Savitri 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 16th April 2013 Written Update

Savitri reaches Kolkatta with her in laws ,at their arrival every one over there is sad and crying ..But Savitri is not so a girl comes to her and tells her to take her emotion out and cry for her loss ..

she thinks she needs to do something as soon as possible to get the proff that Satya is alive ..she remembers her SR, then satya told her showing his room that here everything is yours .. she remembers what the tribal woman told her she goes back to the box and tries to open that..
in the living room every one is sad and crying, one Panditjee comes and says that three days have past ( since satya ‘s accident ) we have to do the custom of Chautha (4th day after death there are some ritual to be followed)..and asks have they done the rest of the ritual where they make widow wear white saree and remove her sindoor, then he says you guys have never followed any ritual see what happened to your family .. Leena cries and says now we will follow all the ritual ..Savitri who listen every thing form a distance feels sad and goes away from there ..
a nun comes to her and tells her to follow the ritual so that the world would come to know that Satya is no more , Savitri does not listens to her

there satay who is remembering Savitri , Rahukaal make him see what is going on at Kolkatta ..satya feels helpless and sad for savitri

savitri comes back to her room and tries to open the box but it could not open then she hears foot steps she keeps the box away from her and turn and sees it s her MIL with some ladies have come there , masima tries to take her bangle out she resists her MIL who couldn’t see that goes away from there masima who was trying to remove her sindoor could n’t do that and goes away and cryies .. while savitri goes into trance looking at the box anther lady takes out her chudi and remove her sindoor ..later she realizes that they have removed her sindoor and chudi ,i she cries ..

satya who was looking at the event going on at Kolkatta feels very sad , Rahukaal laughs and says they are doing chautha for a living person .. he says now you won’t able to meet your savitri and you will be burried here forever..

Rahu kaal tells slowly i will be able to find my body parts then I will get Damyanti ..then there will be no satya between us ..Rahukaal stretches his hand towards savitri ,satya tries to stop Rahukaal by going close to savitri but Gulica ties him up ..

savitri is recalls her wedding and the place where it took place she realizes that it istheir house’s courtyard where they got married she carries the box and goes towards that ..she reached to the place where the mandap was made ..she tries to open the box again it opens with some rays she finds it had sindoor , choodi and a roll of paper .. she feels very happy ..

Precap : Savitri wearing sindoor and chudi comes down where people were doing chautha for satya ( a ritual for the dead person) .. Leena cries and says there is fire in satya’s room savitri runs toward the room

Update Credit to: cheena

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