Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 25 )

Chapter 25 – Gujrat

Royal Palace , Ghazni-

The sun had not raised yet , the dawn was about to break , but Fatimah felt somebody stroking her cheeks softly “Wake up Fatimah !” she herd him cooing in her ears , his voice was laced with softness and loved , she slowly opened her eyes , it seemed like she had the best sleep ever , in the arms of her love , with him beside her . “As she opened her eyes , she could see nothing but him , with “Isn’t it too early ?” she asked in a lazy voice “Hmm , but I have a good reason , trust me “ he replied with a smile and got off from the bed , extending his hand , he helped her getting off to , as she managed her heavy skirt. “Come “ she said while he gently pulled her along to the huge balcony attached to his chamber , yet he did not forget to take up a shawl along with him and wrap it around her body as soon as he opened the doors to the balcony , “It’s cold .” he said while wrapping the shawl around her , Fatimah clutched the shawl tightly , it was rather cold. By now , the sky had started to turn bluish ,

“The dawn is about to break . The scenario was breath taking , the sky turning bluish to beautiful shades of red and orange and soon , the sun started to show up , crimson red initially , it brightened and lightened as it rose “It’s beautiful , Fatimah breathed out . “This was the reason , Fatimah I want from now , to enjoy every sun rise with you . You brought light and hope in my life Fatimah. I shall love you till the last breath of my life.” Nasir breathed out as Fatimah turned to him “I shall always be yours .” she confessed as Nasir kissed her temple .
“The journey is tiring I see.” Yakut said as he adjusted his sweating body on his horse , riding just parallel to the palanquin that carried the Sultan , Razia seemed to heard him as she pushed the curtains aside , What about joining me here ?” she teased him and he could only chuckle , it was rather hot in the Thar desert at broad daylight they had to cross to reach Gujrat “Just a few hours more Yakut and we will reach out destination .” Razia finally assured her friend.
True to Razia’s words , they found themselves being welcomed by the Gujarat’s royal family at the palace gates “Welcome Sultan, welcome general in chief Yakut .” Ahmed Musharaf , the Gujrat subedaar along with his wife and ten year old son welcomed the two and the royal soldiers they had brought along .

“We can discuss about the diplomacies after dinner Sultan ….if you insist .” Ahmed requested “Sure .” Razia agreed to the idea , but she knew that she had to find a way , Ahmed’s actions and approach towards the Afghans were surely not faithful , what if he was planning to betray the sultanate , she knew the possibilities were very much real and more.

It was after dinner and the diplomatic talks were not too into the track , after all Razia need a reason to confront him , further she needed something that would work , that would prevent him from betraying the sultante …ever. Laying down on the comfortable bed she decided to race her mind with her thoughts , “There must be something.” she murmured to herself after a few moments , a thought struck her mind as a thunderbolt “Or someone.” she finally stated as sly smile played on her face
I know , I know , so late yet so short update , I had mu preboards from 13th that ended on 23rd and after that ….i fell ill and am not completely recovered yet , have viral and perhaps that’s why cannot think of much , but the story would surely be back on it’s plot by the next time I update. Please pardon me.

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