Kaanchi : Hate to Love (Episode 9)

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riya:there he is.

the guy:hi, im Vikrant chawla

they meet with him and kanchi goes

In car:

sanchi thinking about vikrant

kabir:sanchi where were u lost

sanchi:actually i saw him but couldnt remember where

kabir:lets forget it na

sanchi:acha tell me now how could we find the locker code

kabir:kuch sochna padega

kabir dropped her to the hostel

In hostel:

isha:we are not her friends now

pragya: ha yaar.she is forget about us

isha:jab dekho kabir jiju hi hain

pragya:hum tho isko nazar hi nahi aarahe hain

sanchi:nautanki band kar do ab

pragya:bataona kya hua aur date ka

sanchi shows them ring and told all

isha nd pragya:we want party kal subah cafeteria

sanchi: k guys and gud nyt

sanchi goes to bed but she cant sleep.She thining about vikrant and just then kabir messaged her



kabir:u told isha pragya right




kabir:ntg gud nyt

sanchi:k then gud nyt

kabir:love u

sanchi:me tooo

Mrng 6am

sanchi wakes up suddenly and get ready to go to hospital

pragya:why are you going so early yaar

isha: ha you dont have any surgeries also right?

sanchi:ha but i have some important work.I will catch u both later bye

sanchi goes to hospital and message kabir to come asap

Both reached SDCH

kabir:why u come so early

sanchi:i will tell you but now listen to me

kabir:tell me

sanchi:u remember what i said yesterday

kabir:ha i love you

sanchi:ugh not that one.about riya’s fiance



kabir:what about him

sanchi:come with me.i will show you

kabir and sanchi goes to record room

sanchi:see, he is vikrant and he has rare mental problem which never recover

kabir sees all the reports

kabir:gud but by the way where do you get it?

sanchi:1st day you told me to do record room duty.that day

kabir:woo.but what will we do now

sanchi:we will show them to riya

kabir:is she believe in us

sanchi:hope for the best

They goes and message riya to meet them

riya:why you guys message me wo bhi itni subah

sanchi:cool riya,we want to tell you something about

riya:about what?


riya:vikrant!!!what happens to him

sanchi:these are his reports and you can see what happens to him

riya:oh my god!!i cant believe this

after sometime ..

riya:thankyou sooo much guyss

sanchi:no need of that riya we are friends

riya nd sanchi hugs

riya:i dont believe my dad will do that to me(anand treats vikrant so in records anand name is mention)

sanchi:he can go to any extent

riya: i will go now and confront him

sanchi:no riya dont do that

riya:but y

sanchi:u just say you dont like him

riya:k .


isha:omg i dont believe anand malhotra itna gir sakta hain

pragya:ha yaar

sanchi:k guys now i have to go for surgery

pragya nd isha: k bye

After completing surgery

kabir:after changing come to me sanchi


In cabin:

kabir:what will we do now?

sanchi:what will we do now?

kabir:how to get the code?

sanchi:how to get the code?

kabir:why r u repeating me?

sanchi:im not repeating just thinking

just then riya enters

riya:hi guys,what code about u r talking


riya:come on dr.kabir,you can tell me.i may help you

sanchi have an idea.

sanchi:riya actually we want your dad locker code

riya:but i dont know

sanchi:u dont know but u could have a chance to know

riya:k then tell me what to do now.

sanchi:you just go to his cabin and watch out when he is opening and make an excuse or try anything

kabir:you will do it na?

riya:i try max , im leaving now.Bye

kabir:waise where did you get all these ideas my mishri

sanchi:what do you think about me?Im sanchi mishra

kabir:na na future mrs.sanchi kabir kapoor

precap:will riya able to succeed

Thankyou every one.And the next one is last episode and hope you enjoy it.

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