rha h 

Suwarna n keerti hifi each other n laughwhile kartil says aap dono na baas ..m going bye

Kartik leaves..

Aftr 2 hrs in singhanias
Naira is in her room  taking rest …suddenly she gets a call from  kartik

Naira: hello future hubby sup?

Naira couldnt here any sound …so she said hello hello

Suddenly she heard a faint breaking voice na…i…r..a. tr..ou..b..le…

N then some hard sound of a metal falling forcefully comes n call gets cut

Naira is very worried …but gayu calms her n says may be network  prob …call aunty n ask

Naira calls suwarna

Naira: radhekrishna aunty

Suwarna: beta sab theek  h na u sound tensed

Naira: woh woh ..kartik h kya 

Suwarna: wait woh  toh jogging pe gya ..i thought  tumse bhi milne chala gya hoga ..so maybe truely jog pe gya h …kyun?

Naira: woh aunty …

Naira  tells about everything  tht happned

Suwarna worries …she immediately informs manish 

Manish contacts polic forces n all for sear h of kartik 

Meanwhile naira with  gayu n naksh  search at all places kartik went for jogging  but found no clue

Naksh gets tara’s call he picks n says krishna mein some imp work h n all 

Gayu:bhai u r not telling bhabhi

Naksh:i dont want  to give stress to her or the baby  ..so no 

They continue the search but got no clue 

Here manish is not getting info n is super  concerned 

Suddenly manish gets a call n rushes from house without  even  informing suwarna  properly ..he just said  some very imp work 
.so he had to go

Suwarna  meets naira in a park where  naira was searching for kartik

Naira was in tears …suwarana came n hugged her  ..

Suwarna: naira …he will come back …n agar ye koi prank hua na usko mein nhi chodungi iss Barr 

Naira: main nhi aunty hum dono …prank hoga na tab dekhega …but aunty agar …

Suwaran: naira no agar magars ..stay calm 

Naira gets a call …she  sees its from inspector 

Naira: hello inspector ji ..kuch pata chala

Inspector: miss naira ..dekhiye manish  ji ka phone nhi laga so we called the emergency no. He gave for  this case …so i wanted to tell u something

 Naira: kartik mill gya na ik ..

Suwarna gayu n naksh get happy …but next minute they suddenly saw the smile on naira’s  face faded n her mobile slept from her hands n she was also going to faint but suwarna n naksh held her

Gayu: naira naira ..kya hua ..plz kuch toh bol 

Naira cried n said in breaking voice woh woh ..inspector ka call tha …as uncle ka call nhi laga …inspector said in these cases no one knows kya hota h …n 30 mins ago they found a …(cries harder) …

Suwarna: found wat naira

Naira: dead body!!

Suwarna: dead body!!??( starts to cry )

Naksh n gayu shocked 

Naira:  they are not  confirm whose body  is tht …so as per  law they need to consult all the missing report wali familes…do they …(cries)

Naksh n gayu handle naira n aunty 

At singhanias

Akshara: pata nhi ye gayu naksh n naira kaha  gye raat ho chuki h

Naitik: pakka masti karne gye h …n sangeet preparations!

Akshara: haan ho sakta h 

Vivan enters n is surprised to know tht gayu has made some other plans wen they had a date …thinking something is  wrong he calls gayu 

Gayu: hello vivan sorry actually something happened due to which i couldnt inform u ki i couldnt come to date …actually mami ne shaadi ke shopping ke liye rok liya mujhe 

Vivan: achcha toh tum akshara aunty ke saath ho! 

Gayu: umm yes 

Vivan: jhoot kyun bol rhi ho m at ur place ..they said u naksh n naira r out ….bye

Gayu: vivan wait …actually something  big has happened 

Gayu tells everything to vivan …aftr tht vivan also goes to police station

Naira is unable to walk thinking wat if this body is of kartik 

Suwarna is speechless .. only her eyes express her pain by the tears tht flows out of them

Finally they arrive in tht room .. where a table is kept and something  is beneath  a white cloth ….white is a symbol of peace but here this white  could bring strom in anyone’s life 

No one is ready to face the truth…no one has the courage to take this risk 

But our sherni is entitled to justified  the title given to her by her lover by her mendhak …

Naira wipes her tears …n says nhi ye nera mendhak nhi ho sakta ..i can feel it …mera mendhak kabhi mujhe akela chodkar nhi jaa sakta 

Naksh comes to naira n hugs her …n says naira plz sambhalo apne aap ko …

Naira jerks  away naksh’s hand n moves ahead n grabs  the  white cloth…naira thinks about all the moments lovely n nok jhok moments of kartik n her .  

Then with anger  she lifts the cloth …everyone turns thier faces …

Naira sees the body n face n cries 

Hearing naira cry suwarna starts crying gayu calms  her down 

Naksh n vivan rush to naira who almosts falls down due to   a shock

Naira mumbles in her unconciousness mendhak nhi ..ye mendhak  nhi 

Hearing  this gave a beat to everyone’s heart spclly suwarna’s n naira’s 

5 of them come  out of the police  station…

Naira: bhai …aunty now jaise bhi karke we need  to find kartik …bohot hua …i never want me or us to face this  kind of situation ever  again!

Suwarna carsses naira’s  face n says yes beta u r right but abhi bohot raat ho chuki h as it is we cang do anything …manish ji bhi wapas aa gye h apne detective  frnds se baat karke …hopefully we will get a clue soon

Naksh gayu n naira return home aftr dropping suwarna …they all decided to tell inly akshara  n naitik about it ..while swarnish decided not to inform anyone else in goenkas 

Naksh gayu n naira go to akshara’s room

Seeing naira’s condition  they worry

Naira is unable to hold onti her tears n cries her heart out hugging her parents 

Meanwhile  naksh narrates  the whole story 

Naitik immediately calls manish n they discuss some plans on how to find kartik 

Everyone is super tensed

Next day gayu naksh naira naitik n akshara  reach goenka mansion  ….as no one other than swarnish were at home ..other went out for shopping….suddenly veer luv n kush entered  as they returnd from a nearby park n veer was invited by luvkush

Suwarna ask them to go to their  room

Luv: taiji plz send kartik bhaiya wen  he comes  .we want to play xbox with him

Veer: yes kartik jiju plays awsum video game 

Everyone controlling thier tears nod 

Gayu  consoles  naira as tears flow from her eyes

Everyone is discussing on the matter n waiting for polic officer’s call in the hall

Manish gets a call from office as signal was weak he went somehwere  else to talk…aftr the call wen manish was returning he passed through luv kush’s room …he hears something n rushes to hall n tells everyone there is something important will tell aftr i return …

Without listening ti anyone manish rushes out of the house….everyone is shocked  n wonders wat it might be

Precap:where is Kartik?
              Where  has manish gone?

This was the most emotional  one i have written on this ff …i hope u like the plot ..do comment n let me know 

Hey guyz m very sorry for the delay but plz try to understand tht i have to give ny boards in march n before  tht i have exams  from next week too …. i will try to upload as regularly as possible…plz cope up 

Soon i will reach episode  50 which would not have been possible  without all ur support n love 
Plz keep supporting my ff n me n   loving  my ff n also keep giving  me ur suggestions ..m always  open for suggestions!

I will upload next one by  tomorrow only as i know this suspense  is unbearable…

Plz do comment guyz

Keep reading ….commenting  n keep on watching yrkkg at 9:30pm only on star plus?

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  1. Vinni05

    Emotional suspense & interesting part
    Can’t wait for next

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much! M glad u liked all the elements i tried to put in ☺

  2. Very catchy. Pls update soon

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot?

  3. This was so emotional
    Wonder what happened to kartik?

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺
      For tht do read the next part ?

  4. Lasyashree.10

    Di…. what an emotional episode ??

    I was like ??? while reading…. I really…really….loved the episode a lot❤️❤️

    I loved it I loved it..I loved it….ah lot….

    And Di we understand…..you have to study!! Work hard di??

    Hit a great score❤️❤️

    Love you…..ah lot and even your ff❤️❤️✍?✍?

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so so much lasya for loving this epi so much , for supporting my ff n also for understanding my priorities of studies !
      Luv u yr! ❤U too work hard n rock ur exams??

  5. Fenil

    Osam chp !!
    Manish gets a Clue from Tripooti (lav kush and veer’ conversation ) .
    Now we can witness the great re union of karthik and manish.

    Hope i m right ?

    1. Hales

      Thnks fenil☺…u will get to know if u r ryt or not in next epi ??

  6. yea u r right suspense is unbearable…..chappy was amazing n emotional…update soon….

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot! M glad u liked all the elemnts i tried to put ☺

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  7. Vrushy

    Awsome as usual.
    All the best for your pre-boards.
    Can’t wait for next update !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much!! Next one already submitted …soon it will be posted ?

  8. Anyan

    Love it ..
    Can’t wait for nxt
    All the best for your pre-boards exam

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much?

  9. Soumya85

    It was awesome..I m sorry as i was not able to comment becoz I even have board exams…It was really very emotional..hope they find karthik as soon as possible

  10. Sethidisha002

    now why this happened always with kaira

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