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Recap – Sanchi attraction toward Kabir

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Days passes & Sanchi start falling for Kabir . She always lost in his thoughts . Isha & Pragya notice this but she always change the topic whenever they ask.

Sanchi reached at the college.

Pragya : Kahan mar gayi thi yaar tum.( Where were u )

Isha : Where are u lost nowadays?

Sanchi : Nowhere , Let’s go We are getting late for classes.

Isha : Sanchi , This is not the answer .

Pragya : paglet samajh rakha kya hai humein…Har baar humse jhoot bol deti ho.( We are looking mad to u .,..You always tell lie whenever I ask u )

Sanchi : We are getting late for classes. Let’s go.

Trio is sitting on same bench while Sanchi is continuously staring Kabir who is busy in making understand them the use of fine-arts.

Their class get over & they leave from there. Sanchi is following Kabir. She see him from distance & move toward him but she get tripped . She is about to fall when he hold her .

Background song –

Ajab hai ye rishte , Ajab hai ye naate
Resham jaise uljhe ho dhaage

She stare in his brown orbs.He make her stand.

Kabir : Where is ur presence of mind . Don’t u walk properly .

Kya soch kar in labon ko siya hai
Zeher katra katra nazar ne piya hai

Sanchi : Sorry Sir , this will not happen next time.

Daaman chudana bachana hai mushkil

Parda hatane se kya hoga hasil

Kabir : Take care of yourself.

Aise mein tu hi bata de na Maula , tu hi bata de Kahan jaye ye dil

He leave from there & she stare him lovingly while leaving .

Kahan jaye ye dil , Kahan jaye ye dil
Tu hi bata de Maula ,Tu hi bata de Maula – 2

Pragya tap on her shoulder.

Pragya : Don’t u want to go home Sanchi .

Isha : Yeah Sanchi , Do u want to stay here only.

Sanchi : No, Come.

Sanchi reached her house with Isha & Pragya .

Isha & Pragya are usually chatting with each other while Sanchi is lost in her thoughts .

On the other side –

Kabir is waiting for Maya outside her apartment.

She came here & Kabir slightly smile.

Kabir : Where were u ? I was waiting for u.Why did u become late today?

Maya : Because I was busy in talking with my boss about promotion.

Kabir : Why are u so stubborn ? Didn’t we decide to not agree on promotion.

Maya : Not we , That was only your decision not mine . I take my final decision….That’s it.

She move inside & closed the door with a thud on his face .

Rula kar kahe wo zara muskurao

Jo gham tumko bakshe unhe bhool jao

His face fell down & his eyes welled up with tears .

Jo dil par hai beete wo chupchaap seh lo

Zaroori nahi ki sabko batao

He leave from there heartbroken.

Daaman chudana bachana hai mushkil

Parda hatane se kya hoga hasil

Aise mein tu hi bata de na Maula , tu hi bata de Kahan jaye ye dil

Kahan jaye ye dil , Kahan jaye ye dil
Tu hi bata de Maula ,Tu hi bata de Maula – 2

Pragya & Isha look at her & give unbelievable look.

Pragya : Yaar ye tum har baar kon si duniya mein chali jati ho.( Where were u lost again & again)

Isha : Yeah Sanchi , now it’s too much . You have to tell the reason toward ur behaviour.

Sanchi : Don’t make me irriated guys.

Isha : I think u are behaving like that u are in love.

Pragya : Ha aaj pehli baar tumne sahi baat ki Baklol. ( First time , u said anything right )

Sanchi : Shut up u both , there is nothing like that .

Pragya : Don’t be over smart with us . We are ur bestie & we understand everything.

Isha : Exactly , there is no need of hiding from us.

Sanchi : How many times I told u that nothing is like that ?

Pragya : Tell who is that lucky person ?

Isha : Yup, Humare hone wale Jiju .

Isha said while dreaming. A slight blush appear on her face .

Sanchi : Stop talking rubbish .

She said while throwing a cushion on them.

Pragya : We understand that we are not much important to u that’s why u are not telling us.

Sanchi : Stop emotional blackmailing me.

Isha : Yeah Pragya , She start keeping secrets from her besties.

Sanchi : Listen I will tell u but u have to promise that u won’t tell anyone.

Pragya & Isha : We promise .

They both said in unison.

Sanchi : He is Kabir.

They both get shocked & their mouth turn in o shape.

Screen freezes

Precap : Sanchi to propose Kabir with the help of Isha & Pragya ….Maya’s evil plan after knowing her proposal.

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Kahan jaye ye dil(female) –


Kahan jaye ye dil (male) –


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