Mere Sai 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kaustuth Helps Shantaram On Eknath’s Request

Mere Sai 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai hears a son scolding his mother and asks reason. Son greets Sai and says he knows how he spent his childhood in poverty after his father passed away, his mother did labor work, so he studied hard and got a government job. Sai congratulates him. He continues that he works with rich and respectable people, when he did not come to meet his mother for a few months, she herself came to meet him, and seeing his poor mother, he felt insulted and the irony is his peon also worked as labor with his mother and he boasted about it in front of all his colleagues and he felt very insulted. Mother says she did not know he felt so insulted and apologizes him. Son asks what he do to repair his lost respect. Sai gives them water and thali/plate says he should wash his mother’s hand. He washes mother’s hand and sees mother writhing in pain, then forcefully checks her hands and is shocked to see deep warts and hard work injuries.

Kaustuth describes his story that he started daal/pulses business and it expanded so well that soon he started exporting pulses to foreign countries by procuring them from local villages. Nirmala says Eknath was right, Kaustuth is a talented boy. Kaustuth says whatever he is today is because of baba; when his father died during his childhood, baba supported him in his education and gave the love a father gives to his son, so he calls him baba since then.

Son sees his childhood in thali where his mother feeds him food being hungry and sacrificing her food. Sai says he will explain more what his mother did for him. Mother tries to stop Sai. Sai continues that his mother’s hand warts and injuries are the proof of her sacrifice for his upbringing and studies, she used to skip food to fund his education and never saved anything from her saving. He should be proud of his mother and his friends are blessed to see such devi. Son apologizes mother and requests her to stay with him. She asks what about his friends. Son says as Sai said his friends will be blessed to see a devi, he will proudly tell that whatever he is today is because of his mother.

Kaustuth gives credit of his success to baba/Eknath and says he is living a lavish life, but his baba is living here with great difficulty, he will take him along; baba should rest at this age and let him serve his baba. Eknath says he is happy here as his grandson comes to meet him, but his son Shantaram went on a wrong path and took loan for his business, so if he can help Shantaram instead. Kaustuth agrees. Eknath asks how did he know he is in trouble. Kaustuth says last night he got a dream where he saw baba crying a a saint/Sai from behind said his baba needs his help, so he should go to Shirdi. Kaustuth asks who is he, but Sai disappears. Out of flashback, Nirmala says whoever the saint was, he is god send angel to them. Jhipri brings lassi. Kaustuth excitedly drinks lassi and reminds Eknath that he used to take him to lassi shop. Nirmala says that is why Eknath smiled when he heard about lassi in the morning. Eknath thinks Sai knew what Kaustuth is coming, so he ordered Jhipri to get lassi, where is he. Sai returns and says he is here. Kaustuth is amazed to see the same saint and thanks him for calling him here and asks if the footsteps that brought him here are of Sai’s. Sai says he did not do anything, Eknath’s good deeds brought Kaustuth here and now he should fullfill his baba’s wish. Kaustuth leaves to help Shantaram. Eknath thanks Sai for his help. Sai smiles.

At Shataram’s house, sait Gangaram’s goons throw utensils out and Gangaram demands Shantaram to pay his installment. Kaustuth walks in and asks if he is Shantaram, he needs to talk something important. Shantaram says he is not in a position to speak, so if he can come later. Kaustuth says he needs 2000 kg daal/pulses, so if Shantaram can procure them on time; he can buy even more. Shantaram is amazed to hear that. Kaustuth says he can even give advance right now and hands him money. Gangaram says he is a bigger businessman and can procure him pulses in bulk. Kaustuth says he looks like a goon, so he does not deal with goons and deal with only good people. Gangaram asks his installment. Shantaram gives him 3 months’ installment at once and orders not to pester him for 3 months and to order his goons to keep the utensils back in their place. Ganagram walks again angrily. Usha thanks Kaustuth and requests to have some snacks and go. Kaustuth says he does not have time to accept hospitality and walks away.

Precap: Usha sees Anand with Eknath and Nirmala and yells at them to spare her family.

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