Junoon 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 13th March 2013 Written Update

The episode started off with Prithvi announcing roka of Akash and Miu and the family has different reactions. Miu follows Prithvi to his room and so does chotu who wants Prithvi bhaiyya to tell him whether he should dress up like spiderman or superman (everybody has their own priorities I guess:roll:). Prithvi tells chotu to ask his bhabhi and there’s a ping pong of back and forth between these two with a confused chotu in between not understanding them. Chotu can’t understand why Miu bhabhi is unhappy and since nobody is answering his important question, he decides to go ask someone else (a wise choice ).

Miu wants to know since when does Prithvi care about others. Prithvi asks her if anyone ever cared for him, ever asked him what he wants? All his life, everybody has been making decisions for him, but not anymore. From now on, all decisions will be his alone, WHETHER IT’S HIS LIFE OR OTHER’S. He’ll take care of the entire arrangements of the roka. Miu is tearing apart and his words act like oil on fire; she asks him who gave him the authority to decide for others and he says Akash did …… when he was made the owner of 70% of jaidad, he was given that authority.

RK confronted by his family who demand to know why Prithvi is being allowed make decisions for Akash. Enter maiyya ka kishan kanhaiyya (Prithvi ) who clarifies the muhurat is in just 15 days time and since none was taking on the responsibility, he decided to. Akash, Dadi and RK support him; rest of the family is not happy, but they aren’t given a choice.

Miu wants to reason with Prithvi once again and comes to see him; he’s busy with the arrangements, avoids her and continues giving instructions and demands things from the decorators. He arranges a seat for the dulha, dulhan, and sits on in to check out if it’s comfortable (he doesn’t realize, Miu chose him and by sitting in dulha’s place he’s already become the dulha) ; he asks Miu to try it out too. Just as Miu is about to move, Dadi comes and takes her away. Every which way he turns, Miu is there asking silently for his understanding, begging with her eyes not to do this, trying to convey her love. He ignores everything and tries to involve himself in more work. Just as he’s about to leave, her dupatta gets stuck in is wrist band once again (arre hero, aur kitne indicators chaahiye ki, you are made for meera only?). Once again WWW (bua) is a witness to this silinet communication.

Miu goes to Akash and questions if Prithvi really loves her and if so, why is he doing the roka ceremony? No no, he must be mistaken. Akash assures her several times that Yes, Prithvi does love her and he’s doing all this just to push Miu towards him (Akash), but when that happens, he’ll certainly not be able to stand it. Miu is not convinced, she cries and tells Akash she already is Prithvi’s wife and doing the phere in reverse does not mean their marriage is broken; she cannot take it anymore, he must help her. But Akash asks her to trust him and Prithvi will be hers and will come running to her very soon. (how soon? )

Miu in her room with Ram Dhari and Bittu (mom). Bittu asks her to change and shows her the sarees she brought for her, sees her daughter’s unhappy face and asks her what’s wrong, didn’t she like the sarees:no:. Enter our hero with sarees and says maybe she’s unhappy with that saree, and hands her over the whole shebang of things for dulhan that he brought.

Prithvi accepting Miu – A really beautiful dream sequence

A nicely decorated place full of lights and white curtains that are swaying gently with the light breeze. Miu is all dressed like a bride and is looking at herself in the mirror. Just then Prithvi comes and looks at this lovely woman……….they look at each other and he softly moves her locks of hair to take in the beauty of her face. Prithvi bends down slowly and whispers MEERA in her ears, which is like music to her. He then runs his left hand gently down her arm, holds her hands, brings them closer to his lips and kisses them. The best compliment to a girl ‘You are the most beautiful woman on this earth’ is uttered softly, which makes her very shy. Prithvi puts the red chunariya on her head and tells her he’s the most fortunate guy as he’s marrying her and hugs her and they are both extremely happy.

Miu’s dream ends right there.

Precap: Roka ceremony is on. Prithvi joins the hands of Miu and Akash and as he’s about to leave, Miu’s ghunghat gets stuck in his wrist band.

Update Credit to: chitmanas

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