Kanfi ‘s Belated birthday special Ishqbaaz OS part -5

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August 3rd

After checking the entertainment news Ahsana says” I get an idea for surprising
Kanfi” . Sumitha and Neha asks to her what is that idea?. That time Ahsana says to them to check this news. It’s was the news
“Sharuk khan is coming toKochi in Kerala in August 5th for the promotion of his new
movie ISHQBAAZ “.After checking the news both of them are looking at Ahsana confusingly.
N”What is the relation between SRK ‘s
Arrival to Kerala and Kanfi ‘s birthday surprise? ”
S”I too want to ask this same thing to you
Ahsana Di .What you mean by? ”
A”ye buddus you both are didn’t understand what I mean, Friends do you both forgets SRK is Kanfi ‘s favourite actor since
childhood ”
N&S”Ops we are forgets about it ”
A”If we can able to get SRK ‘s autograph, then we can surprise her ”
S&N”its was nice idea Ahsana /Ahsana Di, so tommarow we all are going to Kochi for
meeting SRK. After getting his Autograph we all are going to Hotel White pearl for celebrating Kanfi ‘s birthday”
S”But SRK is coming to Kochi in August 5th
he na .Today is August 3rd”
N”today we all are staying at my Villa. We
all are go to kochi in Tomorrow evening. ”
A&S”ok ”
Same day in Aluva, Ernakulam

Aniri with Rudra, Priyanga and Soumya
visited the whole Ernakulam in that day. At
evening they all are goes to a hotel and stay
that day there.
Next day ,August 4th

they all are goes to Alapuzha and visited
most beautiful places of Alapuzha like Kuttanadu, Alapuzha beach etc.

Ahsana and Sumith, Neha are goes to Kochi at evening flight from Trivandram to Ernakulam. After two hours of journey, they
reached to Kochi airport. They goes to
Hotel White pearl and books two rooms. One for them and one for Kanfi ‘s birthday celebration. After taking bath all are join at
hall. And discuss the preparation of kanfi ‘s
birthday .They all checked their phone and saw so many missed calls and messages
from Kanfi.
A&S&N”Sorry Kanfi. You are surely angry on
us for not attending your phone calls and not reply your messages. We all are doing this for surprising you only. We all are sure
you will forgive us ”
After some times they all are goes to sleep .The next day will become memorable day of their life. They would do so many things
for make tomorrow very special. First meet
SRK then prepare the room for birthday celebration and friendship day celebration. Before going to sleep Neha calls Anika and
inform her about their birthday surprise for
Kanfi. Then inform her about they are book a room in Hotel White pearl for the celebration.

In these days Priyanga and Rudra are very close to Anika and Soumya.

At evening 9pm ,Trivandram Airport

In these three day Shivay and Om
searchAnika everywhere in Trivandram. But didn’t find any details about her. So sadly they are decided to goes to Kochi for joining with Gouri and gangs . They are
comes to Airport for going to Kochi. That time Shivay meet his Best friend Siddharth Rana. He is an malayalee .Both are studies together in Delhi MBA college.

Sid”Hi Shivay… Meeting you after a long time, How are you shivay? ”
S”Iam fine sid. How are you? ”
Sid”Iam fine shivay. He is your brother Omkara right. ”
S”Ya he is Om ”
Sid”Nice to meet you Omkara . I’m hear a lot
about you from Shivay ”
O”Nice to meet you too Siddhartha
. I too hear a lot
about you from shivay . You are shivay ‘s
only best friend in college .If you have no problem then I too call you as Sid ”
Sid”I have no problem Om. I too like that
name. All are lovingly call me in that name,
And Shivay why you both here in Kerala? Any business meeting ”
S”Iam came here for not business meetings
but for finding… ”
O”His love ”
Sid”what you say Om .You both are came to
Kerala for finding shivay ‘s love!!is it true?
,I can’t able to believe it. You know Om in our college every girls are behind him but he didn’t mind anyone. He always ignores them. I ask to him why he is ignoring their proposal. He can choose one girlfriend ,but he says that he don’t believe in Marriage
and love. He says that he wants to live bachelor forever .Now that shivay Singh oberio falling in love with a girl! Who is that girl, I wants to meet her, who changed my friend ”
O”we are comes to Kerala for finding her. Unfortunately we can’t able to find her ”
Sid “I didn’t understand anything”
S”I will say about it sid ”

Shivay narrates about his Meeting with a girl (Anika) at Mumbai in August 1st.He says that he was falling in love with her at first sight. And
came to Kerala for finding her.
“I can’t able to meet her till now . I search her
everywhere in Trivandram.”
Sid”I can able to help then I will surely find her Shivay ”
S”Thank you sid, and why you are here, do you going for business meeting? ”
Sid “No. I coming to Airport for bring my
would be ,she is goes to Mumbai for
interview ,after that she is goes to ootty for a get together of her college friends .”

Shivay do you saw That girl, she is my
would be “saying this Siddharth pointing towards Mallika who is coming from the Escalator ”
After seeing her Shivay ‘s face become shine. He was smiling looking at her. This was noticed by Siddharth.
Sid “why you are smiling looking at Mallika.
Don’t say that she is that girl who you are
trying to find out ”
S”Sid Mallika is not my lady love, she is my lady love ‘S friend”
Sid “Mallika ‘s friend, who is that ”
Saying this Siddharth looks for shivay but he is not there
“where is shivay and Om ”
Sid searching Shivay that time he saw
shivkara are standing next to Mallika

Mallika was surprised ,she didn’t expected
Shivay is here in Kerala.
Mallika ‘s pov
Why he is here in Kerala .Why he is coming to me. If Anika is with me then ,she will be
happy for seeing him
S”where is her? ”
S”your friend Anika ”
M”why you are searching her ”
Sid “because she is his lady love ”
M”lady love !!”
Sid “I will narrates about it. Mallika this Shivay Singh Oberio, he is famous business Man in India. He is my best friend in college.”
M”Hi Shivay ,I saw you at Mumbai bus stand, nice to meet you again ”
Sid “this is Omkara, shivay ‘s younger brother. He is an famous Artist ”
M”Hi Omkara, nice to meet you ”
O”Hello ,nice to meet you too ”
M”Sid please say ,why you are says that Anika is shivay’s lady love ”

Sid Narrate Shivay ‘s meeting with Anika
and Mallika at Mumbai (Before shivay narrates his meeting with a girl and her friend at Mumbai. Now he is understand that friend is none other than Mallika) and
shivay was falling in love with Anika. And come to Kerala for finding Anika ”

Mallika was surprised after hearing about
it. She says in her mind Anika is very lucky,God was fulfilled her wish of getting him as her life partner. Her thoughts was disturbed by Shivay

S”where is Anika, I didn’t saw her with you. You both are coming together na? ”
M”ya it’s true we both are coming Together
to Mumbai and But that day we both are comes to Airport for return back to Kerala. That time I get a phone call from my friend for informing me a get together of our college friends at our college then a trip to Ootty. So I was goes to Chennai for joining with them . She is not feeling well, so she is not coming with me. She is goes to
Trivandram . After that I am coming to Kerala Now ”
S”Can you give her address. I wants to
meet her family and inform them about my marriage proposal with Anika ”
M”sure Shivay, I will give you her address ”

Mallika gives Anika ‘s address to shivay

S”thank you so much Mallika for your help. I am very excited for seeing her ”
M”She will be happy after seeing you ”
S”what did you say? ”
M”Nothing ,I says that I want a treat. It’s was me only help you for finding Anika. So after meeting her You will surely give me the treat for helping you ”
S”Sure Mallika, I will surely give my treat for helping me for finding Anika ”
Sid”Hey it’s cheating Shivay. You are going to meeting Anika because of Mallika. You are meeting with Mallika because of me only na, So don’t give the treat alone to her .I too equally eligible for the treat ”
S”Hey sid don’t behave like children’s. You both are helping me for finding my love, I can’t able to forget you boths help. After meeting Anika, I will surely give you boths to my treat, are you both happy now ”
Mallika pov
If I says to shivay or not about Anika too falling in love him at first sight and wants to getting him as her life partner .She is thoughts to don’t says about it Shivay. If she is saying about it to shivay then.Their is any special feeling for their meeting. It’s better they both are knows about their love from each other only .
So Mallika didn’t says to shivay about Anika too love him. She thought they both are surprised after knowing about it. After some times Shivkara cancel their flight to Kochi and go back to Trivandram with siddhika. That day shivkara sleeps peacefully after two days. Next day is very special day for shivay. He was going to meet his lady love .Before going to sleep Shivay calls to OM and inform them about he get His lady love ‘s address and next day he will meet her. All elders are happy .Dadi says to Shivay, they all are coming to Kerala in next day for meeting her billu ‘s love and fixing their marriage .Shivay is extremely happy. He was goes to sleep and dreams his meeting with Anika
Please note :you all are may be thinking about why Om did not recognize Anika is none other than Gouri ‘s friend. Because when Gouri narrates about her friendship with Anika, She is mentioned her as Anamika .And Kaniz mentioned Anika ‘s name. But she didn’t mentioned Anika ‘s full name(Anika Varma) .So that’s why Om
didn’t recognize Anika.

It’s was not the last part. There are some parts too left for completing the os. I will post it soon. Thanks to all of my bestie for their support and love, thanks to all of my readers and silent readers. If you like my os then write your opinion about this part

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