Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir telling Bihaan that he has passed first round successfully and asks what he would like to do with the prize money if he wins. Bihaan says someone have challenged me and prized our respect at 5 crores. I will give that money to him. Kabir says okay and explains Bihaan about the second round, where he would have to risk his life and his loved one have to participate in the game show instead of him. Everyone sees a box which is unveiled.

Kabir tells that he will lock him in the box and his hands will be tied with chain and lock. He says whoever plays this game will have to answer 5 questions correct to get code to unlock the lock. He says whoever is coming to play have to think wisely as there will no option for the questions. The box will not be empty, but will have poisonous gas which can kill him within 5 mins. Balwinder says how can they change the rules. Suman says they have the right to change. Shraddha asks who will go? Vasu says I will go. Thapki tells Vasu that she will go as she calls her Bihaan’s destiny. Sankara stops Thapki and says he will make Bihaan lose.

Vasu stops Sankara and asks Thapki to go. Thapki comes to Bihaan and says she will support him. Kabir says your ex wife might make you lose. Bihaan shows trust on Thapki and tells that she will never let him lose. Kabir says lets start the new round..Bihaan walks inside the box and his hands tied by chain. Thapki looks at him. She prays for Bihaan’s victory. Kabir tells the question, what is acute, obtuse and right? Thapki says Angle. Poisonous gas is filling the box. Kabir says right answer. Everyone claps for her. Kabir says Bihaan gets his first code. Thapki tells Bihaan that it is 5.

Kabir says second question, He asks her to complete Sanskrit’s shlok Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu? Thapki completes the shlok. Kabir says correct. Everyone claps for her. Kabir gives next code. Thapki says 9. Bihaan types the next code. Kabir says next question is according to Abhigyana Shakuntalam, as result of which Rishi’s curse did Dushyant forget Shakuntala? Bihaan coughs in the box due to the poisonous chemical flow. Thapki says Rishi Durvasa. Kabir says correct and tells next code 1. Bihaan types 1 in the lock. Thapki asks Kabir to tell next question. Kabir says you need 2 more codes. He says next question is The courts of which of those Grand Slam tournaments is often called as Lal Bajri by the hindi Media? Thapki thinks of an answer. Everyone is tensed. Thapki sees Bihaan’s condition. Kabir says you have less time, if you doesn’t know answer then Bihaan will lose, but his life will be saved. He asks Thapki not to take revenge from her ex husband. Dhruv asks Thapki to concentrate and think that you know it.

Thapki closes her eyes…thinks and tells French open tournament. Kabir claps and says brilliant. He says next code is 6. Everyone claps for her. Bihaan types the code in the lock. Kabir says last question, and says it will open Bihaan’s life lock. Bihaan is suffocating. Thapki is tensed. Kabir says next question, Objects appear to weigh less in water than air, True or False. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Bihaan sits in the box and is about to faint. Thapki thinks of an answer. Kabir asks her to leave competition else Bihaan will die. Thapki tells him that nothing will happen to her Bihaan. Kabir says he will die in 2 seconds if you don’t tell. Vasu asks Thapki to answer fast. Thapki says answer is True. Everyone waits anxiously. Kabir is shocked and says right answer. Thapki asks Bihaan to type 8 code. She runs to Box. Bihaan opens the lock and comes out of box. They look at each other. Ranjhana song plays…………He hugs Thapki happily. Thapki cries hugging him. Kabir is angry and upset. Neha and Sankara are upset too.

Kabir tells that your partner have to stand there and you have to target apple with knife, apple will be appearing and going. He asks who will play this game with Bihaan. Thapki says she will play.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    There were no dream scenes of Thahaan in today’s episode…Thank you CVS for this….All were real and Thahaan love is becoming even more stronger, bihaan ‘s trust on Thapki and he risked his life today , tomorrow thapki’s trust on bihaan and she will risk her life, I know bihaan will also save her…over all loved the episode and all beautiful Thahaan scenes ….. CVS knows to cater the majority and we knew it from before ultimately Thahaan… #thaahaan_forever….

    1. Yes rinkz :)Finally we got real love of Thahaan without any dream sequence …HURRAY..

    2. loved today’s episode.. . now its tym cv should unite thahaan…. we want them as ideal couple

  2. You missed the first part Hasan.. Thapki and bihaan meet outside…bihaan ties thapki’s wounded palm with his handkerchief…bihaan says you made me win thank you, Thapki says you remembered my number..then bihaan lifts her in his arms and enter the hall….wow

    1. thah part was superb dear
      today CV rocked

  3. Finally bihaan will win the game tomorrow
    Kabir a little advice to you please pay your attention to your sister who is mentally instable according to you
    After this also you challenged bihaan for russian roulette
    Lets see what happens
    Thahaan forever

    1. Thahaan forever

  4. Nice n exciting episode. Specially thahaan sences.

  5. Thahaan r blessed love ,no evils like sankar and neha can seperate them




  7. GREAT episodes . Please CVs have mercy on us . Wrap up Sankara and kabir trck and start some new track where Thahan will stand together and fight all evils .

  8. thanku cv for beautiful thahaan scenes……
    loved today’s episode…..
    Bihaan trust on thapki and thapki’s on bihaan… a cute couple….

    thahaan forever
    #unite thahaan

  9. I love today’s episode.. ?
    ? lovely Thahaan ?

  10. thahaAn forever guys new writer focussing on thahaAn and happy moment for all thahaanians hi ritz poOja garima and other happy republic day in advance to all my indian thahaAnians whole epi just for thahaAn and that’s what I wanting from cvs der aye durast aye new writer g thank u EXCITED FOR TOMORROW EPI I ASK ONE THING HOW MANY OF U WATCHING OLD TPK TOO ON RISHTEY CHANNET AT 9:30 PM ITS awesome yesterday thahan drunken scene and today it will continue bgm had change and song is jise dhundta hu mai har galli jo mili mujhe hai ni woh ldki hai kaha loved it thahaAn forever old and new Tpk rocks

    1. Yes anu i also watch tpk on rishtey they have started cute fight there. And on colors stronge love . they r showing promo that mean tpk is getting high trp now its good yr. love thahaan

  11. Nice & lovely episode, Thahaan scene is beautiful.. They have made a lovely couple & please unite Thahaan soon & don’t separate them again. With their togetherness they will be able to defeat the evil & face every obstacle in their life.. Thahaan Forever..

  12. Kabir in his pursuit to humiliate Bihaan further he’s actually succeeding in bringing Thahaan more closer together.
    Also really Dhruv should have ave volunteered before Vasu because Dhruv and Thapki are meant to be the clever ones

  13. Love it love it love it….. after long time i am so happy to watvh TPK again.Please CVS keep going until shankar revealed. Reunion thahaan then leap..

    More than 5 months we only got torturation as much as CVS can. Humble request now turn to love emotion….

  14. Atlast thank together.keep it up.Feeling happy and excited for them

  15. Manish ki deewani

    today episode is amazing thahaan scene was superb loved it .thahaan forever
    Manish dear u r a rockstar
    hello pooja garima vino shruti ritz di anu santhosh bhai sandy .first i know from ritz di that on 26 is ur republic day ….HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY GUYS IN ADVAVCE
    Manish special wishes to u

  16. Nice and lovely episode.

  17. mein ajj nacho chum chum chum, chum chum
    ajj nacho mein chum chum.

    i am just super exicted to watch tpk long long longgggggggg time

    our bihahan thapki = thahaan muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Pineapple

    This is what I was waiting for.
    Now I hope trp rises so that we can get more Thahaan scenes.

  19. Lovely episode..How Thahaan believed each other☺’s really awsome to see their happy face after a long time…☺

    Reunite them and kick out Sankar and Neha ..

  20. thahaan forever


  21. thahaan forever

    unite thahaan

    End kabir, neha and shankar

  22. durga-diljeet123

    Baharo phoool barsao k mera sajan ghr aya
    wow i loved today episode
    thahaan hus muuuu
    lovely episode

    CV give us our thahaan back

  23. Unite thahaan
    today episode was mind blowing
    Thahaan forever

  24. Love thahaan scenes today

  25. Thahaan forever love thahaan scenes
    Love their hug scenes

  26. Thahaan


  27. Thahaan forever????☺☺????????

  28. Amazing episode like always? but I think the cvs will spirit thahaan again because if you remember guys before the two leap the cvs make us watch a lot of thahaan sense and after 2 leap he spirit them I think he going to do it again because all of sudden he make thahaan sense why is that sure he going to spirit them after the 7or 5 leap ? ….try to position but I can’t the cvs always go far from what we want to see ?
    Hello pooja , sulbi,kudrat, naitan, ritz,aunt,manish ki deewani, Leena,and all thahaan fans ?
    How are you guys.??
    And there is a surprise for u guys I decide to write new ff and I will upload it soon as I got free time hope u will like it ??
    Love u all , take care ❤❤

    1. Yippieeee….new ff….Eagerly waiting for that…:) 🙂
      Yes they’re going to be separated, because tomorrow Zee is coming to Indonesia, it’s my country, but only for 2 days… he..he..
      Just hope for the best Sandy, because I heard it’s new writer,perhaps it would be different kind of leap this time.

      1. Thanks lee_na and great news wow zee will come to your country I wish she come to mean too ..??
        I don’t know where the new cvs will take the story ..☹️
        Hoping for thahaan reunion ?

  29. Loved dis episode thahaan scenes ndplz cvs now only thahaan

  30. Blind people gonna be blind in their love for their favourites. Some people just need a reality check. The person they call ‘expression king’ has a limited set of 1-2 expressions and cannot emote to save his life. He doesnt even measure up to people who can actually act on camera like Arjun Bijlani, Iqbal Khan, Barun Sobti, Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy or Hiten Tejwani. Its funny how people have such low standards that they praise a pathetic amateur to the sky’s

    1. how arrogant are you.? Just because you have different taste in actors how does that make your choices superior. Everyone is allowed to have their own favourites whether you agree with them or not. Each to their own.

      1. Im just as arrogant as how blind you are 🙂 Theres no question here, all of the characters I have mentioned ARE SUPERIOR to some Manish Goplani a handful of people care about

      2. According to you, also the other actors have been around for years so Manish is relatively new and he did get the best newcomer award so people must vote for him. Haters gonna hate

  31. What a patehtic loser, how is Manish Goplani on TV? Can people not see him for his pathetic acting? Keeping the character he plays aside the man doesn’t have more than 2-3 expressions. He doesnt even come in the top 10 best actors on tv

    1. if he is such a pathetic loser why on earth are you watching a show where he is the lead actor. Go watch someone you enjoy and leave Manish for people who do think he can act. You may not like Manish goplani on tv but guess what some people actually do, I may go out on a limb and say I think a lot of people really do.

      1. You are going out on a limb, the only reason people watch this show is for Jigyasa singh. Im not watching the show for him, in fact I skip through any scenes he begins to talk in, I cant stand the man or his pathetic attempts at acting. I’m watching this show Jaya Bhattacharya who unlike most people on this show can act.

      2. Again your views but since Manish takes up a lot of screen time and the stories heavily involve him seems like your wasting your time

      3. if u skip scences that is ur problem and ur taste why u pointing ur arrgent thoughts on others… keep them upto u if u have some problem lol

      4. Fom the past few days, I am also noticing people are getting much annoying and they are trying to dictate whom we should like or not.. it is my personal wish my self concern.. I have never spoken ill about any actor, I have always bashed characters according to the show and storyline and defended my favourite character when people speak ill about the character in the if I like some other show where the actors playing negative in this show does a positive role in the other and if it happens I like the character,I will definitely praise him or her.. many people are bashing Manish for what reason? bihaan is his character and he portrayed it so well, he won best debutant award also last year. he is doing his first national and way to international show, tpk is telecasted in many countries and many people appreciates his character and him as a new comer.. in the first show,he has won so many hearts.. isn’t it the viewers duty to encourage all new comers? he has a long way to go…he has been doing so well and we became his ardent fans…it’s a shame that people go personally and trying to impose their favourite actors on us.. I have spoken good about the actor whom I mean as my favourite, whom I like, I love manyasa and Thahaan pair as well but I never bashed other actors, its just the characters are bashed. you may watch the show for any actor, but similarly others too watch it for their own favourites.. you have no right to insult other actors simultaneously because where they stand, they have the potentiality to be there.. I think the show runs for Manish, you think for jigyasa or jaya, sehban or ankit, Monica or Dolly etc. I never said they are bad actors…it is my perspective and your depends respectively .. feel free to speak on a public platform unless you end up hurting someone else and they need to pinch you then .. people won’t tolerate…so don’t impose your thoughts on us and neither will we….sorry but had to say it all….

      5. U r right rinks. i am not getting point of these people why they are basing Manish… and what their problem is.. if u people has some problem keep it up to u.. Bihaan is character that is portryed by him and he is carrying it very well. and mostly people watching this shw bcz of thahaan and bihaan .

  32. Love this episode .. Please CVs after our beautiful moment of Thahaan, pls don’t give us a big storm ):

    And idk why ppl loved to make bad words and bashing other actor/actress. Nobody’s perfect. An actor and actress must be trough long way which called wd “steps” to become great!
    And abt 2-3 expressions, i dont think so.

    Sorry for my words. But if you want to critique, it’s good, but better pls don’t with bad / negative words.

    -peace- (:

    1. Absolutely agree with you.
      Can’t imagine why people love to insult other, it’s really not humanize. Respect please…

  33. Veenu thahaan

    Todays epi was soooo nice. After a long time i see the happily face of thahaan . Kabir katyal go to hell.manish your acting was superb.jig a days tpk gets high trp only because of thahaan love you thahaan umahhhhhhhh.eagerly waiting for tommarrows epi.

  34. I think after the competition Kabir will realize that Bihan didn’t responsible for what happened to Neha’s house.. & finds out Neha’s misdeed along with sankar.
    Finally he confessed to Bihan that his marriage with Thapki just a fake.. & promissed himself to unite Thahaan.. but unfortunately Thapki is missing kidnapped by sankar n Neha..

    Meanwhile all Sankar”s evil secrets get revealed.. Bihan divorce Sankar & send her locked in jail..
    I honestly don’t like any leap.. but if it has to be.. hope just take few months not years.. too long..?
    It might be when Thapki run away from Sankar., she got an accident that cause loosing her memory.. she is going somewhere..
    After 5 months leap Bihan has own job..
    he is working as a mechanic with his
    friends.. suitable with his hobbie on
    motorcycle.. still searching for his
    Till one day..Bihan finds his Thapki.. n bring her home happily..
    New start of Thahaan’s will begin with Bihan’s efforts to make Thapki gets back her memory..
    There will be full of lovely scene of Thahaan… ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Dewi you should write a fan fiction about this amazing imagination I love it ? ❤️

      1. Hi.. Sandy..
        thanks for your attention.. ?

  35. I imagine .. When Bihan finds Thapki.. she is working as a high school teacher.. her name is Thania.. Bihan tries hard to make her impress.. so that Thania accept him as her friend..
    Vasundra & Aditi’re shopping in the market .. Thania is near them.. suddenly someone snatch Vasundra’s bag..
    Thania reflects to catch the man who is running to her dirrection.. & takes back
    the bag he’s stolen..
    when Thania is giving back to Vasundra..,
    she is shocked seeing Thapki.. She
    introduces herself as Thania..
    Vasundra & Aditi thank her & asking her to come with them..
    Bihan looks surprises when Vasundra coming home with Thania..
    Vasundra says to Bihan that she will do the best to help him getting back his love ones.. ??

    1. Great imagination… you should write an ff then. I would love to read it 🙂

      1. nice of you.., lee_na.. ?

  36. Hello to all thahaan fans
    Wish u all very happy republic day
    Hear..eel sorry to all thahaan authors
    That I’m not cmt..
    Past few episodes..
    I’m really sorry to all
    Plz forgive me..
    love u all

    ”J AI HIND”

    (Ritz ) ritu di, juveria & anu di plz read 23 rd & 24 th TPK pge
    I left massage for all thahaan authors..

  37. Thahaan k ache scenee s ab to der legne lega h
    Kyoki cvs mindblowing scenes k baad jo rulate h..
    Chelo jab tek jo mil reha h usi s kush ho jate h…

  38. wow i am so happy, very romantic thahaan

  39. Finally I come back to Thapki pyaar ki…. because Thahan

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