Hamariwali Good News 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Vrinda saves Sumitra’s life

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The Episode starts with Adi hiding the Id card. He asks Navya for water. She asks are you fine. He says yes. They smile. Indu asks Sumitra to make Vrinda leave. Vrinda says no, don’t make me leave, I can do any work, just give me a shelter and food. Indu says no, we don’t want any servant. Sumitra says let her stay, your work will get easy, you work alone all day. Indu says fine, lets see, what work you know. Indu thinks to ask Vrinda to apply hair oil to Sumitra. Sumitra gets a call. She slips by the thread coming in her feet. Vrinda comes with the oil. Sumitra falls back. The dressing table also falls over her. Vrinda pushes Sumitra away. She gets under the dressing table and gets hurt. Her head bleeds. Everyone comes and gets shocked.

Renuka makes Vrinda sit and removes the glass pieces from her hand. She says we will go to the hospital. Vrinda says no, I m fine. Renuka does the aid to her hands. Sumitra looks on. Mukund comes home and sees Vrinda hurt. She drops the water glass. He asks Indu to feed water to Vrinda. He thanks her for saving Sumitra’s life by risking her own life. Vrinda says don’t say this, anyone would have done this, it was an accident. Indu says no, Renuka did this intentionally. Mukund scolds her and asks do you have a proof. Indu says Renuka was cleaning her room, she dropped the wool yarn intentionally to make Sumitra fall. Renuka asks her to have shame and not blame her. Indu says you tried to kill Sumitra before. Mukund says if I get a proof then…. Sumitra asks what will you do, you have taken the baby’s responsibility. She thanks Sumitra for saving her life. Vrinda says no, you have given me a chance to stay in this house.

Navya goes from the class. She sees her scooty fallen down. Rupesh helps her. He says maybe the petrol leaked, I will help you and fill the petrol in the scooty tomorrow, its my responsibility to make you reach home safely. Mukund lies to rest. He has backache. Renuka applies the balm. He asks Renuka when did you come. She smiles. Agar tum saath ho….plays… She also goes to sleep. He wakes up and gets back ache. He sees the balm kept there. He sees Renuka.

Adi goes out in the balcony. Rupesh drops Navya home. She thanks him. Adi looks on angrily. Gautam sees this and calls Adi. He says you should have gone to pick Navya, someone dropped her, did she join a new job. Adi says yes, its part time job. Gautam says you have become broad minded husband now, I would have not allowed my wife. Adi says she is just helping me. Gautam says Dhruv is crying, he isn’t well, I went to medical store to get medicines. Kusum asks Renuka is everything fine. Renuka says I have made kada for Dhruv, I heard that he is crying a lot. Kusum says I have left supporting you in big trouble, you saw me in little trouble and came running. Renuka says I m your friend. Kusum says you are great, you are brave to take this step in this age. Its morning, Indu and Vrinda to sweep the floor and wash the clothes also. Sumitra says her hands are hurt, how will she wash clothes, you wash it in machine. Indu says Sumitra likes you, I have to serve you. Mukund comes to have breakfast. Indu asks him to have food. She says I have made the food. Renuka says liar. Mukund eats the food and sees Renuka. She smiles and thinks he works hard, he should get good food.
Mukund and Renuka perform a puja. He ruins the things and hurts himself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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