Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep and Arohi marry each other

Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara is dazed. Roma falls. Arohi says she killed dany and God punished her. Tara says Arohi i will kill you. Virat comes. He says mom.. no.. Arohhi runs. Tara says arohi did all this. she is responsible for all this. She tries to kill arohi. Deep comes. He stops her. Police arrests them. Tara says Arohi this wont end. I will live with deep not you. Your face wont live. Police takes them from there.
Deep says arohi why did you come here. What if something happened to you. she says lets forget it. Deep says this time we will get married with no fear.

Tara snatches gun from the constable. She runs. Virat is arrested and they bring him to jail.
Deep brings Aroi to a beach house. He says how is this place? She says so pretty. Arohi says what if tara comes here. He says

you don’t have to worry about her. He puts mehndi on her hands.
Deep calls people are ask them to be at raichand house at 7. Arohi gets ready as a bride. She smirks and says arohi.. You thought you could take my place. I will become Deep’s bride. you will pay for your sin. I am wearing the same dress deep gave you. He will marry me not you.

Arohi gets ready as well. Deep says you look so pretty. Let’s go. Tara comes outside raichand house by following the pandit. There is nothing. She says so it was deep’s drama.
Deep and arohi come to he place. He says we will get married here. There is no one here. Just us. I have decorated all this myself. Let’s start. He has pandit ji’s recording. Arohi and deep make each other wear garlands. They take rounds around fire with her. Deep recalls his moments with her. Tara is on her way. She says i wont let that arohi win.
Deep picks sindur and fills her hairline. He picks mangalsutra and makes her wear it. Pandit’s recording says you both are each others. Deep says you are mine. No one will evver comes between us. Tara peeks is. She shuts the fuse. Deep says let me go and check.
Deep fixes the plug. he comes back and sees that Arohi isn’t there.

Deep comes to room. Arohi is sitting there with ghunghat. She says you took so much time. Deep picks her ghunghat and kisses her. He takes off here earrings.
Deep comes close to her. They sleep together.
At night, deep wakes up and goes out. He looks at the candle. The candle falls and thereis oil on the floor. It catches fire. Arohi is asleep on the bed.
Precap-Arohi wakes up. She screams.. Deep. She looks at her face and screams. She has a different face. Arohi breaks the mirror.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Guys there is a speculation that Nia Sharma will be playing Aarohi. Where else it is about wikipedia then I suggest don’t depend on wikipedia so much as the site can be edited.

  2. Why is the director confusing us????????? Who is Nia Sharma playing? Aarohi or Tara? I saw recently in youtube under serial update that Nia Sharma is trying to convince Deep that she is Aarohi but still there is a suspense as to who is Aarohi? Aalisha Panwar or Nia Sharma. Seriously after watching the serial update video of Ishq mein marjawan I also feel I am slowly losing the interest in the show. The show should have ended with Tara getting arrested and Deep and Aarohi leading peaceful life.

    1. I hope Tara is replaced not Aarohi. Alisha is perfect as Aarohi and Tara but if they want to replace one of Alisha character then it should be Tara. I am not sure what character is Nia Sharma playing. Because like I told you according some gossip site there twist that
      Lets keep our fingers crossed.

      1. is serial a trusted site is whatever written there is true

  3. Hi.I also watched.I don’t know.wt happened in next.still deep past is not revealed. Am sure tomorrow we won’t get any answer from the writers.whatever I love arjun and Alisha am only watch this show for us.

    1. Hi rhivanya..
      How are you?
      me too feel the same one.. sure we won’t get answer for who has changed aarohi or tara.. it’s completely meaning less if aarohi changes..

      1. Hi sravanthi. Fine r u?
        We can’t trust writers. Because I was thought dilip is good person.Danny is bad person. But …..nia is arohi or Tara.we can’t guess it.and I was watched upcoming scene on Instagram. There tatoo in Alisha panwar i think Alisha play a arohi role.let see wt will happened in upcoming episodes.

  4. Hello Guys,,, yeah Wikipedia is not trustable,,, again someone updated Nia as new Arohi and Sudha Chandran (Nagin fame) as Arohi’s aunt
    Not sure what will happen,,, am losing the hope that Alisha will be retained as Arohi ?

      look at this guyz….confirm it is arohi only….nia as arohi

  5. I hope they show Nia Sharma as Tara.

    1. me too…

  6. i don’t understand some say tara other say arohi lets see here here is a good story if its tara change better than arohi

  7. Guys there are gossip flowing that Nia Sharma is playing Tara.

  8. Preet you know that Promos can be also confusing.

    1. Ya u are rght shijini but this is not promo plz check out….without seeing i think i think you are saying this this upcoming video shown in the newschannel

  9. Guys it is not yet confirmed what role is Nia Sharma playing. Nia Sharma now has three characters name and they are Aarohi, Tara and Anjali.

  10. Plz guyz u are thinking this is promo but this is not promo this is the upcoming episode played in the news channel

  11. Amandeep kaur

    Why serial not ends

  12. This story has got so confusing that makes no sense anymore. Who was in the matrimonial bed? Tara?
    Why did Deep set the bed on fire?
    In the next episode they show Deep and aarohi happy in their mansion and after a stranger comes and claims to be Aarohi. What the heck happened after the bed fire? The whole thing is so ridiculous and stupid. I quit, I lost all interest in the show. The writers tried to stretch the storyline too much and run out of good and sensible lines.

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