My Savior My Love – Savitri Devi -epi 17

Good Morning My Lovely Readers,
Thanks alot dear riya, richa (welcome back n please no sorry), anu,moonlight, sanu,rehmat, dharani, divya ppl ur comments r so awesome n make my day love u all

I feel so happy to know that kanchi fans r liking my ff at same time I feel equally disappointed as I feel sanveer fans are not even reading my ff

Is there any sanveer fan here?
I mean in general I guess Kanchi fans r more than sanveer fans

Recap-Pragya plans to make Vikrant’s life worse Kabir is tensed for her pragya meets Vikrant as Sheena wadhwa, Vikrant wants to make her his gf
Pragya enters his house n tactfully collects evidences

Sanchi-veer please call pragya once na am getting tensed she isn’t picking my call
Vikrant is an animal am worried I hope she is …….
Veer interrupts-Sanchi Relax am calling her

Pragya picks veer puts phone on veer

Sanchi(panicked tone)-Pragya how r everything fine na pragya
pragya-abhee Sanchi if u will let me talk I will answer na dnt wry am fine n Vikrant will definitely not remain fine
Veer-pragya please be careful n tc of urself vaise I shdnt wry as Kabir is there wd u
Pragya-Right bhai but u please ask Sanchi not to take tension
Sanchi-yes pragya tc I love u

Pragya smiles

Pragya msgs Vikrant
”Tonight club DVS for party at 10 pm?”

Vikrant has devilish smile
Vikrant replies-Sure always ready to party wd u gorgeous

Pragya’s pov-ajjjaaa bhe teri band bajati hun

Vikrant n pragya r shown talking n having shots

Pragya dances Vikrant joins pragya keeps deliberately stamping him Vikrant is seen controlling anger,
Vikrant comes close to pragya
she tactfully makes him lose balance he falls All laugh Vikrant’s eyes turn red wd anger

Pragya suddenly starts coughing
Vikrant-what happened sheena?
He holds her
pragya-Am feeling nauseatic
kindly guide me to washroom

Vikrant is taking her

She vomits over him

Vikrant-yucks what did u do

Pragya(making pupppy face)-am sorry

Vikrant’s pov-control control u need to make her urs
Pragya-Lets take a room u clean urself n I can rest there

Vikrant-no problem I will clean it

Pragya is seen fixing something in room while Vikrant is getting irked cleaning himself he keeps using sanitizer

Pragya mixes something in Vikrant’s drink
she lays on bed
Vikrant comes n drinks
He goes close to Pragya
Vikrant-How r u feeling now Sheena?

Pragya-Am better

Vikrant n pragya r shown talking
Pragya-I read in magazine that u r married
Vikrant (inebriated state)-oh that was just business deal I am [email protected] heart she was just like servant

Pragya smirks

Pragya n Vikrant r walking on road

pragya -Vikrant my sandals r hurting me am unable to walk will u pl hold it for me

Vikrant is upset but agrees
He is shown holding sandals n walking he is holding it lightly

Pragya msgs Vikrant
” Today at 2pm Sahara stadium for ipl match to cheer Mumbai”

Vikrant replies
”Ofcourse gorgeous Mumbai is my favorite team”

Vikrant n pragya r watching match
Kabir is few rows behind them
Vikrant (romantically)-Sheena u r really very beautiful actually from the day I first saw u am in love wd u n I know u love me too
Pragya (pretends to be shocked)-Vikrant I already have a bf a perfect match for me am Sheena wadhwa just I was being lil good to u so u forgot ur limit

Vikrant is supper irked

All things he did to impress pragya flash before him

Vikrant picks up stone n yells-I will kill u sheena

kabir notices he jumps in between n gets hurt
pragya gets tensed
pragya-Kabir please go am fine Vikrant has not yet seen u please go please

Pragya covers Kabir n comes ahead of him
Vikrant is acting very violent
pragya (shouts)-Help please help this boy is crazy he is hitting me wd stones save me

Ppl hold Vikrant police comes media ppl come

News flashes-Business tycoon Vikrant chawla attacked woman with stone is now under police custody. He seems to suffer from mental disorder

Sanchi is watching news her eyes become bright veer smiles at her

Precap-Kabir is teaching eng to pragya he teaches her how to eat wd chopstick while Sanchi is explaining veer the layout of malhotra house.

So did u like mission Vikrant? 😉

  1. Ha.we like this mission.keep it up yaar.and today episode is awesome and precap is amazing……..????

  2. Dharani


  3. Rushi dear….just AMAZING.??…as always u rock in every update…vikrant..u deserve this….eagerly waiting for ur next update asap ☺☺☺

  4. Rehmat

    amazing update I like vikrant band bajao mission pls show some sanveer scene

  5. Richa1496

    Hey Rushi dear…. As always amazing ff…. Though I am a big fan of kanchi… But I am liking this ff…. Eagerly wating for next one….

  6. Moonlight25

    Rushi it was amazing…Vikrant deserved it…you rock in every your next epi ASAP

  7. Wow yaar it’s awesome nice happened to vikrant update soon can’t wait

  8. As usual epi is awesome now we will get kabir and pragya scene

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