Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeti takes a stand for Naina’s happiness

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti telling Tayi ji that she wrote the letter and asks them to match the handwriting. Tayi ji asks why did you write? Preeti says you people have no idea that you are ruining her life and happiness. Rakesh is about to slap her, but Anand stops her. He asks him to handle his daughter and scolds Anand. Anand asks what wrong did she do? Tayi scolds him and says you are jealous and feeling irritated as we fixed the marriage without telling you. Anand says I love Naina more than Pooja and Preeti and you are saying that I am jealous. Tayi ji says she will say thousand times. Naina asks what are you saying? Tai ji scolds her. Preeti says she is silent and asks them not to snatch Naina’s dreams from her and says she wants to study more. She asks Tai ji to get her married to Sharad.

After Tai ji leaves, Preeti and Naina hug each other and cry. Naina picks the call thinking Sameer called. Sharad scolds her for not talking to her mum and asks her to become like his boss Dilip Mirani’s wife. He tells that the bahus in his house wait for others and don’t make others wait. Naina says she will call her and ends the call. Preeti and Naina come to the college. Munna and Pandit argue with Preeti and asks why Naina is after Sameer. Preeti says Naina tried to stop Sameer from doing a mistake. She asks did you realize what Naina is going through. Munna says Sameer’s life is on track now. They argue. They come to the class. Sunaina and Sameer hit pen on the bench. Naina takes the pen and keeps it on table. JBR hits her with chalk piece and asks her to go and sleep at home.

Munna tells that they will have party for Sameer and Sunaina. Sunaina asks Sameer to come. Sameer writes Su with Naina on the board and says our Jodi is the best. Sunaina says someon wipes my name. Sameer says nobody will wipe it now. Someone comes and collides with Naina. Naina falls on the board and it falls down. Sameer comes back and picks the board. Naina looks at him. He says thank god nothing happened to the board and says nobody can wipe our name. Naina’s voiceover tells that even now we debate on who deserves what. Hema and Swati asks Preeti and Naina to come to red rose canteen. Preeti says naina is hurt and she will also not come. Naina asks Preeti to go and says she is going to class. Sameer looks at Naina while she is going.

Naina meets Sharad and tells him that she fell down in college. She asks if his family will have problem. Sharad looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Makers please don’t drag Sameer Sunaina track. Please reunite Samaina soon.

  2. Guys please update elaborately, you were skipped some conversations in between it’s my humble request from south indian fan

  3. Hi everyone!!! Plz keep posting your comments…I really enjoy reading them…And Devi your comments are awesome too??
    So they said this true that Samaina love is always a matter of debate…Our comments too are divided between Sameer and Naina…??
    Everyone has their own persective of thinking…
    Preeti is always the best…And today she has set an ideal for all sis-bro… Really this time Naina is really lucky to have a supporting sis like Preeti ??
    But Taiji and Rakesh are such heartless people…Yes Taiji has her own motive in this…She doesn’t want Naina’s success or marrying a rich guy as she doesn’t like Rakesh to feel proud…But that Safari Suit…How can a father destroy his child’s future!!!… It’s really heartbreaking ??…It would have been better if Chachaji adopted Naina legally…
    Today I felt that it is Sameer’s plan in which Sunaina is helping him to get Naina back…May be he deliberately again erased ‘SU’… that’s my thinking??…
    Naina also taking revenge from Sameer by making him jealous ??…It was looking like a battle ground where both rivals were attacking each other by weapon of JEALOUSY…??…But that So called” Sharad Jijaji” is good for nothing…He has a capability to write a full Novel on C.A Dilip Mirani and his wife ?
    Are Bhai wo CA Dilip Mirani kuy me kudega to tum bhi Naina ko saath leke kood jaoge Kya?
    Has someone seen the new shooting clip…Sharad tries to slap Naina but Sameer stops him and beats Sharad… Eagerly waiting for this episode ??

  4. I really don’t like the way Sharad behaves with Naina. But I think Naina deserves it for hurting Sameer….. I want both Naina and Sameer to be together and sort out the problems together…. then nobody will be able to seperate them. Hats off to Preeti and Anand… They are the real well-wishers of Naina. Even more than Rakesh , Anand loves Naina. And this Taiji is only jealous not Anand. After Sameer told Taiji and Bela that there is a rich guy who wants to marry Naina, Taiji became jealous of Naina as she can’t bear Naina or Rakesh to be rich. Waiting for Samaina reunion without much drama. And I m waiting for the episode that Ashu has described.

  5. Guys ——————– Ashu you’re awesome……even i feel that Sameer has wiped the SU wantedly while placing the board. And i am happy that still he cares for her and he want her to feel his Love and expecting that Naina will come back to him……………..

    All ( Munna, Pandit, Kamya and Sameer) involved to make Naina patch up with Sameer again……….
    but poor Sunaina——— i heared that she will become their enemy……………………….in the upcoming episodes……….because of SAMAINA’s Reunion………..

    Chacha and Preethi ——- you guys steal the episode yaar………….longing to see such a relationship…..
    lucky Naina……….

    Sameer please be with Naina to make her feel your importance and support her……………don’t let her alone with her father and that dirty minded Taiji very dangerous woman………………..

    awaiting for the upcoming episodes………..

  6. Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai: Sharad raises hand over Naina (Ashi Singh), Sameer (Randeep Rai), Sunaina’s new journey

    The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.

    Naina is ready to take Sameer’s hatred and knows that she is responsible for it while Sameer is still concerned for Naina.

    Naina is trying to adjust with Sharad and is shocked seeing Sharad’s Orthodox behavior and his anger.

    Sharad has anger issues and shows his anger over Naina, Naina gets shocked as Sharad raises her hand over her.

    Sharad raise hand over Naina

    Preeti is also shocked and asks Naina to tell this to family but Naina refuses, there Sameer will get to know about Naina’s trouble.

    Sameer is shocked and irked knowing that Sharad raised hand over his Naina and is not ready to accept it.

  7. It’s my humble request, pls try to update all conversation without skipping. Because i don’ t understand Hindi.

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