Suvreen Guggal 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 21st March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts wd Puppa sayng suvi to tl yuvraj to meet hm early in d mrng be4 gng 2 clg….suvi n mumma G shocked…..Suvi in her room trynh to do her assignmnts bt in vain….she cldnt concentrate on her designs..den she gts cl 4m yuvraj in skype….yuvraj asks hw r u topper..did puppa spoke 2 her..suvi says dt he hs no tym to rcv her cl n nw hez askng wt did puppa said….yuvi says dt he read her msg dt puppa wntd 2 meet hm..aftr readng dt msg hez dead….n 2 add dt y suvi is tlkng 2 hem angrily….yuvi says dt hez realy scared n suvi too says d same….den sudnly d net gts disconeected ..n bth r shocked as so wt hapnd….suvi tlks 2 hrslf dt gannu ji if by discncntng d net hez shwng sm knd f a sign den shez nt likng it…

Nxt scene, yuvreen stndng infrnt f Puppa G in suvi’s hme..bth scared..yuvi greets Mumma G n Puppa G…Puppa G asks yuvi to tk seat..suvi is abt 2 leave Puppa G asks her also 2 sit…Puppa fires qstns on Yuvi….he aska..u wer d guy who played romeo in d plat romeo juliet..yuvi nods his nw u thot 2 b a real lyf romeo too…..Puppa again fires yuvi..u wanna date my daughter han..u wanna tk her to movies..hw dare u….suvi screams n gts ot f her bed..oh!! gosh..its jst a dream…..she rushes to Mumma G..n aska her did Puppa G said nethng..mumma says no, hez nt tlkng at all..dnt knw wt vll hapn..dey hug ech othr..sayng dt dey r scared..

Nxt mrng: Rc’s house..rc, ira n vivan r hvng brk fst 2gthr..n hvng fun recalng der old clg memories…..vivan thinks dt aftr suvreen rc is vry happy wd ira’s cmpny..

Guggal house: all r waitng for yuvi….door bell rings..suvi rushes to open d door..mumma G says baby 2 go 2 her room, baby leaves unwilingly.. (oh!! mumma G is so gud)
Yuvi greets suvis parnts…he sits jst infrnt f puppa G..puppa asks u only played d part of romeo na in d play romeo juliet..suvi gts shocked….(cz d same thng she saw in her dream)..yuvi noda n says yes..puppa asks since wen ds thng is hapng…yuvi says since 1 week….den puppa says yuvi dt he knws it vry well na dt hez against sch knd f frndshp n relatnshp….yuvi says dt evn he ws also against ds gf-bf thng..infct he used to thnk dt hw cm ne1 hv gf n he use to tease hs frnds 4 dis… his lyf cmpltly changed wn suvreen cme 2 hs lyf….suvi luks @ yuvi..den he says he hs thot f being bff f suvi thru ot her wn he ws in d hospital fytng 4 hs lyf..der he realized dt hw mch he needed suvi in his lyf….wen he cme into conscious…n opened his eyes d vry 1st thng he wntd 2 c ws suvreen….n no one…he realy luvs her n if he permits he wntd to b der wd suvreen 4evr in her lyf…puppa qstns yuvi..wt he hs thot 4 future…yuvi says dt nw dey r vry young to decide nethng n bth hv to concentrate in der studies n build up der careers..(damn yuvi ws so impressive wd hs answrs,..i jst luvd him..)puppa says den u bth hv to fulfil d responsibilities too..yuvreen shocked….den sudnly suvreen smiles n says puppa..puppa cts her n says dt though he hs approv ed der relatnshp he hs sum terms n conditions which yuvi hs to fulfil n 4 dt he wnts 2 tlk to yuvi alone..

Yuvi n Puppa G in puppa’s room al alne….puppa says dt dez days luv hs n den stps..n sits besides yuvi..(damn yuvi’s xpression..he ws so scared…he he..)..den puppa says dt wnevr he takes suvi out he hs 2 infrm hm….n dey shud nt stay late nyt 2gthr…suvi hs to rch hme in tym..yuvi nods hs head n says yes uncle ji..den he says he hs 2 behave properly in public places wn alne wd suvi…….he he..yuvi blushes n says yes yes uncle..(god he cldnt speak nethng xcpt 4 agreeng 2 wt puppa g is sayng or mst say orderng)..evn in metro dey need nt 2 stnd so close 2 ech othr..he asks yuvi dt ur laila akka ur jeep is fully open na..yuvi says yes..den he says dts y hez nt botherd abt it….(wah!!..puppa g overprotective abt hs daughter)..den he says dt dey shld nt meet @ ne lonely corner place..yuvi says dt uncle sumtyms we cn meet..puppa g cts n says no nvr…he hs to control hmslf n if he cldnt den he cn strt meditation to control ovr hs feelngs..(dt ws a real punch by puppa….)..yuvi blushes n nods his head..(bechara cheetah….no options lft 4 hm)..den puppa says wen dey go ot 4 muvi dey ned nt hv 2 tk d corner seat….den yuvi cts puppa G n says sry 4 stpng hm while he ws sayng smthng…..yuvi says dt he vll nt do nethng wch vll harm hs n hs daughter’s respect….puppa kps his hand on yuvis shoulder n says dt he doesnt knws y he agreed 2 ds relatnshp..may b he trusts hm a lot….n asks yuvi to tk cre f suvi n nvr 2 hurt her..yuvi agrees n promises..
Yuvreen becum happy n hug ech othr wdout nebdy’s notice….(aww..)..n bid gud bye 2 ech othr sayng dy vll meet in d clg..

Puppa G n Mumma G cums n suvi goes 2 dem n says thnku to her puppa..puppa says dt he only wnts her 2 b happy….suvi burst into tears n hugs her puppa sayng i luv u puppa…..

Precap: Suvi in class askng zorro hs he seen her folder..Ira shouts @ suvi sayng dt she need nt say lie cz she thnks she hs nt dun wd her asignmnt..suvi says dt shez nt lieng..Ira says enuf nw she cnt b d prt f d internshp..suvi shocked…….

Update Credit to: nazomel

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