2612 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 16th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 16th April 2013 Written Update

Meeting at SIU. Swami tells how students are getting used, vidisha has info about sugar factory and randeep tells how moosa will use that and how rash got info about tiffen boxes Swami & vidisha make fun of rash. Rash asks if some how they can identify the student those are involved.
Swami says biggest question is who is master mind behind it (The professor). Randeep and vidisha ruled out the possibility of parekh and moosa being mastermind. swami sarcastically ask rash about her thoughts. rash says may be prof is with us, we are not able to identify him, it culd be samir merchant. Vidisha rejects suggestion outrageously.

Somewhere martin gets pat on his back for his work and told that he will get enormous remuneration for the work. He wants to meet prof but no success for him, as prof is gone out to complete a mission.
Vidisha ridicule rashmi for pointing finger at world famous writer samir just because he got nervous delivering speech. rash retort that she is not trained to catch lie detector but being teacher surely read the face. Vidisha asks for proof, rash says can’t take picture for facial expression as proof. She tells swami there is something weird about mr merchant. Rashdisha both are sticking on their version heart Vs fact. swami asks randeep his views. He takes vidisha’s side and says we got very strong leads about 26-13 we need to try to crack the codes quickly.He directly says following samir merchant is waste of time. Rashdisha argue more over merchant. randeep stops them and tells to focus on work. Swami stops rash ti give her go ahead when she is about to leave and tells her that bring strong evidences that will direct them, of course randisha is disappointed.
Rash are at coffee shop. Rash is still lost in her thougts, Randeep tries to make rash understand that swami is playing game to make randeep angry, he is using her and he ( randeep) will try his best to get her out of the situation. Rash misunderstands him, gives moral speech and blams randisha for being problem not swami . Rand deep is shocked to see rash like this. ( me too). She losses her cool and gives her piece of mind to randeep.
Frustrated Randeep goes to vidisha tells he hats swami as he always use people, and now rash is his new target. vidisha smartly tries to console him and also tells him if rash does not understand his love and care then she is at fault. Randeep does not fall for it and says he wants this case asap finished so rashdeep can start their life. vidisha offers to talk to rash, randeep denies saying she will learn hard way.
Merchant’s wife comes to drop off their daughter’s cloths. She is about to leave when samir asks her to give one chance. She gets a call before she replies, so she tells she has to go.
Rash with her assistant waiting outside merchan’s house. His wife comes first in her car then he in his. Rash is following samir who is following his own wife. As per rash’s suspicion he goes to meet some one in the church. Rash tells his assistant to find proof against samir as she thinks he is involve in the activity. Her assistant replies she needs very solid proof as he is very popular writer of media. he creates some lighter moment.
Swami tells his boss that merchant’s interrogation does not tell he is wrong, do not know why he got expel, but his team still keeping an eye on him. His boss tells him not to waste time on merchant and focus on 26-13 to get some leads.
Al asks pinto chemical formula of salt who plays dumb and tells Al that he speaks like his chemistry prof he will now on wards call him professor. Al firmly tells him to call him by his name Al. he tells pinto aka randeep that the planing and formula is so strong that no one can disarm it. He tells pintu that he will be away and his absence he should be very careful,and get the stugg at right time right place with out any mistake and not a single packet should go to wrong hand.

Vidisha tries to crack the code 26-13 and finds longitute 26, latitude 13 and gets to know that this is the place where parekh has gone. Randeep tries to find form which country stuff has come , he finds bar code receipt that has airport code, and gets to know the place which is same what vidisha has found. She calls him to come her home to discuss further.
Rash watching merchant’s video clip. she calls swami wanting to meet him immediately. Randeep gets at vidisha’s apt. swami watches video clip, rash fill him in to focus how merchant got angry hearing India’s name. swami tells her may be she is right but it is an indication and asks her to collect more proof. He wants to discuss in meeting but rash takes promise from him until she finds evidence it should be secret between them . he shakes hand of promise with her.
Vidisha and randeep shares their information and concludes this may be the link. They too decide to keep it secret until they find the link. Boy so it is team rashdisha Vs swarash and I can see rasdisha losing.

Tomorrow: some one walking with knife and a guy screaming to leave him.

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