kanchi or sanveer true love sdch (part 2)

Hi guys thanks for ur comments.now lets start story
In kanchi room
Dr kabir-sanchi we should confirm preganacy
Sanchi-yeah right sir
Kanchi goes to hospital
They get glad as test were positive.
(kanchi leaves in banglore.dr kabir is senior resident doc in government hospital and sanchi is a cardiac in govt aided hospital)
Sanchi calls jaya
Jaya-sanchi kaise hai tu?
Sanchi-maa i am fine.i wanted to tell u something.maa hmm i..
Jaya – sanchi bole naa..
Sanchi-maa i am..

Jaya-you what..are u going to become mother.!
Jaya-i am so happy..give phone to kabir
Dr kabir-how r you maa
Jaya-i am fine..congrats kabir
Dr kabir smiles
A big house is shown
The house is decorated..
A old age woman is roaming here and there and scolding event manager.
Woman-whts this dont you know its my sons party!make decorations properly..
The woman is none other savitri..
Veer comes downstairs
Veer is totally changed .he is wearing spectacles and has become quite serious
Veer-maa.. Calm down everything will be arranged properly.
Savitri-beta u have raised savitri devi college and hospital to a new level.its a big thing for me
Just then dr malhotra is shown
Veer ignores him

Dr malhotra-savitri when will veer forgive me?
Savitri-give time to veer.by the way u had your bp tablet
Dr malhotra-savitri how can u be so good.i lived that selfish gaytri for 15 yrs and u forgive me so easily
Savitri-aap purani baato ko bhul jaiye
Dr malhotra-no never she ruined priyas life my princess is on wheelchair she will never be in her legs . Just becoz of tht mad vikrant
Savitri-i know gaytri ke vajah se aap ne priya aur vikrant ke shaadi karaye thi.i know priya will never be able to walk again but sanket is there and shes happy.
Dr malhotra-i know but if i had married them earlier priya would be in her legs
Savitri:anand forget it u get ready
Dr malhotra-fine..
Veer is getting ready he remembers sanchi and smiles.
Veer-i know i hurt you sanchi
I should have trusted you.but after 8 years everything will be fine.i know u will come..
Veer calls jaya
Jaya-veer kaise ho
Veer-i am fine..kya sanchi ayege
Jaya- yes beta…but i have to tell u something ..
Veer-leave it..i am so happy bye..
Veer cuts call
Jaya(in mind)-veer should know tht sanchi is married
In airport

Sanchi-sir plz i cant eat more i am full
Dr kabir-dr sanchi u have to eat fruits.
the journey is long and i dont want any risk to you and baby..
Dr kabir feeds sanchi
Kanchi boards flight
In flight
Dr kabir notices sanchi is lost somewhere
Sanchi remembers a flashback
8 years back:
After veer take savitri to her room.veer gets call of isha
Veer-kya hai bolo
Isha-veer i know u would think tht i call u to defend sanchi.but sanchi was the one who found your mom
Veer in tears-kya miss golgappa ne ye sab mere liye kara
Veer cuts call and gets happpy.just then he notices savitri moves her hand.he gets glad and calls hospital
In malhotra mansion hall
Dr malhotra is alone and remembers
How sunil saw him that he was traffiking human organs .he remembers tht when he runs behind sunil to justify .sunil falls down from stairs.and he dies , savitri sees it and misunderstands him.after which she called jaya to tell her truth.and when savitri was going to meet jaya she met with an acident.
Dr malhotra(in mind)-i had to say lie how can i tell everyone tht i had to hid savitri . Savitri misunderstood me and if she comes from coma i would be in jail.
Gaytri comes and acts
Gaytri-anand i had done so much for u and specially priya.now its time u should do something for me.
Priya comes to savitri room
Priya-veer where are u going with maa
Veer-priya maine dekha ki maa respond kar rahi hai thts why i am taking her to hospital
Priya-ok i am coming also
Just then priya gets vikrant call
Veer-tu jaa priya agar maa ko hosh aaya i will call you

Priya goes..
In chawla mansion
Priya enters room she sees nails in room
Vikrant-baby walk
Priya walks she faints
Vikrant take her to hospital
Doc-sorry sir but the poisen in her body spread .priya cant walk now
Vikrant-wht rubbish!
How can i live with a paralysed women.people will laugh.keep tht woman i am going.
Doc-nurse call her family
Dr malhotra-hello whos there?what i am coming…
Dr malhotra rushes to hospital
Dr malhotra-doc kya hua mere beti koo
Doc narrates whole incident..
Doc-sir aap ki beti ke jo pati hain he is mentally unstable.he ran away from here.
Gaytri acts and comes near dr malhotra
Dr malhotra-dont u dare come near me gaytri.u are responsible for all this.priya repeatdly told me tht vikrant in mentally sick but i trusted u.go from here unless i will call police..gaytri fles with her mom
After 1 month Priya wakes up.she sees sanket, dr malhotra,dadi, savitri
Veer-priya dekh maa coma se bahar aa gayi
Priya-aur mai coma main chale gayi
Priya tries to sit but she cant move her legs
Priya-papa why i am not able to move my legs.
Dr malhotra goes out in tears
Sanchi enters and glares everyone to go out
sanchi-hi priya i am your doctor
Priya-yeah sanchi
Sanchi-priya life has given u a chance to live u have to understand
Priya-what do you mean?
Sanchi stares her legs
Priya-no …….

Sanchi consoles priya
dr malhotra enters
Dr malhotra-i am sorry priya.he tells priya tht gaytri is gone and how he trapped sanket
Sanket enters and hugs priya
Sanket-i love u..i will never leave
Priya-but vikrant
Dr malhotra-dont worry he is in asylum
After it sanket got married to priya
Malhotra decides to apologise jaya and savitri.
Jaya forgives anand
In sdch
Dr kabir decides to propose sanchi
Just then he sees sanveer huging
He hears there talks
Veer- i love u
Sanchi-i love u veer..
Kabir gets sad and crushes the ring in his hand his hand bleeds.
veer -maa i like sanchi and want to marry her.
Savitri-hmm thts good but i have to tell u something
Veer-leave it..
He goes
Anand enters
Savitri-veer should know tht sanchi is sunils daughter
Dr sanchis identity is revlied in front of sdch staff members with respect by dr malhotra.
Dr kabir comes nears sanchi
Dr kabir-hmm dr sanchi a scholar 90%
Sanchi remembers how dr kabir called her average scorer
Kabir-its fine
Sanveer enagagement is held
Veer still dont know about sanchis identity.

Dr kabir comes nears sanchi and greets her.
Kabir-sanchi congrats
He goes and stands in corner
Sanchi notices it
Veer comes downstairs and is mesmerised by her beauty.pragya and isha teases sanchi.
Just then veer is puting ring in sanchis hand the ring falls near kabirs feet.
Kabir gives ring to veer.pragya teases tht sanchi betiya aab tu mishra se malhotra ban rahe hoo.
Veer gets shocked
Sanchi-veer kya hua i am mishra.tum itne hiran kyun hoo
Veer-iska matlb tum sanchi mishra hoo
Praygya – abbe idiot
Pragya narrates whole thing.
Pragya-aab kuch yaad aaya.itne jaldi bhul gaye..
Veer-yahan sab ye jante hain tht u are mishra but not only me.wow amazing he gets angry
Sanchi-veer i didnt know tht u dont know truth.everyone knew so i..
Veer-so u thought tht is not imp for me your would be husband to know it..right!
Dr malhotra-veer why are you overreacting!
Veer-shut up mr malhotra
Sanchi-veer plz tamasha band karo
Veer-sanchi toh abb tum iss adami ka saath de rahi hoo.. Wow.aab mai tum se enagagement toh kya shaadi bhi nahi karna chahta.tum ne mujhse itna bada jhut bola i can never forget you
Veer goes angryily and pushes sanchi.
Sanchis bangels break . Her hand bleeds
Dr kabir rushes to sanchi
And bandages her hand..
Next day veer books ticket and decides to go to london.sanchi comes to know it. She gets sad.
Jaya talks to savirti
Jaya-ye sab kya hoo gya
Savitri-i even dont know shayd bahgwan ki yehi merzi thi.
After few days sanchi joined sdch.she gets closer to dr kabir and kusum.one day sanchi goes to kabirs home to give him a patients file.she finds door opened.
She enters and hear there talks
kusum-kabir u should tell sanchi tht u love her
Sanchi is surprised and runs to home.she remembers how dr kabir helped her in difficult times.she calls dr kabir and asks him to meet her in sdch garden.
Sanchi waits for kabir

Dr kabir comes before he could say anything sanchi hugs kabir.
Sanchi-i love u sir
Kabir gets glad and leanes to kiss her
After few monthes kanchi got married.and shifts to chandigrah.everyone knows tht kanchi are married except veer.
Veer after few months returned to india and decides to seek forgivenees from sanchi for his behaviour
But sanchi didnt pick his call
Many times veer tried to meet sanchi.but sanchi had said to jaya not to tell veer where is she..
Flashback ends..
Kabir puts hand on sanchi shoulder
In veers room
Isha comes to congrats veer
Veer-isha i think sanchi still loves me and today i will propose her
Isha(in mind)-it seems veer dont know kabir sir and sanchi got married
Isha-veer sanchi and kabir sir….
Veer-i know both are coming.bye i am going as all guests have come.

Precap-veer sees kabir getting intimate with sanchi

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