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chapter 6

the next morning…..


i woke up late .it was 10 am.i went and took bath and came to the hall.

suhani:sayyam,a friend of mine will be coming now .her daughter is your school.

sayyam:oh! whats her-

just then a car came and haulted near our gate.

suhani:they have come!!!

they both came with suhani.

suhani:this is soumya and her daughter krishna.

krishna’s eyes fell upon me and she was surprised.i was also surprised to see her.

suhani:this is yuvan,yuvani and sayyam.

krishna:i know them aunty ! they are my class.

suhani:yes!krishna.sayyam told me about you.

krishna looked at me and gave a smile.i smiled at her and we both were looking at each other.yuvan interrupted.

yuvan:krishna.come lets go and talk.

and he went and pulled her by hand and went to his room.krishna was surprised by his sudden action.i could feel my anger level rising.i didnt want krishna to fall in yuvan’s trap.

in yuvan’s room,

yuvan:krishna,you look really beautiful.i think boys are going to line up behind you.

i saw krishna’s face.she didnt like him flirting with her.she looked at me with her pleading to release her from him.i went out of the room and changed my voice into suhani’s voice and called him.

yuvan:oh god!mom is calling.i will be right back.

after yuvan went krishna came .

krishna:thank u sayyam.i realy hate people who flirt.i am sorry to say this but i didnt like yuvan.

sayyam felt so happy inside.yuvani came to us.

yuvani:come lets go to hte terrace and talk.

we all went to the terrace.while climbing the stairs krishna stumbled and fell upon me and i just held her tightly.we were looking at each other so deeply.i felt as if i could see her soul.


i made krishna stand and we felt very awkward.
we all talked for a long time,then we went down to have lunch.after lunch we thought of playing antakshri.

suhani:lets play this slightly different.i will rotate this bottle and if the lid points a person they should sing about the opposite person.

and we started the the first round suhani had to sing about soumya.
she sang about their friendship.then in the second round sharad had to sing about bhavana.he sang

dhoop se nikhal ke
chaanv se phisal ke
hum mile jahan par
lamha tham gaya

aasmaan pighal ke
sheeshe mein dhalke
jam gaya to tera chehra ban gaya
duniya bhulake tumse mila hun
nikli hai dilse ye duaa
rang de tu mohe gerua
ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa
rang de tu mohe gerua
haan nikli hai dil se ye dua
ho rang de to mohe gerua

we all clapped.bhavana was blushing .
in the third round it was my turn.i had to sing about krishna.i didnt know what to sing .we both were looking at each other.and then i sang

un kaigal korthu
unnodu poga
en nenjam than yengudhe
dhinam uyir vangudhe
to hold your hands with mine,
to walk with you by my side,
my heart yearns for this to happen,
as it takes my life away, everyday.
un tholil saaindhu
kan moodi vaazha
en ullam alaipayuthey
ayyo thadumaarudhe
to lay my head on your shoulders,
and live my life with eyes closed,
my heart flows like waves in the ocean,
oh, it staggers along the way.
un kannam mele.. mazhai neerai pole
mutha kolam poda aasai alladudhey
nee pesum pechu naaldhorum ketu
endhan jenmam theera yaekam thallaadudhe
on your cheeks, like the drops of rain water,
to make an art of kisses – the heart desires unfalteringly.
to listen to you speak, all day,
a yearning burns inside hoping to live this life with just that.
oh penne penne
yen kanne kanne
unmai sonnaal yenna
unnai thandhaal yenna
hey girl, oh girl,
the apple of my eye,
why won’t you say the truth?
why won’t you give yourself to me?
oh penne penne
yen kanne kanne
unmai sonnaal yenna
unnai thandhaal yenna
hey girl, oh girl,
the apple of my eye,
why won’t you say the truth?
why won’t you give yourself to me?

after singing this there was absolute silence.we both were looking at each other so deeply.i saw tears in her eyes.then everybody clapped.we broke the eyelock.i sang the song with so much feelings and i realized that i had started to fall in love with her.
it was the fourth round and yuvraj had to sing about suhani.he sang tum hi ho and suhani hugged yuvraj.i felt they were the best couple.
it was the last round and krishna had to sing about me.she looked at me and sang

akkam pakkam yarum illa bhoologam vendum
we need earth with none around us
andhi pagal un arugey naan vazha vendum
and i need to be with u day and night
en aasaiyellam un irukathilae
i wish to be in ur embrace
en ayul ellam un anaipiniley
i wish to spend my entire life in ur arms
vera enna vendum ulagathilae
what else would i need
intha inbam pothum nenjinilay
except this memorable moment in my heart
ezhezhu jenmam vaznthu vitten
its a joy equal to seven births

we both looked at each other with an intense gaze.i knew she felt something for was love.i could see it in her eyes.
the screen freezes with both of them looking at each other.

precap:kriyam romance!!!!!!

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  1. So cute. I cant wait for the next update. Kriyam romance??????

  2. Aarti32

    Melodious episode..N waiting for next episode..But dear don’t mind, plzz end d past soon..Coz I luv d vampire story more..It’s different u know.. Plzz don’t mind..

    1. yeah sure.i will end it soon.

  3. Honeypriya

    Vanakkam Chennai????

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