Two hearts with one beat (epi 16)

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Hello guys ..See guys I kept my promise.I know I am not daily wala regular but atleast I m not that late..I hrad about teju guys I so depressed now but then I came to know ki the same cast of ppk is coming with season 2 with different story line . So I am happy. Guys I got very less comments for naddan dil..Please give it a chance I promise you will love it.So here goes my another ragsan ff

Here ragsan r stuck in ragini’s cupboard.and sanskar is in deep thoughts about aadasrh’s voice.His heart was telling him that this voice is familiar but then his mind would snap at him.How would he know the voice of ragini’s uncle.and he would brush his mind off. But his heart was not ready to believe it.he wanted to look at that person once.
He tries to open the cupborad but suddenly he notices that ragini was shifting closer to him literraly pressing against him.he closes the cupboard and looks at her but she was concentrating somewhere else.he also looks at that direction .there was a cockroach in the corner just where her feet was there.
And ragini was trying to get away from it and was moving more close to sanskar.sanskar remebered the ragini who made his life hell and the one who gave khidkithod answer to swara was now scared of little cockroach.He burst out laughing .ragini glared at him.

Ragini: why are you laughing?What so funny?

Sanskar: areh my jhansi ki rani is scared of cockoach so I will laugh na?
Ragini: Hello I am not scared of cockroach.I am just paying my respect to it.
She moves more closer now there was no gap between them.
Sanskar: respect?tu toh..
she jumps on to his feet such that now she is standing on his feet..his placed his hands on her waist and was balancing both of them .They were so close ki their lips were actiually touching when they talk to each other.
sanskar:areh mental get down now. Its paining.
Ragini: please sanskar I am scared of them.Please Moreover I am not that heavy.
Sanskar : oh yeah you look like slim lighter but actually you are a cylinder.
Ragini: you ..
sanskar: what .If you say anything I will drop you down.
Ragini: no I will not say anything.if you say I am heavy I am heavy. ok.
She pouts.and sanskar felt like kissing that pout but he resisted it immediately.

After sometime they come back to MM . Both were very happy .Ragini was happy because sanskar was finally giving her family a chance and sanskar was happy because his mother’s family was not as bad as he thought.
Both give a wide smile to each other and go to their rooms and swara who was watching all this was fuming in anger.

I have to make sure this ragini is thrown out of the House.Otherwise I will loose my sanskar.

Next day ragini is waiting in the temple for her mother.
Sumi: ragu how r u? How is janki?
Ragu: sumi wait everyone is know what I am reallly worried about jaanu.She is missing uncle a lot I hate to see her like that we need to help her.
Sumi: What can we do.
A voice: I can help you.
Both ragini and sumi turn toward the voice.
It was a baba.
Baba: beta ragini I know you are stressed about something.
Ragini and sumi are shocked
Ragini: how do you know my name.
Baba: I know everything.You want to unite to different ways that have been separated 25 years ago.isn’t it.
Ragini is confused but sumi nods her head.
Baba: Ragini yu will definetely succeeed but for that you need a lost suhag to come back.
Ragini is shocked.
Ragini: yes baba.But how do you know all this?
Baba: I am antaryami I know everything.

Sumi: babaji please help us .
Baba: Please performa suhag puja .Invite 10 suhagans and perfoerm a puja .the person you are searching will come back..
ragini is confused.
But sumi persuades her.
Ragu and sumi leave.
Baba smirks and swara who was hiding comes from behind.
Baba: madam work is done.
Swara: thank you .here is your money.

She throws money on his face.
He goes.
Swara: now ragini count your days .Soon I will make your bidai.
She smirks evilly.

Here ragini tells everything to janki and arranges for puja .Janki becomes very happy

everything gets ready for the puja. And suhagans arrive.
Sanskar and mahi were unintrested but were happy as janki was happy.swara was giving pity looks to ragini.

Puja was completed. And janki was asked to give prasad to everyone.Janki offers prasad to one of the ladies .the lady takes it and throws it on janki’s face.
Everyone was shocked.
Janki ragsan run to hold janki.mahi shouts on them.
Mahi: how dare you to treat my mom like that.
Lady: you are talking as your mother is mahan lady.
Sanskar: don’t you dare talk about my mother.
Lady 2: How mannerless kids these are .This only happens if father is not there to take care of you.
Lady: you are right .if they are kids are bought under such mother definetely kids will be like this only.
Lady2: haa You know what I am sure this Arjun ran away because of this lady only.
Ragsan and mahi were shocked .sanskare gets angry .he closes his fist in anger .swara smirks.
Lady: yeah.I toh have doubt she might have had affair with someone that is why arjun went away.
Those words were stabbing Janki.Sanskar couldn’t hold his anger anymore but before he could say anything swara slaps that lady.
Swara: mind your language.
Janki runs to her room crying.
Ragsan and mahi feel hurt to see her like that.
Swara slaps the lady again.
Swara: How dare you to hurt my mami.I will kill you today.
As she was to slap again the lady comes to ragini.
Lady: madam enough we did not expect to be beaten.You told us to hurt that lady with these words but you didnt tell us that they will beat us.
Everyone looks shocked and look at ragini with anger especially sanskar.Ragini gets shocked. Swara gives a evil smile.
Janki’s crying face comes infront of sanskar.he could not hold his anger any longer,
Ragini: What r u saying ?
She goes to sanskar
Ragini: sanskar I didn’t do..THUD
Sanskar slaps her and holds her neck.
Swara hides her smile.
Ragini: san..sans leave me..

she starts choking but he doesn’t leave her.
Sanskar: why did u do it.Why does your whole family is behind hurting my mother.Why .I will kill you today.

Swara tries to hide her laugh.
Mahi holds him back
Mahi: bhai no need of touching this girl Just send her out of here.
Swara takes this as oppurtunity and slaps ragini.
Swara: how dare you just get the hell out of here you disgusting girl.
Ragini: believe me sanskar I don’t know anything.
Sanskar doesn’t look at her.
Swara: really You arranged this pooja and told those ladies now u r lying .You should be thrown out of here.
she holds her hair and pushes her out but someone catches her before she could fall

Epi ends
Precap: who is the person who held ragini

Sorry guys ragu ko hurt kiya.This was necessary.

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  1. Lovely7

    Feeling bad for ragini
    Nadan Dil is awesome

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you lovely

  2. It is Lakshmi am I right

    1. Shrilatha

      Hey puni thanks for reading but who is lakshmi if u mean Laksh then i am sorry there is no Laksh here .that pic it was the only one available which suits the situatuon

  3. I’m glad that you post the next chapter..I was waiting eagerly for this ff. Please I have a small request that ragini shouldn’t forgive sanskar for hurting her. Whatever he have done is wrong no matter what the situation was. Please I also want him to be jealous. It’s just a request

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Riley i will take care of Sanskar and about jealousy I am not sure dear

  4. Sreevijayan

    Arghhhh…..i hate dt swara..and nw sanskar tooo… bt amsure snaskar is gona regret ot badly when he cmes to knw the truth…

    Please update the next part fast na…pls pls plssss

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  5. Akankshanna

    awesome….tooo much dufficult face for Raguuuuuu

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akankshana

  6. Dharani

    Awesome shri…. Feeling bad for ragu

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks akka

  7. A12345

    May be its laksh or may be arjun

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Aliya.but there is no Laksh in this ff and I had to put that pic as that was suitable for the situation

  8. Awesome and amazing dear pls post next part soon

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u manisha

  9. Awesome

  10. Awesome

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks aleeza

  11. Vivian20

    Ur first os that I read!! Loved it???❤️ Fab!….btw a surprise for you…..go and guess in activity

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks Vivian but this is an ff .also I tried my activity page I didn’t find anything?

      1. Vivian20

        In my activity page

  12. Superb Shriyu I love it????

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u Sam

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome Shriyu????

  13. Heyy Shri di, this chapter was amazing, you left me on the edge of my seat, the cliffhanger was awesome ??
    I loved the cute moments between Ragini and Sanskar, really sweet??
    Waiting for the next part!?
    -Shreya ❤

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank u shreya

  14. Follybraverl

    Awesome episode…..
    Can you please tell me where did hear that mishkas Verma is asked for lead role?????

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks folly.I will pm you about it

  15. it was amazing yaar….I hope Sanaskar realizes his mistake soon…
    And nadan dil is too good…Continue it…

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much dear

  16. It’s mindblowingg!!!!oh gawd swara???? !!! Sankar how could u yaar???????????????????????????!!!! I hope everything gets fine soon!!!well ragsan scene ws damnnn fab. ???? Jst loved it so so sooo muchh!!!! Waitng eagerly for nxt episode sweety??? being so much busy ,u still manages to give us such brilliant uodates..thnx a lotz yaar?? ummaahh!!!loatz of love n blessings!!!
    N yeah m also sad for PPK? BT it’s a really god news dat dey r coming back wid new show??m super xcieted for it???
    Keep rockng n stay blessed????love love love!!!

    1. Shrilatha

      Thanks di Even I am waiting for it

  17. Awesome di?

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  19. Asra

    awesome shri dear…loved it alot….first ragsa scenes r supper dear….i hate thz idiot swara…maybe that person is ragu bro…and ya ragu don’t forgive him…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much asra

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much vini

  20. Awesome dr sanskar is fool. How could he slapped her without asking her side. Idiot sanky monkey

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much mk

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      Thank you so much nive

  22. Shri di awesome episode..oh Ragu got hurt…

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      Thank you so much adi

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      Thank you so much Priya but that was the only pic available thats why I used it but there is no laksh

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      Thank you so much Shalini

  25. I hate swara kick out her

    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much geet

  26. Feeling sad for ragini. d.Don’t forgive him sooooon make him suffer much.

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      Thank you so much maha

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      Thank you so much keerthi

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      Thank you so much dear but i want to make her more evil.

    1. Shrilatha

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    1. Shrilatha

      Thank you so much vani

  29. Bushrafaheem123

    adarsh maybe

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