KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 40


Episode 40
The Episode starts with Sidmin reaching some place it was fully dark they stand waiting for kush and avni ..
What are you doing sidhant why are we here ??? Why you called bhai and Di see hear my side once Jas said ..

I said na just keep quiet for few minutes till your siblings comes sidhant said soon they see kush car while kush and avni hurriedly came out and see Sidmin …
Sidhant left jasmin hand and takes 2 steps behind while kush quickly hugged Jas and looked at sid angrily ..

You all come with me sidhant said Breaking the silence among them all
Why Avni said angrily ..
It’s for your benefit only not mine he answered moving ahead and started walking while the trio looks at each other Jas blinked her eyes and they decided to see where he was taking them all ..
Next scene ::
Vihaan was still on bed in semi-conscious state his treatment was going on soon an aged man comes there and looks at him ..
Vihu Mera beta who made his condition like this he said angrily touching vihaan ..

Pa …vihaan said and the person was Reveled to be viraj ..
Don’t worry vihu I won’t let anyone stay in peace find out where is sidhant now we don’t need him just have to finish this game he said angrily ..
Other side :::
Sidhant and jaskuni had walked to a half kilometre they see a hospital on the outskirts of the city hidden from the city people view it was not a lavish hospital rather than a small place covering with a big lawn for the patients care .. jaskuni were confused looking at the placed while sidhant sighed with a glitter in his eyes ..

Today my waits end he murmured confusing them more and they entered while all the staff greeted sidhant ..
Sidhant you here again ?? One of the doctor asked him ..

Yeah how was their treatment going on ??? Sidhant asked ..
There is a lott of improvement soon they are fine and soon will lead a normal life doctor said while jaskuni too heard them ..

What the hell is going on here why you called us here sidhant ?? Kush asked
You guys don’t have patience at all man he said and smiled at them ..I am going to show you such thing that will bring those glittery Happiness back in your life he said and walked again while they followed he entered a room its like a bedroom and a peaceful ambience over there ..There was a woman lying covered with Machines attached and was in deep slumber they all entered jaskuni gaze was on sidhant they didn’t looked forward ..

Now will you please tell us Avni said while sidhant pointed his finger towards the women the trio moved their gaze which left them shocked …

Mu..m..ma the trio spoke together seeing twinkle lying there they couldn’t believe their eyes that their mother is alive .. without any second thought they ran towards her and held her hands ..

Mumma they called out again while tears brimming out of their eyes of Happiness of getting twinkle back ..
Slowly slowly twinkle started opening her eyes her vision was blurred she looked at the trio she closed her eyes again opening it back having their clear view ..

My bab..ies twinkle spoke while the trio hugged her tightly while she wrapped her hand around them .. sidhant smiled looking at them and thanked God for ending his guilt today …

Mumma you are fine we are so happy to see you Jas said with endless tears flowing off her eyes ..
We missed you alottt mumma Avni too added ..

It was like hell to live without you and papa kush ended ..
K..un..j ..twinkle said
Jaskuni looks at each other they looked back at sidhant …

Mumma is alive ??? Papa also …?? They trembled looking at sidhant hopefully ..
What if I say yes ??? He said smiling ..
What ?? The trio stands in shock say its true plzz Jas said while he nodded in yes ..doctor too comes there and he got that it was twinj childrens ..

Your papa is alive too he is in another room as some days before the both of them started responding to medication after being in coma for nearly 3 years so yeah your parents are fine and out of danger too doctor said increasing their happiness they couldn’t wait to see kunj after seeing twinkle ..

Where is he ??? Kush asked
He was taken to another ward for some test soon he will be here too doctor said ..
They looked at twinkle and hugged her again …

Now I think you should take rest we will be back soon kush said to twinkle while she nodded resting ..
Call us when papa comes here kush requested the doctor while he said sure sidhant jaskuni came out ..while the trio was looking at sidhant unsurely and was hesitating to ask him his side of story ..

Knowing their inner conscience sidhant itself started narrating them ..
I don’t know what made you all think me as KAATIL (MURDERER) of your parents but it was my fault too I was unable to choose between right and wrong and my chachu took advantage of me sidhant said sighing he went into flashback..

Young sidhant was in bar with his chachu viraj in a very inebriated state ..
Chachu ?? Why maa and papa doesn’t stay together ??? Sid asked while viraj looked at him and smirked ..

Your papa left your maa for another women he said making sidhant angry ..
But maa told ? Sid started to say but was cut off in middle by viraj ..

She lied you beta your papa cheated on your mumma for another women ..viraj ended ..
Now where is papa then ? He asked Again ..

That women cheated on your papa along with her husband and sent him to jail and after that I don’t know where he is now viraj says ..
You know that women ?? Sidhant asked while viraj nodded in yes ..

I won’t leave that women she made my maa suffer he said determined ..
Flashback ends ..

Viraj chachu filled poison in my mind that your mother cheated my father and made him away from my mother and me I was determined to take revenge and when she was returning from somewhere me and chachu along with goons kidnapped your mom and kept her in an isolated place sidhant said recalling that day which changed his life ..while jas kuni looked at them ..

Flash back shows ..
Twinkle was tied up to a chair and was unconscious sidhant and viraj along with other goons were present there sidhant was angrily eyeing twinkle ..

Kill her sidhant …she is the one responsible for your parents separation viraj said ..while sidhant took the gun he gets sakshi call and he picked it with his other hand ..

Sidhant where are you ?? Sakshi spoke from other side ..
Why mom I am here for some work I’ll call you later Sid said ..

Don’t your dare come back at the very next instant or I’ll kill myself Sakshi said angrily
Maa sidhant spoke but the call was disconnected he kept the gun in his pocket and left from there while viraj tried to stop him but failed ..

Ahhh why this Sakshi called him now ..no worries sidhant will be back soon then I’ll make him kill twinkle poor sidhant is in my trap now he laughed wickedly and left from there to smoke ..

As soon as he left twinkle opens her eyes and looks at it who are they ?? I have to call kunj and tell him everything she said searching for her phone she somehow managed to get rid of the ropes and ran from the window without anyone notice and calls kunj ..

Kunj its me twinkle she said breathing heavily ..kunj goons are behind me save me kunj twinkle said ..
Twinkle twinkle I am coming …don’t worry I’ll be there soon kunj said while jas was worried too seeing kunj …

What happen she asked ..
Nothing Jas I’ll come soon you take care of yourself kunj said pecking her forehead and went ..

Jas decided to follow him and followed his car suddenly her cab broke down in middle leaving her aghast ..she was hell worried for twinj …

Other side ::
Sidhant reached his house where Sakshi called him she was standing with jay ..
What happen mom you call me so urgently ?? He asked ..

Where were Haan your chachu is trapping you in a big game sidhant he is not your well-wisher but your enemy Sakshi said ..

What ??? No maa he is well-wisher he is helping me to kill that lady whom cheated on papa and hurted you too sidhant ended..
Are you talking about twinkle ??? Jay asked while Sid looks at him ..

Yes who are you ? He asked ..
I am arav PA more like a brother to him sidhant and who said twinkle cheated arav ??? He asked ..
Chachu sidhant answered ..

He is lying sidhant twinkle is not at fault it was arav who was obssed withh twinkle that he tired to kill her babies but twinkle and her husband smartly played with him and got him arrested he deserved it sidhant he tried to spoil a happy family Sakshi said ..

But chachu told papa broke up with you for her ??? Sidhant said ..
No it’s nothing like that we broke up due to some issues and never met again Sakshi told him everything while he was shocked ..when he got a call from goon statiing that twinkle ran from there and viraj is behind her to murder her ..

I have committed a huge sin I can’t let her die because of me I have to save her sidhant said and ran from there ..

Soon he reached the cliff where twinkle and kunj was already present and was fighting with the goons and viraj they reached near the end of cliff and entangled their hands together ..

Stop you both I’ll not leave you viraj said pointing gun towards them ..
No chachu you can’t do this sidhant shouted from back while viraj turned and looked at him ..

Why are you behind them leave them chachu don’t murder them sidhant pleaded ..
Hah no I have to put blame on you Sid puttar and I’ll kill them for sure then your papa whole property will be mine viraj smirked at him ..he pointed gun again towards them shooting them both while sidhant too shooted viraj on leg in order to stop them ..this was seen by Jasmin who came there she was bit away so it was not clearly visible for her to see viraj she thought that sidhant shooted them and saw twinj falling off the cliff hand in hand ..Jasmin vision started to blur ..she couldn’t concentrate on what’s happening there started walking ahead

Sidhant was shocked viraj fell on floor wincing in pain due to his leg ..Sakshi jay too reached there and took viraj to hospital while sidhant and others went in search of twinj …while jas reached there and Started screaming of for her parents and fell unconscious ..
Flashback ends ::

After some hours I was able to find them in a very injured state there were bruises all over their skin I was guilty that it happened because of my foolishness I was taking them to hospital but couldn’t taken them there as chachu gave a false statements that I wanted to kill him and got me arrested I was in remand home .. I sent your parents to hospital with the help of Neil and didn’t told anyone about being them alive not even my own mother(Sakshi) as I couldn’t take more risk with their life …

After that in court after 2 months somehow maa managed to save me backfiring chachu plan judge sent chachu to jail …while I was left free and I directly went to hospital only to get to know that they went in coma I tired to find you all so that I can say they are alive when we reached twinj house we got to know you all shifted abroad and no one had slightest idea about where you all went …

I went to rehab to get rid off my bad habits and I was finally back ..I used to check your parents but their condition was still same no change …in those things 3 years passed with me having the guilt of separating them for their family and making their condition like this but few days back like don’t know how they got a hope and started responding to all the medication I kept them here so that no one knows about them and yeah now they are fine now my work ends here ….

This all started by them separating from you all now I am the only uniting you all again ending this enemity now I can have a peaceful sleep …he smiled sadly ..

Uhmm thank you so much sidhant kush said while Sid looks at them ..
Hmm I should leave now MY WORK IS DONE he said smiling fakely while jas was still looking at him …

Go and meet your papa sidhant said while kush hugged him thanking him again ..
We are really sorry he said ..

Don’t be it’s all a huge misunderstanding Sid replied .. anyways bye he said ..
Kunj sir is shifted back to room nurse came there and told while kush and Avni nodded ..

Sidhant sees his phone ringing while taking out of his pocket a box fell off he didn’t notice it and keeps talking on phone while jas picked up the box …he ended the call ..

I should leave now bye he said ..started moving from there while kush and Avni went inside ..
Sidhant was waking with tears in his eyes shattered completely with his broken dreams but he was happy that he united twinj with their family and also jas with her parents for which she was there with him ..

Jas looks at him going feeling a pain in her heart though their was happiness of seeing twinj alive but there was sorrow too of someone who became most important leaving her ..

She started running behind him calling him while they reached the lawn ..
Sidhant she shouted for the last time while he turned and looked at her ..

What happen ?? Everything fine he asked looking at her who was breathing heavily
You forgot something she said and showed him the box while he looked on shocked ..

Wo ..he started to say ..
Let me see what’s in it she said opening it. .
No don’t see he stated but it was too late she already opened it and found it had couple wedding rings which he brought for both of them she looked at him with tears in her eyes ..with he looked back with same intensity ..

Without saying anything he took the box wo I brought it for my friend he wanted to gift it to his wife so…he lied …
Hmm she said sadly .. sidhant she spoke while he looks at her ..

Hmm what ?? He aksed ..
Now what will be the future of our marriage ?? She asked ..

You married me for your taking Revenge of your parents death now their is nothing left your came in my life because of your parents now when their are back with you I don’t think we should continue this drama more as my mom is fine too so yeah this is the end of our UNWANTED WEDDING as neither you nor I married with happiness we both did it somewhere for our parents so yeah ..I am releasing you from this unwanted relationship he said his words pricking both of them ..

He looked at the time and smiled at her ..
Happy birthday he spoke more like a whisper while she looked on tears falling from there eyes while he wiped her tears and nodded in no …

Enough of it enjoy your day kkn he said while she smiled engulfing him in hug while he was shocked but hugged her back feeling their last moment soon he releases from the hug and left from there ..
Screen freezes
So how was the episode ???
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
So yes twinj was alive yashu Di your guess was right ?..
I wanted to end this story on twinj so yeah ??..
Now what will happen when twinj will know about their daughters ? They will be able to sort it ?? ..
Climax is still left ???
See you guys soon ???
Bye allahafiz

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