Kaala Teeka 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Kali opens her eyes. Naina says why this happens with us always? Naina says you are not alone? I am here for you. God is here for you. Kali gives Pavitra’s hand in Naina’s. She says you always have to take care of her. Prohit says please forgive me. Because of my lies two families lost their lives and are destroyed. When Gauri was born she was very ill. Vishwa said he will kill me if I don’t find a solution. So i created a story about human kala teeka. That was all lie. Your parents buried you and wanted to kill you. Vishwa took you out and made you kala teeka of Gauri. Everyone trusted that. No one asked. It was all self created story. I also thought I was saved. Kali says what had you done. Prohit says please forgive me. I didn’t know my lie would ruin so many lies. I am your sinner. please pardon me. Chulbuli says even God won’t pardon you. Prohit says Kali please forgive me. All the injustice that happened with you was because of me. Kali says I will forgive you but I have a condition. Prohit says I will do anything you say. Kali says after today you won’t seed these superstitious believes. You will stop people from all this? Prohit says I will always do that. Naina says why people lie mama? Kali says when people are not courageous enough to stand with truth they lie. I won’t be able to live with you two. Promise me you will follow what I taught you. Don’t ever forget that. Always stand for justice. This is a new beginning for you both. Always go in right direction and have a progressive thought. Never believe in superstition. Believe in education over rituals. Naina says I promise mama. Kali hugs them both. Chulbuli says kids let mama rest. Kali says your promise too. Chulbuli says no you rest. Kali says I don’t have time. Kali says promise me you will love them both equally. You are their mother from now on.

Kali says its my time to leave. Kids hug her. Pavitra says you are not going anywhere. Kali says my time has come. Kali says always keep in mind that God is always with you. Naian says don’t go away from me. Naina says why is he taking you from us? Kali says because I am needed there more. You both sing bhajan. Chachi will sin with us too. Chulbuli holds hands of both the kids. Theyall sing jal rahi hai rah main ban kar diya. kali is losing her breath. Kali says God please always give my daughters a good life. I am leaving them here on your belief. I have faith in you. Kali closes her eyes and her head falls. She dies. The kids hug her crying. Chulbuli is crying as well. Chulbuli sobs. Prohit comes and says Kali.. He cries too. It starts raining. Prohit says even the sky is crying.

Scene 2
They do Kali’s funeral. Naina says Pavitra come here. Everyone is crying. They lit Kali’s dead body. Pavitra is crying. She says mama please come back. Naina and Pavitra recall their moments with Kali. Naina hugs Pavitra. Naina says pavitra don’t cry. mama said God will always be with us. I am here for you I will be here for you. Pavitra says you won’t ever leave me? Naian says never. She says look at our shadows, it stays with us always dark or light but always with us. I will always be with you. Pavitra says mama won’t come back. Nina says when we close our eyes we will see her. Naina hugs Pavitra.

Precap-Naina says Pavitra.. Chulbuli says Pavitra was coming with you. Chulbuli says no I didn’t pick her up. Then who did? Jamna comes and says her dadi. I picked her up and I am here to take her with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. no no do not separate these two children let them grow up together for once do something right and who is Jamna? cannot recall anyone with that name

    1. dats kalis mother in law

    2. Jamna is nandu’s mom.

  2. Kerryan geoffroy

    This was so sad!??????????????????????????????

  3. thank you guys for telling me about jamna i cried and cried i know its a serial but it was so sad when she sang that song i felt as if my heart was coming out

    1. Me too…. Kali never live happily in this show…. She alway suffer cos that evil bi***h gauri……this director is so mental and favor to gauri…. She never suffer in this show…and died just like that.

  4. Even I cried a lot and from 7’o clock to 10’o clock I was crying when she sang that song sia is right my heart was coming out when she sang that song

  5. It was a beautiful finish… Stupid writers… From start of kaala teeka till end, kali was never happy, showed yug as ram, but made him marry surpanaka… Killed Nandhu and finally kali also died… She prayed ram ji, ram ji but she struggled from birth till death.. What u want to convey.

    Now simran aka kali will enter as pavithra and she also will suffer and die.. Stop this bull shit negative serial.

  6. really simran aka kali is reentering as pavitra? that bit of news is like a breath of fresh air but the directors really need to stop the killings of these actors/actress most of these serials this is happening come on now change your way of directing for once let good triumph over evil

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