Udaan 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel meets Suraj in the party

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I have to call Suraj and inform him. Abhay stops her and says Suraj may panic and Naina may doubt on him, if we have to save his life… Chakor says then I have to reach there before him and inform him about Colonel, I will leave for Lucknow with Vivaan. Naina and Suraj come in the party. Naina says I will surprise Geeta. Her friend asks is he Suraj. Naina says yes, maybe I mentioned about you some day. Suraj says you did good. Naina surprises Geeta and hugs. Chakor is on the way and worries. Colonel says no means no, even then Naina went in the party, I hope nothing went wrong with Naina, else people will know my anger. Suraj says bluetooth isn’t working, I have to handle this alone. He takes a drink. Naina says I have no problem if you drink wine. Suraj says no, you are misunderstanding me. She asks him not to be formal and have another drink. He thanks her. He says your dad also drinks right. She says yes, but he never loses senses. He says I was trying to get courage, I want to tell you something. She crosses fingers and says tell me. He says not this way, wait.

He gets a gift for her. She says you got this for Geeta. He says no, its for you, I will be glad if you wear this dress. She nods and goes. Colonel calls Naina. Chakor and Vivaan are still on the way. Naina comes wearing the gown. Suraj smiles. He says I…. Song plays…. Suraj says this is my fav song. She says mine too, we have many things common. He keeps her phone away and holds her hand. He says why don’t we dance on our fav song. She says no, I can’t dance. They dance on Aaja mahi…..Vivaan says we reached Lucknow. Colonel calls Naina. Her phone is away. Suraj dances with Naina. Everyone claps. Vivaan says Colonel can’t reach before us. Chakor checks Geeta’s house route. She says we can’t reach before Colonel, look, police is there, we will get stuck here. Geeta says thanks Suraj for showing us Naina’s new side, we didn’t know Naina dances so well.

Naina asks her to cut the birthday cake. Suraj stops Naina. Naina says I came here because Suraj gave me courage, I didn’t tell dad. Geeta says your dad came here. They get shocked. Naina says Suraj, hide anywhere, if dad sees you, don’t know what will happen. Geeta show him some place. Suraj says why shall I hide, I m not scared of your dad. Naina says but I m scared. Colonel comes and shouts Naina. Naina gets shocked. Geeta says we didn’t know you are coming, thanks for coming and making it so special. He wishes her. Suraj says where are you Chakor. Colonel says sorry I couldn’t get the gifts, you will get it soon. He meets Naina’s friends. Geeta says your dad is a rockstar, he knows about everyone. Chakor says where is Suraj. Geeta cuts the cake. Chakor sees Suraj hiding. She shows Suraj to Vivaan.

She says Naina has hidden him already. Colonel says now we shall leave, come Naina, you wanted to come in birthday and now the cake cutting is also over. Chakor says we got saved. Colonel takes Naina. Geeta asks do we know you. Vivaan goes silently and hides. Colonel stops and asks about whom are you talking. Geeta says this girl. Chakor turns away. Suraj steps out and calls out Naina. Colonel and everyone get shocked. Vivaan pulls Chakor away. Colonel recalls Suraj. He says Suraj…. Chakor says what is Suraj doing, colonel will kill him, we have to stop him. Vivaan stops her. Colonel says you are Suraj right. Naina looks on. Suraj says yes, I m Suraj. Colonel asks what are you doing here, how do you know Naina. Chakor wishes Suraj not to say anything.

Suraj says Naina, I love you……Naina smiles. Colonel shakes hands with Suraj and says meet me tomorrow. Chakor sits in rain and cries.

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  1. Gripping episode, especially Chakor almost getting exposed.
    The dance scene was too long and their background score in other scenes is too soft.
    I hope now they cut down on Suraj-Nauna scenes.
    I don’t think the colonel will easily accept Suraj, he just doesn’t want to make a scene infront of Naina’s friends.

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