Love changes life(part 11)

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[1/18, 12:23 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 11)

S-i don’t i can’t accept u sanskar plz forget me
San-bt y?(hold her hand)do i dont deserve u? Mujme koi kami h kya? If u want i wil becme as u want i promise swara i lov u plz dont leave me.plz dnt throw me to darkness again(crying pleaded her)
S-i m sorry sanskar bt the truth is i dont lov u (she couldnt cmpltd left frm there)here sanskar kept crying bitterly(in mind)may b i dnt deserve lov there is no lov in my destiny.
This is al sean by ansh who followed swara frm hotel as he was curious to knw hw wil san confess to princess bt he was shocked to c swara’s refusal bcoz he was sure tat swara also love him.he also left to confront her.
In swara’s room
Ansh banged the door furously
A-(angryly shouted)swara
S-bf wt happen? Y r u so much angry?
A-(calmed himself) princess wt was tat how could u do that?
S-wt i did?i dnt understand
A-i m talking about sanskar’s proposal y did u refused? I knw u 2 lov him na? Then y?
S(avoiding eye contact)its nt like tat i dont lov him
A-oh really then swear on me then tel tat u dnt lov him u dnt hav feelings for him.
S(couldn’t control nd started to cry)s i love him i lov him more than my life bt
A-bt wt? Whats d problem? S-(painfully)sanskar me koi kami nai h.kami to mujme hai baht badi kami i dont deserve u sanskar bf i dnt
A(shocked) swara wt r u saying(cupped her face) u dnt hav any fault u r best for him.
S-no i dnt. Bf me chal nai sakti i… I cnt destroy his life he deserve d best
S-no ifs nd bts nd tm is bare me our bat nai karenge get ready we have flight for india in 2 hours
A(defeated) k i wil inform ishveer.(he left)swara cried heartout(in mind)i m sorry mr kadus i knw i hurted u alot bt i didnt had any other option plz forgive ur ms pagal. (after sme time al left for flight nd reached india)

In india gm mansion
There was hussle bussle everywhere servants was decorating mansion swara was instucting all.
A-princess take sme rest jab se yaha aye hai u didnt rest
S-bf its my bhaiyu’s sagai i want best.
Laksh-gudia ansh is ryt take sme rest then we hav to leave for rago’s house
S-oh i forgot bhaiyu me ja ke ready hoti hu bye
At evng all reached to ragini’s house mean maheshwari mansion(guys sanlak were clg frnds nd sanky knw lacky hav a sis bt he dnt knw her name as laksh always cl her as gudia nd ragini as shona nd they never met b4 same goes to swara ragini cl san as bhai nd lucky cl him shanky)
S(in mind)-ye muje kya ho raha hai(c around)y i feel mr kadus presence(shrugd her thought)
Ap nd dp(welcmd them)oh aao beta (ap did arti nd put tilak on laksh forehead)
S(took their blessings)-helo aunty helo uncle hw r u?
Dp-(blesd her)we r 5n beta hw was ur vacation?
S(remembered abt san)smilingly it was fab i met my life’s lovly feeling.

They all were in hall (swara heard a boy voice instructing to decorators again she felt san’s presence)
S(in mind)oh god ye kya ho raha hai?swara u r gng mad in his lov uff(take a deep breath).
L-gudia cme me tumhe apne best frnd se milvata hu(he took her)shanky meet my sis my gudia swara gadodia
(boy turned swara??? boy smiled naughtyly)
L-gudia he is my frnd nd rago’s bhai
Boy-hello swara(forward her hand for handshake)
(Swara was numb like statue)
L-(shook her)gudia forward ur hand na wt happend
S-(cme to sence)oh ha wo(forward her hand)hello mr maheshwari
(san handshake wit her he rubbed palm senciously swara widened her eye shanky smirkd naughty)
S(in mind)ise kya hua hai? I like i m meeting dif sanskar
San-swara dnt b formal cl me just shanky(swara again??)

Engagement tym
San gave ring to rags she slide d ring to laksh’s finger nd vice versa
[1/18, 12:23 PM] neha: Swara was searching sanskar nd he was flirting wit a girl
S(jealouse)hw dare he? (saw him holding girl’s hand)ahh 2 din pahle to muje i lov u kaha nw nw he is flirting wit her???bt ek din me itna kaise badal gaya???is he hav personal disorder desease oh swara u wil surely becme made 1 day(left frm there)
Here san withdrawned her hand
S-tq mis for acting wit me(gave money)nw leave(girl left)mr pagal i knw tat u lov me agar us din ansh muje ake nai milta to i would though tat u dnt love me

Fb shown
San 2 cme back to india nd met raglak nd san to them everything abt his confesion nd her refusal
L(concernd)sanky dnt wory may b ur ms pagal also didnt realised her lov for her mr kadus(here rag was shock to hear mr kadus bcoz swara told abt her nd sanky frndship)
R-laksh wt did u tel mr kadus?
L-ha y rago
R-bhai kai mr pagal ka name swara to nai hai na kya wo chal nai sakti?
San-ha rago bt hw do u knw abt her?
Laksh was shock to hear tat
L-wt ms pagal ka name sw…swara hai
San-ha bt wt happend guys koi kuch kahega b?
R-bhai ur ms pagal i mean swara is non other than swara gadodia laksh’s gudia.
L-ek min (he cld sme1)

After smetime
A-bhai y u cld me here(he saw sanskar)sanskar u here
L-ansh swara love sanskar?
A(amazd bcoz of suddn que) oh bhai
L-(stern voice)s or no.a
A(he saw al of them)-ha bhai she love him (told evrything abt her out bust)
San(happy)wt she love me(rememberd her reason for refusal) how could she think lyk tat i wil show her(abt to leave laksh stopd him)
L-sanky i knw her she wil not accept u hmm i hav a idea(said sme thing).
San-wow lucky (kissed his cheek in exitment) u r best.
L(rubbing his cheek)behave sanky warna muje tere or gudia k bare sochna padega.(san gave him a puppy dog face)
Raglak nd ansh ????
Fb end

San-nw wait nd watch ms pagal u oly cme nd confess abt ur love??????
(function katm all guest left gadodia’s also gng to leave )
Swara was in corridor her wheelchair was dragd to a room swara abt to shout a hand kept on her mouth
S(shockd)wt d hel? Y u dragged me here mr kadus
San-hmm i was took smetime to romance with u(slide his finger sensously in her cheek)
S(start to breath heavily to c him 2 close to her)san…….sanskar leave me wt r u dng? I said na tat i dnt lov u
San-oh really??(cme tooo close to her oly inch difrence)then y my closeness effcts u ha? Y u got jealouse watching me wit a girl?
S-(stammering)no i didnt get jealous. Nd u closenes doesn’t effect me.
San-tat i cn c my jaan
S(her big eye got more big she forgot to breath hearing jaan frm sanky) wt u just said?
San-jaan my jaan
tat was it swara fainted (thank god she was in wc???).
After sme time swara got conciousness
L(caring her hair)gudia r u alryt wt hapnd y u got fainted?
S-bhaiyu wo sa(swara r u mad wt r u gng to say) nothing bhai wo wo i was tired na so i got faint
L-oh its k leave tat chalo gar chalte hai. (they left)

In swara’s room
Swara was thinking abt sanky’s behaviour
S-wt has hapnd to him lagata hai my refusal effected him badly kai wo pagal to nai ho raha hai???how cn he cme tat much close to me i hav to keep my distance swara sambal ke u r in big danger?????
(her though was intereptd by phn cl)
S-san caling me at dis time receive it or not (recievd)kya hai cnt u let me sleep mr kadus.
Unknw person-is it ms pagal speaking?
S???oye i m swara nt pagal nd who r u its sanky ph na?
Up-wo a car has met wid a accident nd who was driving it was spot death dis is tat person’s phn
Phn slipped frm swara’s hand no it cnt b i leave for his betterment god u cnt kil him u cant???. Guys y low cmnts? Dnt u like my ss? Plz cmnt warna nxt epi wil b after 1 mnt

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