JUNOON – PART – 31 , Pain…Hurt…Love

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Episode 31 (Pain..Hurt …Love):

Arjun’s POV:
I looked towards the plate of food kept there , I was indeed hungry and so I grasped it and starting filling my stomach with the tasty food , it didn’t seemed to be cooked by Ma , Ma’s food’s taste was different , I knew it but this one too was very tasty.
Meera’s POV:
As I looked inside the room , I saw him eating , he was looking cute but why was I finding him cute………I shouldn’t……………he’s an enemy…….well the food was cooked by me….He liked it , I am happy he did but why I am happy?
I angrily looked inside for one last time and then walked downstairs.
Present :
“ The Rise of Love….” Giya spoke up smiling.
“ Whatever , we never knew what was happening between them , only they knew it..” Rehaan said.
“ Even I didn’t knew yaar…Love doesn’t really tell and come na…..” Meera said smiling.
“ By the way ,Honeymoon hua ki nahi??” Mohit asked smiling.
“ Haan Hua….why are you so excited??” Seher said raising her eyebrows questioning.
Meera smiled and said , “ Ok , Ok stop now…..you all fight a lot , let me continue…”

Meera’s POV:
As I was coming down I saw Seher and Rehaan standing by the stairs, they both were smiling holding hands.
“ Wait , wait wait….what the??” Seher said as she looked at Meera shocked.
Meera laughed while Rehaan was looking shyly towards Meera.
“ Why , you too were adamant on telling our secrets , right?? Now have it…..” Arjun said interfering.
“ Yes…..” Meera said raising her eyebrows almost teasing them.

Meera’s POV:
“ I love you Rehaan….I really do…..” Seher said smiling.
I laughed and they heard me…fish.
They both left each other’s hand and moved away shyly as they looked at me.
“ Bhabhi ,If you want I can try with this Honeymoon thing….” Rehaan said confusing me like hell.
“ What do you mean?? You want to go to honeymoon but first marry…” I said confused but still teasing him.
Rehaan’s eyes became wide as he heard me , “ Bhabhi…….I meant I can try to cancel your honeymoon….” He said as his eyes remained wide.
I laughed again as this time I wasn’t able to control myself , standing on the steps I almost fell down when…….
Seher’s POV:
This girl , she always keeps laughing at me and Rehaan , what , she again started , maddy , Oh…
“ Meera you’ll fall…” I said as I realized that she almost tripped down not before Jiju saved her.

Arjun’s POV:
I was coming down to keep the plate after having my food when I saw Meera standing on the steps , her back facing me but still I could make out that she was laughing , as I moved forward trying to ignore her she suddenly tripped and I had no option but to save her falling down the stairs myself along with her. My head hit the floor as we tumbled down.
“ Arjun…..” I heard Meera scream as my Head hit the floor. I saw tear drops form in her eyes instantly and her face seemed to reveal a lot………something that I wasn’t even able to read.
I left her back and held her face trying to comfort her indicating her that nothing has happened to me while she got hold of the back of my head trying to see if I was hurt.
“ Jiju……”
“ Bhabhi…..”
The words picked me out of her as I pushed her hand , she looked at her hand and saw some drops of blood.
She got up and so did I as we heard another set of words , “ Bhaiyaa , Bhabhi….I heard some screams….” Tara said as she came in from her room.
“ Nothing Tara.,…I am going out for a walk…” I said as I started to move. Someone from back got hold of my hand.
“ Arjun , you have got hurt on the back of your head…….First do first aid….” Meera said as she left my hand instantly.
“ Please……stop it Meera……learn to stand on stairs or did you do it Purp…..”I was about to say purposely as I realized that Tara was present there.
“ I am going….”
“ Bhaiyaa , Get First aid , tomorrow you have to go to goa too , if something happens then,……its head injury….” Tara said sweetly stopping me.
“ Bring First aid….” I said getting irritated.
“ I’ll do the first aid..” Meera said as she ran inside to get first aid.
She brought the first aid while I sat on the dinning table’s chair.
She started bandaging my head , I closed my eyes as it was paining badly.

Meera’s POV:
I brought the First aid and started bandaging Arjun’s head , it was paining , his closed eyes indicated it , I tried my best to be as soft as possible.

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