Junoon 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 16th April 2013 Written Update

The episode started off with Pirthvi finding the marriage photograph where his head is burnt and there’s just a hole. He gets really upset thinking of everything that’s going wrong. They say evaesdroppers never hear good about themselves; Miu whos’ listening to her MIL and bua saas’s talk hears bua saying in an angry tone that nothing will go right for Miu-Prithvi. Miu is hurt at this and wonders why bua is mad at them. She meets Prithvi and notices the burnt photograph in his hand and knows things are going to get out of hand. Prithvi shouts to his father and the whole family and wants to know who’s doing all these nonsensical stuff.

Bua and Kiran ji start to insult Prithvi and Miu, Pappa raj tries to interfere and gives a dressing down to his wife and sister and insults are exchanged. Prithvi keeps getting more and more upset and Miu is looking helplessly at this cross fire. Prithvi’s still upset with the fact that Miu’s maang in empty and bites his finger and puts a little bit of blood as her maang ka sindoor (OUCH); will anyone dare to separate him and his wife? he’ll rip that person’s heart out. When Bua says that Prithvi and Meera can leave if they are so troubled living with the others, an angry Prithvi gets ready to leave.

Akash’s listening to this whole conversation and he cannot have that, can he? He tires to douse the fires for his own devilish reasons, saying if anyone is to leave, it’ll be him. Prithvi is the elder son and where he’s not respected Akash will not stay either. Bua says how this wife and husband tricked Akash to side with them; Prithvi gets really angry and is ready to act when Miu decides it’s time to stop the whole fiasco. She pretends a fainting spell and not just Prithvi, even Akash is very concerned, but he has no right to touch her (you see, this is the root cause of this whole issue). Prithvi lifts her in his arms and takes her away.

Miu is trying to tell Prithvi he needs to control his temper; because he’s alway quick to anger, all it’ll lead to is more trouble. She’s trying to cajole and coax him into agreeing with her that one doesn’t behav this way with family. Ultimately he calms down and walks away when she goes to give him a big hug. That’s when our pal realizes he’s been tricked; she didn’t actually faint, it was pretension . He raises his hand as though in anger and she says don’t hit me please, but, all he wants to do is touch her cheek and kiss her on the forehead; he’s slowly changing for his love.

Akash’s monolouge in his room about why Miu didn’t accept his love and why did she leave with Prithvi. He’ll prove that he’s the right person for her and not his brother. He has nothing to lose, as he already lost everything that he wanted i.e. Miu. Now, he’ll make sure Prithvi has nothing either. While this drama is continuing, the door opens and pappa raj is shown in a stern mode. Akash ki monologue pe breaks pad gayi and he’s stumbling for words. But, all pappa came for is to hug him for supporting Prithvi. Akash ensures pappa that he’ll make it all right and tight for bade bhaiyya (have a feeling this was just a filler for the ME).

Bua’s revelation: Miu’s wondering whom to share her problems with and finally thinks of her mom, bittu. Bittu listens to her and says she should not suspect people without reasons; best thing to do is to endear herself to all in the family (i don’t think anyone understands how serious this issue is). Miu goes to see Bua saas who pretends to be busy making call after call. Miu stops her forcefully saying she must talk to her and asks her if she was responsible for burning the photo and replacing sindoor with ash (wow, she’s got guts). Bua is outraged and says NO, it’s not her, but whoever did it is doing it is doing the right thing. Miu is hurt at this and asks bua saas why she hates her. Bua for the first time opens Miu’s eyes to what Akash must be going through after he was jilted by her; for years from college days he spent time with her, took care of her and bittu, did everything for her despite family protests and gave his everything and in return, what did Miu give him? just plain old dhoka. Can Miu even imagine how he must be feeling seeing the love of his life become his bhabhi ……. can she imagine his terrible state? Miu has had her eyes shut completely and she’s been really selfish for not realizing Akash’s pain. Miu tries to tell bua saas that she never hid the truth abotu loving Prithvi, but bua is not willing to listen and leaves. Miu feels that she didn’t delibraterly hurt Akash, but if she did, she’ll try to make it up to him. Akash who listened to his whole conversation is still wanting to get Miu for himself.

Precap: Akash and Prithvi conversing about who’s trying to separate Meera and Prithvi and Miu is listening in to the bro-bro talk. She realizes that Akash must be really hurt by her marriage to his elder brother. Precap: Akash and Prithvi conversing about who’s trying to separate Meera and Prithvi and Miu is listening in to the bro-bro talk. She realizes that Akash must be really hurt by her marriage to his elder brother.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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