Kaira Ek Ehsaas Kaira FF Episode 13

Hello all here is next episode and it will have lot of memories as we terribly miss Kaira now.

Episode starts

Its Saawan Milni celebration. Naira is getting ready when Kartik comes buttoning his Sherwani. He sees her and is mesmerised by her. Kartik goes to her and seeing him she hugs him tight

Kartik: Kya hua?

Naira: Nothing just that

Kartik: Still in the fear of yesterday?

Naira: Haan woh…

Kartik: Waise…have you lost your memory again?

Naira: What? Why?

Kartik: Arrey saawan milni hai…how can you forget it?
Naira: Time waste mat karo

Kartik turns away and: See pakka your memory is affected..you forgot it…

Naira looks confused

Kartik: Tip tip barsa pani…

Hearing it Naira turns red with blush when he hugs her and in a whisper: Our first saawan milni…

Memories flash

Kartik enters the room and is surprised to see it lit

Tip tip barsa paani
Tip tip barsa paani
Paani ne aag lagayi
Aag lagi dil mein to
Dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to
Jal utha mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan
Main kya karoon
Na na.. naam tera mere labon pe aaya tha
Ho naam tera mere labon pe aaya tha
O maine bahane se tumhein bulaya tha
Jhoom kar aa gaya sawan
Main kya karoon
Tip tip barsa paani
Paani ne aag lagayi
Aag lagi dil mein to
Dil ko teri yaad aayi
Aag lagi dil mein to
Dil ko teri yaad aayi
Teri yaad aayi to
Jal utha mera bheega badan
Ab tum hi batao sajan
Main kya karoon
Du du.. dooba dariya mein khada main saahil par
Ho dooba dariya mein khada main saahil par
Tu bijli bankar giri mere dil par
Chali aisi yeh pagal pawan
Main kya karoon


Kartik: Uff Kya din te woh

Naira gives him a peck in his cheek and runs to Kairav. Kartik turns red and his face has that cute dimple as he does Hayee

Naira smiles at him in a teasing way and walks down with Kairav. Kartik’s mobile rings

Kartik: Hello Ritesh

Ritesh: Sir I have got Pawan and we are going to get your daughter. We will be there soon

Kartik: Great. Im waiting for it

Meanwhile the Goenkas have gathered for celebrating the occasion

Dadi: Lets start the naach gaana

Naira enters the dance floor along with other ladies

Rishton mein pyar hai

Pyar dilon ki dhadkan

Inke kushboo mehke jaise mehke chandan

Rishton mein pyar hai

Pyar dilon ki dhadkan

Inke kushboo mehke jaise mehke chandan

Vedika looks at Kartik through a mirror and prays to get his love. Kartik on the other hand stands admiring Naira and memories of their first sawan milni romance run through his mind

Nazar kahe jo nazar woh samje

Khil jate hai tanman

Nazar kahe jo nazar woh samje

Khil jate hai tanman

Pyar Anokha bandhan hai

Pyar preet ka dharpa

Tuj bhin mein jeena paaun ae dil ye sun

Tuj bhin mein jeena paaun ae dil ye sun

Naira notices a blushing Kartik and goes to him

Oye hoi

Tuje banake kajal saajan

Palkon mein jo sajaaungi

Man Mandir mein Tuje bitake sapna naye sajaungi

Kartik makes Naira sit in the swing and gently pushes it. Memories flash in their minds

Tum toh haan chang chor  balam ji

Mein hoon chang chakor ji

Pawan chale purwaiye ji mi man kan nache mor ji

Aao mara chen bawar sawan ke preet ka saajan

Tuj bhin mein jeena paaun ae dil ye sun

Tuj bhin mein jeena paaun ae dil ye sun

Kartik pulls Naira away from the crowd and holds her by her close

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Haan…

Naira: What are you…?

Kartik: Arrey saawan milni without raas leela is not at all fun

Naira: You know the special art of romancing in any situation right

Kartik: Arrey when I have a wife like you then what else do I need for romancing.

Just then Ritesh and Police enter with Pawan and a child of one year in their hands

Ritesh: Kartik sir….

Kartik and Naira rush to them. Kartik thrashes Pawan while others are confused. Ritesh stops him. Kartik gets the baby girl in his arms who is crying loud

Kartik: Naira…ye humari beti hai….

Memories of him holding her for the first time come to his mind

Naira is shocked to hear this while Ritesh Narrates the happenings. Naira breaks down on the floor crying. Kartik rushes to her and hugs her and his daughter

Kartik: Naira….I did not  tell you till now as I did not want to give false hope. But now

Naira slowly gets her baby and showers her with kisses. Others all rejoice

Naksh: Sach mein Kartik…ye …

Ritesh: She was sold to an aged couple in the same city sir. We somehow got her back

Manish: Is she …?

Ritesh: Bol .pawan tell us what you told us

Pawan: She is the only girl  child of this age to be traffiked sir. Others were all male kids and girls.
Akhilesh consoles as Manish breaks down

Naira: Kkkkaaaartikkkkk ye humari beti hai…Kairav ki behen…

Naira holds the kid close to her bosom as if she is trying to bridge the gap of one year. The kid also plays with her hair and her cries have stopped as she knew that she is back with her mother.

Kartik: Haan Naira our daughter who we thought was dead .

Kartik thrashes Pawan

Kartik: What all did we face because of you huh….I lied Krish being our son...The truth came out my behen was hurt

Naira lost her memory

Naira: Dance academy…sid…my crush…

I proposed Kartik…

Naksh: Their marriage

Dadi: Kartik canceling it

Kartik: Naira’s anger and then her memory came back. If you had not trafficked our daughter we would have been happy

Swarna: Naira would not have gone to Goa too…

Kartik: She need not have suffered during this pregnancy

Dadi: But Kairav would not have been born too naa

Rajshri: Haan bachon Whatever God does is for your good only. So dont fret about the past

Naira and Kartik: Naaani

Rajshri: Im so happy to get to see my grandchildren with their children

Vedika realises that she has no place in Kartik’s life as she sees him rejoicing with Naira and his kids.

Dadi: This sawan milni has brought us tons of happiness.
Kartik: We will call our daughter Kaira..Ritesh did they say any name?

Ritesh: They named her Kumari

Dadi: Dont worry Kittu…she is just one year old, if we keep calling her Kaira she will soon start to respond but dont use the other name to make her respond any time as it will be difficult to make her used to Kaira then
Sometime later Kaira room.

Kartik: Naira..our daughter has not spoken yet..is it because the couple did not treat her properly?

Naira: Kartik..may be she knew that they are not her parents and did not talk. Usually by 18 months kids talk. Dont panic. We will heal all her pain with our love.  Krishnaji gave my daughter to me. We have missed a year Kartik..atleast I had Krish initially then I got pregnant with Kairav so I healed but our daughter She saw her dad but

Kartik: But never saw her mother

Naira: Kartik now it will be like raising twins but

Kartik: We will do it.
Naira hugs Kartik

Naira: Thank you for handling all the pressure mendak. And bringing back our daughter

Kartik: Naira Im her dad. As you are your papa’s princess she is my princess. I have the responsibility to do it

Naira lifts Kaira in her arms and they both shower her with kisses

Naira: Kaira..beta…Im muma….(she cries) Kartik..usually no kid will have the need to be told who the mother is but

Kartik: Shsh..she knows I told her when I held her . I told her that she was the daughter of Sherni and see just after being born she fought her first battle that too alone

Kartik: Kaira….

The baby realises his voice but she doesn’t respond to her name

Naira: Dont worry Kartik until we are together we can do anything . She will respond soon and also will call us muma papa soon.

Kartik: I will watch her first steps…her

Kairav starts to cry and Kartik takes him in his arms

Kartik: Acha beta jealous…

Naira: Kartik we should concentrate on both thats what our son is saying

Kartik: Sure bacha. I love you both

Naira: Oh ho kids came so patni forgotten nice

Kartik: How are kids here without you?I love you my jaan

Kaira dozes off in Naira’s arms as Kartik’s puts Kairav to sleep. After their kids are asleep Naira settles down comfortably in Kartik’s embrace.




  1. Kavya_P

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  3. actually the original vedika track was very emotional , from kairav’s surgery , custody case , kairav hating kartik, kaira reuniting . I personally think that it is the best and emotional track of kaira . but since u have already written ff on that track u can write ff on the mumbai track .

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