Suvreen Guggal 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 16th April 2013 Written Update
The episode starts off with Suvreen running to the office she asks Preeti the receptionist where the meeting room is… Preeti tells her Suvi runs to the meeting room.. Ira isn’t happy seeing Suvi… RC is explaining the new assignment they have to design for film star Shaina Roy who will be doing peaches and pink ad… Ira says RC will be designing a new range of costumes based on RC designs (the flower dress) Ira also says that this is RC original design… RC also says he had designed this dress when he was in college as a tribute to love… Ira says that all of you will be helping to design the costumes you have 4 days… she then says does anyone have any questions everyone says no besides Suvi who asks if they use fresh flowers for the dress the flowers will go off and then she started talking about the fabric… then Ira interrupted her by saying if you had come on time you wouldn’t be asking stupid questions.. She also said if you’re having doubt on RC design I wouldn’t want to comment on your fashion sensibility. .. Then Suvi Said No Mam… Ira tells Geeti to tell Suvi about fabrics.. Tells Udit to teach Suvi how to use flowers.. Tells Alisha to help Suvi with designing.. Ira tells Suvi if you’re questions are finished can we get to work… Ira and RC leave.
Udit and Geeti having Lunch together and Alisha joins them too… then Alisha tell Suvi to join them for Lunch… but none of them are talking to Suvi properly all engaged in their own conversation… Suvi goes from there she says itneh Rich hai aur itneh rude… Suvi is having coffee… Preeti joins Suvi Preeti offers Suvi burger and say its diet burger don’t worry weight put on nahiye hogha… Suvi shows her coffee cup.. then Preeti says that these lot are so perfect.. Then she says RC sir toh perfection seh zydah perfect hai… she says she is scared of RC and Ira… Suvi says to her you have already told me all this… Preeti then says she has a habbit of repeating herself then she goes she had a friend in college his name was repeater and in college they use to call us both repeater she carries on talking… then they show Suvi talking she says in college we use to do all work together here no one is talking about work… she goes what a day it’s been today she came late and Ira Mam shouted at her.. then she couldn’t ask for advance from RC Sir.. then she goes she has to go home before 8 clock otherwise Mrs Lobo will close the window.
We see RC, Ira talking to Shaina.. RC tells Alisha to do the measurements of Shaina… Shaina tells RC that he has to make sure she looks better than Sonam she goes everyone is praising her designs… Shaina also tells RC to get a bigger office space.. then RC says he will try.
Back to Suvi we see her back in the house she shouts for Tanu.. but she can’t find her anywhere then she hears the bathroom tap so she thinks Tanu is in the bathroom then she says she couldn’t ask for advance from RC, she goes right now the only good thing in her life is Tanu.. Mrs Lobo comes out the bathroom she caught both Tanu and Suvi ..Suvi tries to explain Mrs Lobo goes to her to Shut up… both Tanu and Suvi apologise Mrs Lobo tell them both to leave.. now we see Suvi and Tanu outside Mrs Lobo house.
Ira brings RC blindfolded to show him the new office… she asks him if he had finished the logo design he goes he’s working on it.. back to Tanu and Suvi Tanu is emotionally blackmailing Mrs Lobo.. Suvi explains that they are new on Mumbai they didn’t know what to do and they have no money.. Mrs Lobo forgives them… she goes you have 5 minutes to decide which one of you will stay and which one of you will go.. Only one can stay.. Tanu stays with Mrs Lobo. Ira shows RC the whole office and his new cabin.
Suvi rings Alisha to ask her if she could stay at her place for one night Alisha says yes… Alisha tell Suvi she will pick her in half an hour… Tanu give Suvi money and few accessories they say their goodbyes and Tanu tells Suvi they will meet soon.

Precap- Suvi is waiting and waiting for Alisha but she doesn’t come.. she rings Alisha from pay phone but Alisha doesn’t answer… she then says Alisha neh mujhe ditch kiya

Update Credit to: Anam_Ali

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