Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi slaps Sumit

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonakshi and Sumit performing a romantic scene. Sumit holds her close. Sonakshi gets angry when Sumit touches her and misbehaves with her. She asks him to back off. He doesn’t listen. She steps on his feet and hurts him. He falls back and asks are you mad. She asks are you not ashamed to touch me while doing this scene. He asks what’s special in you, I was performing this scene for the audience, stay in your limits and talk, don’t you remember, your boyfriend has run away on the engagement day. He taunts her and insults her. Netra comes. Sumit asks Sonakshi to come to her for some days, he will teach her everything then her next BF won’t run away. Sonakshi slaps him. Netra asks him to go to his vanity. He says I won’t go, she has to apologize to me, else I will burn the set. Netra says this won’t happen. She takes Sonakshi with her. Sumit says I will keep a press conference.

Rohit checks the arrangements at the new unit. Everyone congratulates him. Rohit recalls the tough surgery. The patient had died. Rohit got slapped….. The man says you have brought this technology to your hospital and created history, are you fine. Rohit goes. Sonakshi cries. Netra asks her not to cry. She says you go home, I will manage everything. Sonakshi says I would have not felt bad if it was for the scene, he told so bad things about my past, you had heard it, I couldn’t tolerate it. Netra says unless you leave your past behind, the world will not leave it, Sumit is just doing this drama, he is jealous of your success. Sonakshi says shoot stopped because of me, give me 10 mins.

Netra says Sumit called the media outside, so go home, I know to handle him, I will teach him a lesson, go from back gate, don’t come on the sets until I say, go home and take rest. Sonakshi leaves. Netra feels sorry for her and prays that some guy sees the heart hidden behind this famous face.

Rohit recalls the watch gifted to him by some girl. He hugs the girl. He checks the phone and calls on some number. He doesn’t get through. Nurse gets his watch and says you forgot this in OT. He checks it and wears it. Tujhse naraaz nai….plays…. Sonakshi is on the way and cries. She recalls the day when she got hurt. Rohit recalls the slap. Shankar asks Sonakshi to forget the past and stay happy. She thanks him. She says I will get fine, I want to be alone for some time, you go home, give the car keys to me, don’t tell anyone to mum. He agrees and hands over keys to her. She locks the car and goes to sit somewhere to spend some alone time.

She sits under the tree. She cries and says I will get fine, I got habitual to deal with people like Sumit, everyone has a past, how dare he talk of my past in such a cheap way, what’s my mistake, I did mistake to love that guy, we were in Delhi, I kept my relation with all the commitment, but he just….. I talk big things in my show that move on in life, but I m stuck, when my past talks start, I break down, I feel the heartache, then I come here, I like this place a lot, I feel like this place tells me that my life will get freshness again. She says who knows that maybe he is also calling me like I m thinking about him. Rohit shouts help. She turns to see. She says someone wants help. She asks who are you, where are you.

Rohit says yes, under the pond. She says there is just water in the pond. He says right side from the pond, there is a railing, look at the right side. Sonakshi says there is nothing here. He says come towards left, there is a bench. She says coming, wait. She slips and shouts. She holds the railing and sees Rohit hanging to the tree. She says doctor you… He says heart surgeon. He thinks its better to die than taking help from him. They argue. He asks her to do something. She says I m alone, I can’t save you. He says sorry, please help me. She says fine, I will help you, why are you making puppy sounds. He says no, a puppy is hanging here, holding my leg, I m here for this puppy. She says wait, I will save you, there is a big garden, maybe there is some caretaker. He asks her to call someone for help. She runs to get help from the people. Some men come to help. The men get the rope and pull Rohit upwards.

Sonakshi asks the puppy are you okay. Rohit says yes. He asks her to give lift. She says I have no license. He says now police will arrest you, I should make a video of this. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    “…….those silent moments of waiting,longing to get a glance,those many unsaid words,those sudden heartbeats of nervousness,that touch of shyness,that……..those seconds of sighing,those blank stares,those cursing on fate,those endless waiting,those tear traces,that intense pain,that acute loneliness,those sleepless nights,those…….Memories can hurt so deeply that I never knew.Like a slow poison it only got spreaded throughout my entire being.The more I tried to run away the more I confronted it.Where is the end?Thought only this.Even after so many years,feelings are same,inside the heart.People call it past.How can it be past when everything is so same?Naming something as past is a real luxury.Unfortunately some can’t afford that no matter how much one try…………”

    1. I didn’t realise it’s the same guy who does SIT, he’s hilarious in that. Good casting, hes very comedic and I’m loving her character as well, very strong, yet honest and vulnerable at the same time

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