Love defeats all – Episode 4

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The episode starts with Ishani was sitting in a corner of her room recalling the betrayal of Chirag n realizing some feeling for Ranveer n cries a lot in frustration. Suddenly Ranveer comes her n touches her shoulder. She turns n gets shocked to see him n asks u? He keeps his index finger on her lips. He hugs her n she also hugs him back. Ranveer says tears don’t suit u. He wipes her tears n kisses her forehead. He says we share the same pain. Suddenly her phone rings n she realizes she was dreaming. She throws the phone in anger n again cry bitterly n goes to terrace n looks up in the sky to stars n says I don’t want money fame or looks. I want true love. I don’t want all this. Why u always do this to me? Do I really deserve such pain?

Overthere Ranveer was lying besides twinkle. She was resting her head on his hands. He slowly gets up n caresses says her forehead n says I promise u princess I won’t hand u to those devil n he goes out of her room n starts drinking alcohol. He imagines Ishani coming to him. She puts the bottle aside n holds her face and says see what condition u hv made of urself. She hugs him and he cries, but then he realized he was dreaming. He throws the wine bottle on her floor in anger.

Next day Ishani comes to his house. She rings the bell the maid opens it. She walks inside twinkle room. She saw her sleeping peacefully n innocently. She wakes her up. Twinkle gets happy n hugs her. Ishani hugs her back and says good morning my doll.

She replies good morning n gives a cute smile. She innocently tells her that I love u. Ishani pulls her cheeks n says love u too my dear. She makes her ready n starts her treatments n exercises
She wonders where’s Ranveer. She went to his room n saw Ranveer half lying n half hanging on the bed with alcohol bottle. She feels so sad seeing him in this condition. She makes hangover that is lemonade for him. She wakes him up. But he didn’t wake up. She jerks him. He opens his eyes n was about to get up he got jerk n Ishani fell on him. Ishani says aauuchhh wait first let me get up. Ranveer says what happened get up. Ishani says my dress got stuck. Ranveer flips n comes over her n gets up. He forwards his hands to Ishani. She finally stood up. Both start laughing. There she scolds him why he drinks too much. Ranveer says I like it even u can try. Ishani says from childhood I’m against it u know. Ranveer says just joking. He asks abt the improvement n twinkle . She says well. Ranveer gives her a box. Ishani says what’s this. Ranveer says open. She got surprised seeing all the friendship bands of thier childhood n chocolate wrappers n all small toys and thier pictures. Ishani gets teary recalling it n hugs. Ranveer hugs her back n says remember what’s today. She says ya the day when we met first. He says do u remember I can’t believe. She fumes n says why only u know n remember everything even I brought something for u but now I won’t give it n leaves. Twinkle comes there n says what happened papa. Ranveer says Ishaani is upset let’s convince her. Ishani thinks to trouble him a little n smiles secretly

Precap:– twinkle n Ranveer try to cheer up Ishani. Later the duo dance

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  1. Jasminerahul

    ishveer dream scenes were emotional n romantic.loved them.ishani twinkle scene was so cute.ranveer gifting ishani d box which refreshed their childhood memories was a lovely scene.precap is so ishveer twinkle scenes.waiting to know how ranveer will win twinkle’s custody case against ritika

  2. Jasminerahul

    plz continue Aae dil hai mushkil where ranveer is mental

  3. Awesome Vadehi it was just amazing keep it up ?

  4. Nandana

    Nice episose dear everything was amazing it was superb dear and update tge next soon……


    Wow marvelous episode sis…..really awesome….. Jst wishing that both Ranveer & Ishaani both realize their love for each other soon…..can’t wait to c that happens……. B safe dude

  6. Nice episode waiting for next

  7. Nz update dr. Waiting for their union
    Take care

  8. i love this seriol bhot nice seriol tha and amazng skti arora and i love uhhh

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