Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 21st March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The Doctor tells Ashu that the pregnancy report is negative..Nidhi is not pregnant! Ashu is left stunned! BB asks Ashu about the news? Ashu solemnly tells BB that Nidhi is not pregnant.. it was a false alarm..! BB says..oh god n that its quite common! BB asks Ashu not to worry..! He asks if Nidhi knows? And advises Ashu to tell Nidhi the news sensitively to her…! Ashu wonders how he is to tell her? Right then Ashus moby rings..! Its CB… he asks if he should order sweets? Ashu asks BB what to reply? BB takes the moby and tells CB that the reports have come and the report is negative..! He says its quite common and says..its called bio-chemical pregnancy ..due to which strip test and blood test have differing result! He rues ..that they need to handle Nidhi with care..!

Nidhi is fast asleep and Ashu comes n sits next to her on the bed..! He watches her lost in the world of dreams .. n rues that while he wont break her dreams n her sleep.. once she wakes up..he has no option but to break her dreams..! Ashu is sulking..! Nidhi suddenly wakes up..n asks if its evening? And how long has she been sleeping? She asks Ashu why he din wake her up? Ashu says..coz she looked pretty sleeping and was smiling too so he din dare to break her dream! Nidhi says…great.. n says..she dreamt of being in the delivery room..where Doc-Nurses where helping her n Ashu was holding her arm..! She asks about the report! ! Ashu says..its not ready yet..! He asks her to eat something .. n Nidhi says..she is very hungry.. and has appetite of two people! Nidhi goes to the kitchen..! Ashu look on!

DB is distraught.. about how Nidhi will react when Nidhi finds out the truth? CB tells DB that they need to encourage.. support.. Nidhi to ensure she is not depressed.. for long..! Anjie comes n greets them..! She asks ..why DB is upset? CB says.the report has come! DB says..its a curse…ruined all happiness! CB tells that report is negative..! Anjie tells CB to handle DB n goes to meet Nidhi!

Ashu is feeding Nidhi fruits with his own hands and Nidhi asks whats the matter..why so romantic? Ashu says..its weird..that women are suspicious always..! Nidhi says..just coz he is feeding her so lovingly .. she wanted to ask..! Anjie comes and greets Nidhi ..! She tries to comfort Nidhi when Ashu signals her to stop and Anjie changes the topic in time..! BB looks on..! Nidhi asks about the reports..? All fall quiet..! She asks Ashu why the doctor din call n decides to call up the doctor..! Ashu snatches Nidhis moby n tells her the reports have come! Nidhi gets annoyed n asks the matter? Ashu says that Nidhi is not pregnant ..! Nidhi is left stunned..! Ashu tells Nidhi that her reports her negative..! Nidhi looks from Ashu to Anjie to BB..! She says she does not believe this..! She says..all symptoms indicates to that..! Ashu says that doctors have double checked..n she is not pregnant..n they have to accept it..! Nidhi says that she wants to rest for a while..! She goes in her room ..Ashu comforts her..! BB smiles at Nidhi .. n Nidhi says..sorry..BB! She breaksdown..!

Ashu sits besides Nidhi on the bed n asks Nidhi to lie down..! Nidhi says..sorry to Ashu..! Ashu asks for what? Nidhi rues that she broke everyones heart..! She holds herself responsible..! Ashu asks..how is she responsible? Tests are tests.. reports can be positive.. or negative…n symptoms can be misleading..! Its not her fault..! Nidhi rues that its her fault.. when Ashu wanted a kid.. she focused on her career n now life is avenging it from her..! Ashu says..its not the end of the world…! Ashu tells Nidhi that if not this time.. then next time!

Ashu recollects the moment when Nidhi wore his coat.. searching for his keys..he was scared of her..coz he feared this girl will penetrate his Fort..! Nidhi asks really? Ashu says..yes. .n that slowly she penetrated completely n the fort fell n that led to making a beautiful home..! Nidhi says..for a woman a home n hubby are not enough.. till …! Ashu asks Nidhi to come with him to the garden..! Nidhi says.. dun feel like it..! Ashu says..come on..! Nidhi relents!

Part 2

AshNi are on their way out and find BB- CB- DB in the hall. waiting for them! DB asks Nidhi not to worry .. n that all this is part of life..! She goes to make tea for everyone n offers coffee to Nidhi but she says..she is not in the mood! Ashu says..they are going out n excuse themselves..! The duo come in a park where kids are playing..! Nidhi asks why they have come here? Ashu says..that flowers here know that they will dry out.. by night. .but are always happy n smiling..! She rues that .they are just like kids.. as if ready to go to school..! They watch a mother chasing her son .. asking him to wait so that they can go to his school..! She asks her hubby to go chase their son but he says..he isnt gonna run .. as he has no energy to chase him…!

Part 3

The lady asks him to chase his son… as its getting late..!He does n catches his son..! Ashu tells Nidhi that she might be in a hurry for kids but he is not . .as he will have to chase kids..around n he is not sure if he is gonna b able to chase their kid around! Ashu tells Nidhi that they got a break from playing parents.. inbetween .. they will get more training in parenthood..!

Ashu says..with kids..they will be able to know the meaning of being parents..! He says…he will have to handle two kids… the baby n her..! He feels as if he has adopted Nidhi..! Nidhi says..that she knows.. Ashu is saying all this to cheer her up ..n she loves him! Ashu says…he loves her too! Nidhi holds Ashus hand. .n squeezes it..!

Precap — Nidhi is trying to put diaper on a baby in KGH n Ashu comes..! Nidhi asks Ashu to change the babys diaper..! Ashu is shocked but tries..! Thereafter he is rocking the baby to sleep n looks on fondly at Nidhi feeding milk from a bottle to the baby..!

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