Parichay 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 13th March 2013 Written Update

Chopra House:

The episode starts with SiNa (Siddhi+Veena) conversation. Veena tells her that she is doing a very brave thing by standing up against her husband. Siddhi tells her that she got the inspiration from Veena (Really? Didn’t know even Veena ca inspire someone to do the right thing or good thing). They both agree that they are fighting against evil and truth will eventually prevail.

Kunal’s Work:

Kunal gives BB the list of people he wants to summon to the court tomorrow. BB says e feels that they will loose the case because they are not with truth. He further says that Siddhi is doing the right thing by fighting for Ajju Tai. Kunal tells BB if he supports Siddhi then he can solve the case by himself. BB refuses to leave Kunal’s side. Kunal gives him further instructions and leaves there fuming. Mr. Roy watches all this from a distance.

Kunal and Siddhi both inquire about the case with related people.

Chopra House:

Siddhi is leaving for the court case next day. All want to go with her, but then decide to stay back for Dubba business. She takes Veena blessings and leaves for court.

Kunal’s Room: He tales his parents blessings through their picture. He also kisses his wife and kids pictures and leaves for court.

Outside of court:

Reporters are speculating about who will win this case.

At the Court:

Court proceedings start and Kunal presents his case and says that at the night of the accident, Aman was not driving the car, but his driver was. Also that Mahesh was drunk and came in front of AK’s car in drunken state and died. Kunal calls his first witness Ayaz, AK’s driver and his testimony is muted for us. Siddhi decides not to cross examine as she found the witness fraud.

She calls Ajju Tai for witness and asks her to tell her side of the story. Ajju Tai tells the court that She and Mahesh had fight a night of the accident that’s why Mahesh slept on the footpath and AK run hom over with his car in front of her own eyes.

Kunal objects with her story and says she is making up the story. They both call each-other liar and Kunal says he will prove that AK’s driver was driving the car that night and not AK. He presents his witness which are all shown muted.

Kunal asks the judge to give his verdict as he has proven that AK was not driving the car tat night. Siddhi tells court that AK has anger management problem. Kunal abject to it, but judge overrules it. Kunal says that AK’s anger has nothing to do with the case, but Siddhi says she will prove that his anger has caused the accident. Siddhi presents many witnesses who confirm that AK has anger issues that’s why they quit working at his house. One of AK’s fans shows his video recording of AK getting really angry at a waiter.

After watching the video, judge adjourns te court till next day.

Precap: Same as yesterday. Chopras receive Anokhi’s pics in compromising position and a letter with it to withdraw the case or else the pics will be uploaded globally.

Update Credit to: Rani

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