Kabir and Saanchi – A Doctor`s Love story (part 4)

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The ambulance arrived and took kabir and sanchi with them.
The were admitted at the next Hospital half an hour from shimla.

Kabir just had to lie down for 2 hours and he could already get up but saanchi had to lie down longer.
So kabir went to saanchis bed and thought:

She Looks so beautiful while sleeping…

Her face is still a bit pale because of the cold but she Looks much better and her cheeks slowly get rosy.

while she was still sleeping, he instructs the interns, who already are in shimla, over phone what to do.

Kabir : So first you will be lead by the Senior doctor to your Hotel rooms. Till noon you can rest and after eating you will be driven to a place 2 hours from shimla, and you will have to start working there. In Groups you will go to each home and do the all checkups and blood Tests. In the evening you will be driven back to shimla.
Me and saanchi will be there in the evening as she didn`t recover yet. Tomorrow onwards we will be out in the villages with the same procedure.

Then he turns his head and sees saanchi moving slowly.

He cuts the call and sits next to saanchi and holds her Hand, which was still cold.

Saanchi opens her eyes slowly and after seeing kabir she tried to speak aloud but her voice was gone.

Kabir: Relax saanchi. Everything`s alright! You won`t be able to speak till tomorrow probably. You can`t speak anyway as that might hurt a lot…. Here your medicine.

He gives it to her and then he gives her some water.

Saanchi was really hurt when she swallowed. after she took her medicine kabir puts his Hands on her shoulder and makes her lie down on the bed.
He just looked at her and she also looked straight into his eyes.
She thinks:
Everything is hurting…. Why do i always get into such situations? But it felt good when dr.kabir hugged me when we sat on the tree… It was a strange Feeling which is coming always when he is around…. What are you thinking Girl??? He`s your Senior don`t Forget that. At least today nothing wrong can happen as I can`t speak …

After short time it was time to eat… But saanchi couldn`t hold the spoon properly as her Hands were still to stiff . She was only able to hold a glas..
So Kabir looked at her for a while when she was trying to hold the spoon. then:
Kabir: Saanchi? Can I help you?
As Saanchi can`t speak she just looked down and then without lokking up she slowly shook her head to say yes.
Kabir took the plate and after the first spoon saanchi `s throat was hurting and she showed with her Hands that she doesn`t want to eat.
Kabir: You have to eat plsss. Otherwise you will get weak again… Come on i will take smaller portions…
So she ate … and kabir almost never looked down to the plate as he was looking at saanchi….
saanchi felt awkard looking at him while getting fed by him so she looked somwhere else.
So after half an hour she finished the meal….
after a while she fell asleep and kabir was again mesmerized by her… He put her hair behind her ears but suddenly a half sleep saanchi took his Hand and put it under her head…. So Kabir couldn`t get away now….
He sat there for a while and tried to slowly take his Hand back but every time saanchi takes his arm back …
as kabir was also a bit sleepy he put his head on the bed and slept.
When saanchi opens her eyes she realized that she is sleeping on Kabirs arm.. she immediately sat straight but saw that kabir still Held her Hand.
she tried to shake him off but that didn`t work… then he suddenly woke up and she showed him her Hand. he let off her Hand and realized that it was time to get to the Hotel…
He helped saanchi to get up and after the discharge they head off to their Hotel.
saanchi`s mobile started to ring and she saw it was maa.

Kabir was about to answer the call but saanchi signed him not to do so.
She doesn`t want her mother to be worried.
When at the Hotel… saanchi got a single room as all rooms where either double or single. and before saanchi gets into her room kabir helped her putting her suitcase in the room and told: You just have to sleep and tomorrow everything will be fine 🙂

Saanchi smiled at him and then Closes the door.

Soon pragya and isha came to her room.
As she wasn`t able to talk pragya and isha told her about their first day.
Tomorrow they will be going to a village high in the mountains which is quite difficult to reach.
after a while pragya and isha went back to their rooms. and saanchi forgot to lock her door…
When it was already midnight she heard a noise in her apartment.
She stood up and wasn`t even able to raise her voice. she was shivering when she saw a shadow….

Then she suddenly saw kabir…
Kabir: Sry I couldn`t find the Switch… I just…
But before he could end his sentence saanchi ran to him and hugged him. Her heart was beating very fast and kbir could feel that ..
he hugged her back and after a while they stand infront of each other a bit awkard.
Kabir: I just wanted to give you the medicine.. I completely forgot that. Eat this only then go to sleep.

Saanchi made gesture like she wants to say: oke oke i will do that.
kabir: Not later.. Right now infront of me.
Saanchi rolled her eyes and quickly Drinks some water with her tablets.
Then kabir: Okay Good night..
Saanchi shook her head and went to sleep…
She thought a lot about him and that hug now…

An evil plan by riya to make saanchi away for a while……

So hope you liked this one…
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I will try my best to upload the next episodes earlier but can`t promise…. have some exams coming so bit busy….
And happy onam to all!!!

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