Shakti 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Vedant humiliates Harman and the latter meets with an accident

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Shakti 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman telling that if he had known that Vedant will throw tantrums then he wouldn’t have signed the contract. Preeto says Soumya knows about Vedant and then also she didn’t warn you against him and didn’t ask you not to sign the contract. She says she did this intentionally. Vedant comes to his room and drinks water, says he is relieved. Mr. bansal says I am your father and knows that whatever you did is intentionally. Vedant says he is thinking about International business. Mr. Bansal says he knows about the International business and says you might repent later for your doings. Vedant asks him not to worry and says everything will be alright. Soumya hears them. Shanno tells everyone that Soumya is changed now and is taking revenge from them surely. Harman goes from there. Harak Singh looks at Preeto. Soumya returns home. Kareena falls on her foot and calls her param guru maa. She apologizes to her. Kareena says I want to be here and do penance for my wrong doings. Soumya recalls Kareena ill doings against her and tells that if she is regretting then shall get a chance. Saya says she has poisoned your life many times. Soumya says she is param gurumaa now and can’t take decision thinking about her personal issues with her. She says you can stay here. Kareena thanks her. She then wipes her tears and says I have returned in this house, now I will give the good news to the people who sent me here.

Next morning, Harman comes to Vedant’s house. Vedant scolds him for coming late. Harman says it is not even 8 am now. Harman says Shall I come by 6 pm. Vedant taunts him. Soumya tells that he might have travelled for 2 hours and reached here. She says he had 4-5 hours of sleep and if you want him to come here early then he wouldn’t have gone mad. Harman tells Vedant that his Servant is talking infront of him. Vedant scolds Soumya. Harman goes. Vedant tells Soumya that whenever he talks bad about her, Harman got upset and took him on road. Harman is repairing the machine. Soumya comes there and tells him that she doesn’t know that Vedant will behave this way with her. Harman says Vedant is having the big share so he can behave with him like he wants. Harman’s hand gets injured. Everyone gets worried including Soumya. Soumya keeps the first aid box and asks him to take it. Harman tells that she shall not react if anything happens to him and asks her not to interfere in his life. Soumya goes out and makes Vedant do exercise of his legs. He thinks if he rejects the third lot then they will suffer huge loss. Harman looks at them from inside the factory.

Later he checks the third lot of toys and says perfect. He says I wanted this perfection. He asks all workers to clap for Harman. Harak Singh and Bansal appreciate Harman. Vedant asks them to get everyone packed and send. He asks Bansal to throw the party and asks him to send the invite to all distributors. Mr. Bansal says ok.

Harak Singh and his family come to Mr. Sumit Bansal’s house for the party. Soumya brings juice glass and gives to Vedant. Preeto gets upset seeing her. Ankush, Sindhu, Raavi and others look at her. Harak Singh tells that nobody shall know that Soumya is our bahu and asks his family not to do any tamasha. Mr. Bansal says today my son’s dream project started and it was not possible without Harman and Harak Singh’s efforts. He says today’s party is for everyone. Harman takes the drink, takes a sip and keeps it on the table. Vedant eyes the drink and says cheers to Harman, calling him real hero of the party. Harman feels drowsy and sees 5-6 Soumya altogether. He thinks he can’t handle one and is seeing so many Soumya. Vedant looks at Harman and Soumya. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Servant Raju tells Harman that Harak Singh is calling you. Harman shouts and says I don’t want to go. He takes drink from someone’s hand and drinks it. Harman is drunk and holds Soumya’s hand. He leaves her hand and sings Gulabo…zara ittar girado…He dances. A dancer comes and dances. Vedant smiles seeing Harman dancing and drunk. Vedant signs Raju to do something. He keeps some powder in the lime soda and asks Harman to drink.

Harak Singh makes Harman drink lemon water worriedly. Vedant thinks I gave him antidote of the medicine and says he will see what tamasha he did of himself. Harman feels better. Vedant asks him to see what he did. Harman sees the tables fallen down and asks did I do this? Vedant says yes you did and asks someone to show the video of his tamasha. Many guests show the video in the mobile. Vedant says you have ruined the party, troubled everyone and embarrassed us. He says if you are ashamed of your doing then apologize to everyone. Preeto looks on angry. Vedant says people will forget thinking you did this as you was drunk. He says mistake is yours and nobody becomes small by apologizing. Harman tells that he didn’t do this intentionally and says sorry to Mr. Bansal. He is still drowsy. He says sorry to Vedant and says may be he drank wrong drink and says sorry. Vedant smirks and recalls Harman threatening him to say sorry to Soumya. He thinks I made you say sorry infront of everyone and says he humiliated him. Harman says sorry to everyone. Soumya asks him to come. Harman says I will say sorry first. Vedant asks her to go and not to interfere.

Harman continues to apologize. A guest asks Vedant why her business partner is a wonder. Harman gets angry and says I didn’t do it intentionally. Vedant says he is our distributor and asks him to listen to distributor silently. Harak Singh asks Harman to come. Vedant tells everyone that they are sorry for the happenings. Harman, Harak Singh and others are in the car. Harman tells Harak Singh that he didn’t drink much then what happened to him. He sees Soumya and asks harak Singh to stop the car. He tells Soumya that he wants to know what happened in the party. He walks on the road and tells Soumya that he wants to talk to him. Suddenly a car comes and hits Harman. Harman gets injured and falls down on the road. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh shouts Shera. Preeto, Harak Singh, Soumya and others run to him. Preeto asks Veeran to bring the car. Harak Singh starts the car. Veeran and Ankush take Harman in the car. Soumya is about to sit in car, but Preeto scolds her and asks her to leave, asks if she will kill her son. They leave. Soumya runs behind the car. Veeran sees her in the car mirror. Harak Singh drives fast. Veeran is surprised to see her running on the road following the car.

Precap: Harman asks for water. Soumya gives him water. Preeto asks Nurse if she made him drink water. Nurse says no. Preeto thinks Soumya must have made him drink water and thinks to scold her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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