Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap Makes Kunti That There Will be Flood Soon

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti’s bahus discuss that mummuji/Kunti is forgetting things. Pari says she has solution, sona/sleep. Panjiri asks if they have to feed mummyji sona. Pari sings soja rajkumari, this sona/sleep. Panjiri asks how will it help Sasuma’s forgetfulness. Pari continues her drama. Bahus stop her and say they have to make sure if sasuma is really forgetting things, till then they have to support Sasuma.

Kunti hears landline ringing and walks towards it, sees Kusum sleeping with eyes and scolds why can’t she pick phone. She picks call. Pratap speaks as gorkha and says there is flood at Brij ghat, give phone to his uncle. She gets worried that Kanhaiya has gone to Brij ghat and sees fabricated news about flood in news paper. Pratap calls again and asks to check TV news if she does not believe him. Kunti switches on TV. Pratap changes news channel and himself reads news that whoever does not believe in newspaper news, he will turn flood towards their house, news is 100% real. Kunti calls bahus and asks to send someone to rescue lalla as Brij ghat is flooded. Panjiri says water level is very low there, how will it flood there. Kunti says there is no time to think, she saw also TV news and newspaper. Bahus check paper and says there is no news of flood here. Kunti says she really read news. Kusum says only 1 newspaper comes at home. Kunti says she saw TV also. Bahus switch on TV and does not find flood news. Pratap walks in and tries to prove that Kunti has memory loss and imagining things.

Bahus decide that someone will be around Kunti and see if she really is forgetting things. Panjiri serves herbal halwa to Kunti for her memory power. Kunti scolds she is fine. Pratap walks in and says he wants to talk to sasuma. Panjiri and Prathana go aside. Pratap says he gave her wrong envelope, original one is in her room. Kunti goes to her room. Pratap calls his aide disguised as Kunti who feeds him halwa. Panjiri and Prathana watch that. Once they go aside, Pratap hides his aide. Kunti returns and asks where is envelope. Pratap says he lied and says halwa was very tasty. She asks when did he feed her. Panjiri and Prarthana says they saw her feeding halwa to Pratap. Kunti denies, but Pratap says she lost her memory. Once they all leave, Pratap sends his aide away and laughs that he will prove Kunti amnesic for sure.

Kanhaiya is busy scolding Khatru in shop when Pratap enters and starts his drama and tries to prove Kunti is wrong. Panjiri enters and informs that Sasuma is losing her memory and explains all incidents. Pratap says he was telling same. Kanhaiya says he will call psychiatrist then. Pratap gets afraid and stops Kanhaiya and insists not to call doctor, sasumaa will be fine after resting for 3-4 days. Khatru says then why did not he get well after resting for so many years. Pratap angrily frisks Khatru-.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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