Ishqbaaz 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra and Soumya get Anika to Shivaye. Shivaye asks why are you standing so far Anika. They hold hands. Pinky says Shivaye… Anika hides under the bed. Pinky sits down and asks what’s this. They get tensed. Some time before, Anika says don’t worry, Shivaye will get fine, nothing will happen to him. Pinky also cries. Anika sees Shivaye via the glass and gets away. Nazdeek ko dil ke…..plays………..She turns away and goes. A tear rolls down Shivaye’s cheek.

Pinky says listen carefully, I should not see Anika inside and even outside the hospital, else you will lose job. Khanna says yes Mam, and goes. Pinky goes to Dadi. She says I kept puja for Shivaye in temple, pandit ji is coming, come. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi leave. Khanna stops Anika and says I m sorry Mam, but its Pinky Mam’s order that… Anika says I have to leave… He says sorry. She stops and says will you do one thing, when Shivaye gets conscious, just call me once, please…. He nods. She leaves.

Om holds Shivaye’s hand. Shivaye gets conscious. Om says Shivaye, thank God you are fine. Om and Rudra hug and kiss him. Rudra says you scared us. Shivaye says Anika….. Anika turns and cries. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Om and Rudra look on. Shivaye asks did anything happen to him, is she fine. Rudra says she is fine. Shivaye asks why is she not here, call her. Anika says why do I feel Shivaye is calling me. She runs back to hospital. She stops and thinks of her promise to Pinky.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

She steps back and says I can’t go inside, I promised Pinky, Shivaye I can’t come to you, I m sorry Shivaye. She sits crying. Shivaye asks Om to tell him, why are you both silent, answer me. Om says Anika was here but… Shivaye asks but… Rudra says Pinky made her leave from hospital. Shivaye asks what do you mean. Om says Pinky does not want Anika to be there in your life. Rudra says we tried to stop her, but she did not agree, she feels your state is such because of Anika. Shivaye says this can’t happen, why did you two not stop Anika, you know her life is in danger, if anything happens to her…. I have to find Anika. Om says you did not recover, calm down. He asks Rudra to call doctor, wound is bleeding. Rudra calls out nurse. Shivaye shouts Anika. Om and Rudra ask Shivaye to relax. Anika cries sitting at the roadside. Nurse puts medicine in saline. Anika shouts Shivaye….,Shivaye calms down and rests. Rudra says Om, we have to do something, I can’t see Shivaye like this. Om says don’t do anything stupid. Rudra says trust me Om and leaves.

Pinky asks doctor is Shivaye fine now. He says yes, but make sure he is not given stress, we got to know he got restless by stress and his wound had bleeding. Pinky says now my son won’t have any stress. Rudra and Soumya get food trolley. Soumya says I m scared. Rudra asks her to be confident, look straight, else we will get caught. Rudra lifts cloth and sees Anika. He asks are you comfortable. Anika nods. He says don’t worry, Shivaye will be in front of you in 5mins. Anika says thanks. He says we are in same team, and same team members don’t thank each other. Pinky comes and says Rudra. He drops the cloth. They get worried and come in front of the trolley. Pinky asks what’s this. Rudra asks what, Soumya got food from Shivaye’s fav restaurant. Soumya says yes. Pinky asks why. Rudra asks will he have boiled food here. Pinky asks will he have food from outside. Rudra says its not from outside, we got it made in less oil and spices, its healthy, food will get cold, Shivaye does not like that way, we will make him have food. Pinky says wait, its food upside, what’s downstairs, I will check. Rudra says there is nothing, its empty, let it be. Pinky lifts cloth. Anika worries. Jhanvi comes and says Pinky, Dadi is feel unwell, Shakti is going to drop her home, I think she took stress, talk to her once. Pinky goes.

Rudra and Soumya get trolley to ward. Om asks what were you doing. Rudra says I went to get gift for Shivaye. Om asks gift. Rudra and Soumya lift cloth and show Anika. Anika smiles seeing Shivaye. Shivaye opens eyes and says Anika….. He turns and sees her. She asks how do you know it every time. He says I just know it. She asks are you fine. He asks are you okay. She says you got shot. He says but it was shot on you. She says you saved me. He says and you saved me. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine now. Om, Rudra and Soumya smile. Shivaye asks why are you standing so far Anika. He forwards hand. She walks to him and holds his hand. O jaana….plays………. Pinky calls out Shivaye. Anika worries and hides under the bed. Pinky comes and asks did Shivaye not have food till now. Rudra says you go, we will manage. Pinky asks Shivaye how is he. Rudra gives food. Soumya says soup.. Rudra asks Shivaye to have tomato soup. Pinky says Shivaye can’t have it on own, I will help him. She feeds him soup.

Shivaye signs Anika and they hold hands. They both get tearful eyes. Pinky asks Shivaye why are you crying, what happened, is it aching. Shivaye says I m not liking it. She asks what, you are not liking this soup, will you cry if you dislike food, tell me, I will get something else, tell me what will you have. He says nothing, I don’t want to have food. She says it happens, you take rest, I will get food for you in some time, don’t cry.

She gets Shakti’s call and says your Papa called, Dadi was worried, I will tell her you are better. Her phone falls. She sits to pick it and asks what’s this, I did not expect this. Everyone worry. Pinky picks a syringe and says its such a big hospital and no proper hygiene, I will see the doctor. Rudra says then go. Pinky asks Shivaye to rest. Pinky goes out and talks to doctor. Soumya says its good aunty did not see Anika. Shivaye says you don’t need to hide like this Anika, I know mom told a lot, I apologize, its not her mistake, she would have got stressed out seeing my state and asked you to leave, don’t worry, I will explain her. Om says we all will talk to her and explain that this relation will not break now, its marriage, not any joke, right. Rudra and Soumya see each other. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Anika sees Shivaye taken in an ambulance. She shouts and runs. She falls on the road. Pinky stops her car and taunts Anika calling her road dust. She asks Anika to not return to Shivaye if she has any shame.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivika rocking…..,.
    When omkara love start?who is that girl?

    1. Shrenu parikh of ipkknd 2 she will be seen in our tvscreens on feb 13playing as 10.30

  2. Renimarenju

    Gud mrng my 200 + sweet ishqies……have a gud day guys…… i didn’t watched the episode….. as i came late from office yesterday………am reading written updates now only…….Fever is troubling me….and weather is also too bad…here……..
    * From updates……i felt that now ib is bit dragging…….again they are keen in ruining pinky’s character…..which is really annoying….support of omru for anika is really praiseworthy and i think that as the best part of this episode……Shivika scenes are offered with much emotions and really both nakul and surbhi are getting chances 2 express the feelings through their eyes…….which is really offering a worth watch…….and offering treat for shivika fans….I hope the care, concern, trust and of course the untold love which remains in their heart should stay forever……in ib…….that…we will get more and more beautiful scenes which will stay deep in our hearts…….And ……cv’s please don’t drag the plot…by making pinky as a typical saasumaa…….its really didturbing only……so dadi….sso….om…..please convince pinky as early as possible….i know she is not bad …….but they are spoiling her character intentionally……..for increasing trp….which can’t be accepted by me….actually ib’s speciality is the realistic characterisation which impress audience… cv’s please show justice 2 characters…..thats all i want 2 share….bye …..guys……hope all are gud……

    1. Hellooo renima….im agree that they where dragging the track….its not at all needed in ib….im not understanding whats this cvs problem….why they where not intrested in exposing tia atleast…..anyone can easily guess that its only tia who has animity with anika….so ots clear the attack behind anika is only tia…..i hope sso will get some clue against tia….otherwise it will look unrealistic….so if tia gets exposed then no need to worry pinky will also accept anika….this tia is the biggest hurdle in ib….tias presence is spoiling beauty of ishqbaaz

      1. Renimarenju

        Shivika remains as the best…..and @ least in hospital….they didn’t bring nafrat baaz ….thank god…..i hope now tej will realize that swethlana is pretending to be gud… as sso said there is a difference between gold and brass……and tej is not able to realize the reality….another person is pinky…….tej’s character is welll brought and from earlier we have witnessing the same thing…..what about pinky…….she use 2 speak…..some times bad…..but we will see that….she wil be convinced by dadi,jhnavi and she will steal our hearts through her innocence…..and its sad that……they are not showing that kind of innocence. her consciousness to her son + her care for om….also…..which they have shown rarely……but that raksha bandhan….episode when roop made an entry….we witnessed it……another thing…[email protected] drunken punch……om touching her cheeks and saying ” choti maa u are so sweet”…….when that chopper crash…happened every one got worried……and pinky behaving nothing has happened brought tears in every one’s eyes……she said about dhaaga….and…asked om and rudy 2 wear it and also said that my shivaay will come……he is busy …..etc…. Shahabana………these are few moments…..which we fall love with her character…..and we came to know her + and – also……but never they tried 2 portray her as full and full negative….when the truth of forced marriage came out…she blamed her own son…..she asked anika to sit near dining table…..and said “maine bahut kuch bol diya”….that is the real pinky……and i expected that kind of a beautiful scene between anika and pinky when anika rushed 2 see sso…in icu….. when dadi convinced pinky…..but she asked anika 2 leave shivaay’s life……and yesterday also…..the same thing is repeated…..and in precap also…we see her saying …..anika…………its quite hard 2 accept pinky in that way……And that’s why i said they are dragging……only…….Its too late ……and why they are not exposing tia……and am worried for omkara……and if romi will also join them then it will be trouble 4 rudy ……and our sweet prinku……can’t see her in trouble…….

      2. Ohhh renima u wrote most beautiful old moments of ib….and pinky…..yes in all that moments pinky is best…..but dont know what happens to her when she sees anika with shivaye….its because of tia and her baby drama…..and pinky always thought to bring a rich and high educated bride for shivaye….so its not easy to accept her anika as shivayes wife…..she will accept anika only after tias expose….u are right they where dragging much….im just tired seeing all dramaz….and i tooo very glad that there is no nb’s in last two episodes….many are asked why tia is not in hospital when sso is getting operated…..but im glad she is not there…..atleast for two days we enjoyed the show without tia….

      3. Renimarenju

        Lol….tia;s reikis are not working…… a days…..she tries 2 seperate sso and anika….but they are getting more and more closer only…….well i took leave today….as am having fever… am able 2 comment frequently……but tu has again started moderation drama……so …..its giving head ache…..only…..

      4. Renima tc ur health and get well soon dr…..even im also not feeling well….suffering with cold and little fever from last three days….

  3. I too think that this too is sooo mean yar
    I think pinki only expose tia like she expose roop in front of the family
    And sorry but I read in spoilers that chadda’s daughter is anika’s sister
    I it not true

  4. Tia ko Jaldi sai xpose Karo pls writers
    Kamsai Kam kk koto karo
    It’s too crazy to watch many villans at a time???

  5. sorry @archiya its not 5…the repeat time has been chngd to LST 3 days it he bn telecasted at 4:30

    1. Archiya

      Thanks for the correction aishu

  6. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ishqbaazians…….couldn’t comment yesterday as I had some work to finish!!
    The epi was awwwwwwwesome!! The hospital Shivika scene was the best scenes I have watched till date on Indian television!! I don’t remember any such cute hospital scenes from other serials which I have watched or have been watching.

    Guys I know we fans want Shivaye to confess first….but seriously after watching yesterday’s episode I don’t think that is needed!! And I don’t think Anika also needs to confess….everything was so clear yesterday!! Even in his mom’s presence he secretly holds out his hand to Anika….and when Pinky bends down Shivaye tightens his grip….that was like conveying to Anika that he won’t leave her whatever happens!! What else do you need for confirmation?? And after Om’s dialogue…..”I will talk to Chotima….this bond cannot break now….it’s marriage…not a joke” the expression of Shivika was more enough to tell that they too don’t want to break the bond!!

    SSO was totally a changed person yesterday…..Gul ma’am, please show us only this Shivaye…..especially when he is with Anika! Kunal is my favourite, but can’t stop thinking about Nakul after yesterday’s epi….muaaah!! :-* :-* :-*

    And then we have the s***** precap!! Whats wrong with the makers?? Is it necessary to always make us happy for one day and then disappoint us the next day?? Grrr….

    1. Yaa its like clear tht they are in lov zarurat hi nhi he..but idk why they are not exposing tia anika knows everything about tia so y isnt she trying..and busy thinking how to confess luv they shud ask us we willgive 100+ideas how to expose tia??but they are asking how to propse

    2. Liji..!!
      We thot the hospital track is humourous, even though it was not, I feel the writers outdid our expectations this time. Even humourous scenes wont ve been this good.

  7. no mntn dr @archiya..I nw to here….can I join u guys….

    1. Archiya

      Welcome aishu

  8. Beautiful beautiful epi…..loved nakuul’s acting so damn much!! Sso looks so cute while crying also???.
    Arrrh I think he will never leave my mind…. just can’t stop thinking about him.

  9. Guys..!!
    This is a must read. Yesterdays hospital scene best explained. Check the link.

  10. Did anyone notice blood on anikas dress was stil so fresh?

  11. Hey Guys. Can you tell me the repeat telecast for ishqbaaz?

  12. Hi guys

    Gul khan kisi ki question ka answer kaise detha hai.main tho uski insta pe dekh rahi hoon ki sab log tia ko expose karne ke liye aur shivay ko pehle love confess karne ke liye anika ki dress and style change karne ko aur obros moment dikhane ke liye request karthe hue dekh raha hai.gul mam iss sab request ko reply kartha hai ya wo chup rahthi hai.mujhe tho lagtha hai in logo ko trp low hone pe koi tension nahi.tension tho IB fans ko Jo serial makers haina fans ki dil pe ye darr rakha hai ki agar trp kam hogaya tho show end karengi.aur bichara fans apni show bandh na ho iss liye wo log show ki boring scenes sehkar episode full dekthe hai.agar IB ki trp kam hogaya na tho ye math sochna ki show jaldi end hogi abi bahuth kuch baaki hai iss main wo sab clear kar ke bina ye bandh nahi hoga.ab ye DBO mein bhi vilan aara hi hai.uss main new vilan ko laane ki zaroorath hai kya I don’t know.sab log old IB bahuth miss karthe hai specialy shivomru bond aur sab ki tarah mujhe bhi ye darr hai ki aage hame unka bond milengi ya logo ka achi baath ye hai ki achi promos bana ke logo ko bahuth impress karthe hai jaise ki IB ki promo main “ek Kahani ki theen kissa” ye dialogue hame yaad hai in logo ko yaad nahi.i think inhe lagtha hai saas bahu drama aaj bhi sab log like karengi.lekin in logo ko ye nahi patha hai ki baaki show mein bi ye miltha hai ib sabke liye ek special show hai aur baaki sab serial se alag bi hai.lekhin ye log kudh hi iski special and charming ki murder karthe hai.mujhe tho lagtha hai old ib ki aur new ib ki writers change ho gayi warna aisa hotha nahi.phir bhi gul khan ko kuch demands tho full fill karni hogi.
    *Tia ko expose karna
    *Obro moments dikhana
    *Shivika ki nok jok
    *Wo old anika ko waapas laana Jo shivay ki last word ki baath full stop daaltha hai wo waali anika.
    *Anika nahi shivay ko pehle propose karna show ishqbaaz hai tho ishqbaaz shivay pehle propose kare tho acha hai.

    Kuch log DBO main shrenu (gauri) ko bagodi bride ki look pe dekh kar ye soch rahi hai ki second zoya bana rahi hai.aur om bhi badal gaya hai wo full shivay bana hai i don’t know shivay ye boltha tha har relation ek deal hai.aur vo sacha pyaar ki baare main bakwas boltha tha.aur om ka dialogue ” ishq sirf said hai.jisse dil dekhar dard sehna padtha hai”om ki second dialogue yaani jisse dil dekhar dard sehna padtha hai wo shivay ka nahi wo tho aise insaan ka hai Jo ishq pe trust kartha tha phir kisi wajah se usse ishq pe barosa ud gaya.i think gul khan ko sirf angry young man and poor girl ki love storys banana aatha hai iss liye wo om ki character ki thoughts change kiya hai.rudra chadda ki beti se shaadi nahi karengi na.bichari soumya.ab un dhono pe thodo concentrate daal raha hai.

    SORRY SORRY guys for a big comments.

    1. Mouni

      your comment is interesting sorry l can’t read it , what gul khan said ?? plz some one help me with traduction ??

      1. Gul khan ne kya bola,aap kya bol rahi hai,i don’t understand any thing.

        Please reply mouni

      2. actually gul said nothing….
        Uff is saying that gul mam is not answering to fans questions in insta….actually uf dr somedays before gk mam used to answer some fans questions….but nowadays not…..some fans also uses disgusting language to abuse gk…..
        And mauni dr….uf isgqee is saying that makers are not at all worried about trp thats why they where dragging the show….only fans are worried for trp….and uf u are right not makers or not starplus is worried for trp thats why they where putting illogivmcal nb track….anyways they where getting much money and popularity in online trp….then why they will worry about tv trp
        And uf u are right many are worried about they where showing oms lead like baagodi dulhan….dnt know whart will happen we will wait and see
        and about omkaras changing behavoir towords love in dbo promo…..its Logical bcz he has seen his own mother is suffering who is actually loved hos father unconditionally…..but seriosely i tooo dnt want to see om has typical hero….om is best in the way he is…..
        And mauni actually uf iss saying that gk only knows to make story like harsh hero and innocent heroin….thats why she is changing omkaras charecter….
        And both uf and mauni i answered to ur questions how much i can…..sorry if u guyz are not satisfied with my comments….
        Anyways by guyz im not feeling well at all….

      3. And mauni dr uf is saying that she thinks ib writer is changed thats why much difference in storyline of ib….before its tooo good story but nowadays dragging only…
        And uf is worried bcz in dbo also two villains are entering….so uf is worried if they will obro moments or will show only negetivity….
        And uf dntworry rudy wont marry any chaddas daughter….this twist is for to bring out rumya marriage track… agree uf that atleast now this cvs is focousing on rumya story….
        And yes uf its ishqbaaz of oberoi brothers so its better if shivaye proposes anika first…

      4. Mouni

        shahabana , thanks dear , l didn’t understand the language and thought maybe gul said something

  13. Mouni

    so there is another video, not only sso didn’t defend her he joint the humiliation and got back to his KKN nonsense , come on sso , you cried to see her and now this ?? l hope he is under pressure from the kapoors like in the robbery blame or else it means he didn’t change at all but l think anika should not confess anything now that tia is still around
    l hope anika will go work or something , her staying there is free call to humiliation even surbi said that she wanted anika out but it seems makers love to see lead females in tears always
    sorry guys but am sickkk of this drama , l want old anika back and tia gone , for the first time am getting bored watching IB , it never happened to me before , every time l wait for new vid hoping some good change happens they disappoint me another drama and humiliation

    1. Mouni
      I ve made peace with the fact that Shivay cannot come out of his stupid ideology. The writers want viewers to have a love hate relationship with Shivay. Let’s not get disappointed when he lectures on Khoon Khandan next time. Till the show ends we ll ve to put up with it. May b he can loosen up a bit but cannot completely come out of it.

    2. Ohhh whats thisyar…again this sso started his old stupid idiology and thudybaaz….yesterday he was crying and dying for anika… he is again himilating her with his words….now im sure not omkara but this shivaye is the actual drug addicter….thats why he behaves sometimes weired and abnormally….uffff i just want to hate sso…..but i cnt

    3. ya mouni ..i too missing old mein teek tha wo sso..phir shuru kar raha hai koon kandhan…uff ithna nkk lecture de raha hai tho ye sso definitely bada nkk se nai hai sso is ilegimate son..pakka..plz anika ko aur insult mat karo..bechari cry baby hogaye..stupid sso insulting anika..yestdy epi mein pyaar hogaya aapse ..hate u sso

      1. Guys..!!
        There is a new spoiler video where Annika tells Shivay about Rumyas wedding. Shivay does not believe her but she is showing some photo or video, I donno wat.

      2. Mouni

        yes lax , saw him too , but the spoiler ends when he takes the phone from her too bad , l wanted to see his reaction
        and there is pics whth the gorgeous look of shivika , am thinking maybe its for rudra’s engagement ??

    4. And guess what?? Navina is back on sets. Oh God..!! Tia’s drama again..!!

  14. Guys..!!
    Check this. Shivikas latest pic??

    1. Wow….both look dashing!! Maybe its for Rudy’s engagement function…just a wild guess!! 😛 😛

  15. Renimarenju

    By the way……many omie fans have changed dp and set shrenal dbo as dp…….but its hard for me 2 change dp…….as my heart always loves ishkara……and i feel a special connection with ishkara…..hope shrenal will do magic……

  16. SHRIYAT…wer are u in bigg boss??season has finished and ur not der??

  17. change anika costumes and make over please.. she is not into traditional or western neither stylish…….. all other characters are natural and looking great other than show heroin.. she literally badly needs make over.. hair style and those stupid exposing dresses.. other than exposing those or not even stylish/ looking good on her..

  18. change anika costumes and make over please.. she is not into traditional or western neither stylish…….. all other characters are natural and looking great other than show heroin.. she literally badly needs makeover.. hair style and those stupid exposing dresses.. other than exposing, those or not even stylish/ looking good on her.. not even she is looking great while exposing.. stupid blue jeans and her chappal huh…..

  19. emotional n lovely epi…nakul surbi u guys nailed it yaar what a babhidevers award dena chahiye aniomru ko in starpariwar awards ..tu aatha hai seene mei jab jab saasein barthi hu..meri kushi tumse meri hasi tum se ..tujhe kya kabar bekabhar..jis dhin tujko na dheko pagal pagal phirti hu..kaun tujhe yuun paar karega jaise mai karti hu…suits for anika…yaar true n pure love..shivika ..every moment of shivika is fab..shivaay asking her to come n folding hands. shivaay crying for anika…yaar superb ..hope we wil get to see romantic n funny shivika scenes 3 epi made viewers cry ab toda blush vush karne dho yaar..pinky hate u no humanity atall n shivaay said right pinky loves money more than his sons happiness..writers plz stop himulating anika ..hadh hotha hai yaar..reveal atleast tia truth plz..too much draging..

  20. hmm it was nice

  21. Yaa
    Pinku dear I’m totally fine. And lax thnx so much for link.Very beautiful description. About latest pics ye to kisi function ki outfit lagrahi he. Both are looking good. Annika in sab yani new type ki outfit bahut achhi lagti he par sarree ya suit main woh aur bhi sundar lagti he.I know IB us a special show so special dress bhi he .but I want atleast ek baar annika ko thoda traditional banado.bas ek bar.
    And about latest video I’m not upset with Sso.bcoz unka to policy he ek din accha ek din bura. And stutti you are totally right.???.
    Mujhe lagta he aaj syad tia ko dikhayege.kuyiki maine ek spolier main padha ki tia apna fake concern sso ki taraf dikhayegi jo Sso ko accha nahi lagega .isilye woh annika wapas layenge.
    But I’m sure jab tia ki sacchai shivay ke samne ayega ussi din uska NKK ideology se varosa toot jayega.

  22. Hi I am a huge fan of isqbaaj Really omru anika shivay soumya are nailing it up Really loving isqbaaj?????Its my first comment so a big Hai to all my fellow isqbaajians??????

    1. hi dixit welcome..keep commenting

  23. farina hossain

    hey guys I am new in this ishqbaaz update.I want to ask something why ishqbaaz India forum people said omkara’s female lead gauri’ character is grey. I mean which site/spoiler/news confirm this?

  24. Hi everyone I’m a silent reader for the past 1 week… I became a huge fan of this …. Loved d epi ????

    Shivika roczzzzzzzzzzz

    I started to watch this serial for d past 1 week… I juz loved it

    I can’t wait to comment after seeing this epi

    I’m a tamilian….. Guys .. How r u ….

  25. Welcome to our family doc dixit,farina & ashley .Keep commenting on and enjoy??☺?

  26. Obro moments after some time so emotional.. I can’t believe is he the same Tadibazz shivaye singh oberoi, there is so much love for one another it is clearly seen in their words and eyes.. Love shivika moments.
    And our om’s words about love, marriage, relation etc., shows he has full faith on these and also yes we already know about it but how could his character would change completely opposite in DBO, and also how this would happen that too in a week, I think the show will start next week…

  27. Love you Shivaay. Nothing else I can say.

    It was such a wonderful episode. Shivaay openly said he needs Anika. Rumya getting Anika, Om’s subtle look when he saw Anika, Shivaay asking Anika “Tum itna dhoor khadi kyon hon?” – everything was fabulous.

    The best moment was when Shivaay moved his hand on the side of the bed to hold Anika’s hand and becoming emotional when Anika was holding him. He clearly said how much he loves her. Words are really not necessary. Shivaay was never this fragile before. He was never this open about Anika before.

    Tears filled my eyes when Shivaay was holding Anika and started crying. And the other one I loved was – tun itna dhoor kyon ho.

    Love you Shivaay. Now Anika can confess her love. No problem at all. Before I did not like the idea of Anika confessing but now I am totally ok after this.

  28. I love this..

  29. So many new comers today…..good to see our IB page fans are growing day by day!!
    Neha Sharma….roz sabka attendance lete rahte ho! aaj aapki attendance ka O my Mata ho gayi …….why?? And what happened to our analyst Shekhar…..SHEKHARRRRR missing your detailed analysis dude!! Aisa lagta hain ki maine aaj TU hi nahin dekha!! 😀 😀

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