Junoon 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 21st March 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Prithvi, cleaning his wound and Meera holding Aakash hand enters.Prithvi looks at them and Meera holding Aakash hand asks why are they here?
Meera says she knows why he’s angry with her, and she’s here to clear his misconception…
She went to meet him at the pool side after receiving his letter.Meera is approaching Prithvi and Aakash tells Meera to tell Prithvi the truth and tells her to say that she loves him.Prithvi tells her to shut up, Meera pleads him to believe her and says she never knows Aakash was overthere, thinking it is himshe closed her eyes, hugs him and expressed her love.Prithvi asks her once again to stay quiet and having flashback of Meera hugging Aakash he asks if ever she prepared her speech before coming, and this time she brings her to be hubby together. He says that her eyes were closed but he saw everything he continuously have flashback of Meera with Aakash.The latter tries to explain and Prithvi tells him also to keep quiet.

Prithvi tells Aakash he does not wants anyone to pity him and does not wants anything in charity, he asks Aakash if really he loves Meera his would be wife so why does he wants him to accept her.Prithvi asks Aakash if he loves Meera he looks down…
Prithvi tells Meera what is she doing, she playing with the emotions of both brothers at least to accept and marry Aakash, he says now his doubting her character also..
Meera says enough is enough whatever he saw is right and what she’s saying is wrong, he’s always right ,he does not deserves her she was wrong to fall in love with him, Prithvi says she’s right he does not deserves and does does not need the love of anyone.He begins to leave and once again Meera dupatta(veil) gets stucks in his bracelet he stops removes her veil and removes his bracelet also and throws it.He leaves follows by Meera.Aakash is happy he says he was worried in vain he did not need to do anything both are fire (stay away Aakash they will burn you) he only needs to instigate them,against each other.Their obsession for each other will ruin them.

Meera is in her room she says enough of all these Prithvi is not at all ready to pay heed of what she wants to say.Prithvi also very sad and frustrated says now he understands what is love for these people he was very happy when he was not in love.Aakash eats a laddoo celebrating his victory though a small one.The screen splits in three with Aakash in middle.
Both Meera and Prithvi cannot sleep Meera is only thinking about Prithvi words and Prithvi about Meera hugging Aakash and her words he does not desreves her love.
Prithvi is practicing punches with the fighting bag and Meera hears some noise she goes to see him and Prithvi hand get hurts,Meera thinks to herself Prithvi is trying to find out that he does not feel any pain but she stills feels the pain for him…
Meera leaves and Aakash who’s watching her says he may find a solution because Meera pain for Prithvi is turning into a headache for him.

The next morning everyone are having breakfast,and dadi searches for Prithvi and says yesterday also he did not eat. aakash says may be he’s getting ready, and JJB tells Meera why is she so quiet after her engagement which happened with a pomp way…She also asks Aakash if he’s happy? Aakash asks JJB what does she thinks?
Prithvi joins them for breakfast and says something(I was not able to catch it) looking at his bandaged hand.
He takes his seat and Meera is standing at his back she was going to put her hands on his shoulder and Aakash who notices it says to Prithvi may be it is time for him to join the office as he’s the elder son of the family .RK also agrees with Aakash,Prithvi also agrees and looking slightly at Meera sarcastically he needs a change also.

PRECAP:Prithvi is in the office and he helps a peon who finds difficulty in lifting a heavy box.

The workers laugh at him saying he seems to be a weight lifter who works at the railway station

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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