Amrit Manthan 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 13th March 2013 Written Update

episode starts with Bani , Jojo , Agam and Nimrit receiving the trophy , Agam leave the stage and Nimrit followed him , she stoped him and said thank you so Bani said that mama say it correctly , she said now see how i and Jojo are saying then Bani shake hands with Jojo and said thank you and Jojo said you’re welcome , so then they both told nimrit to do same, Nimrit raise her hand to shake hand and say thank you , Agam did not gave a response . then jojo said that uncle any one have not told you that if a person say thanks so you must say you’re welcome , she keep a chocolate in agam’s pocket and say now say . agam shake hand and said welcome . while they were shaking hands they went in deep thoughts then bani and jojo saw tej and went to him , nimrit and agam leaved their hands ..
Agam was leaving nimrit’s saree pallu tuck in , in agam’s watch and then nimrit remembered the old days when her dupata got tucked in agam’s watch , then after that nimrit is trying to got the dupata out , she was looking cute and agam stares at her / and then raise his hand and give a sign to nimrit to stop he was trying to pull the dupata out then nimrit pulled it off . then she comes back from thought and she pulled the pallu out and before she leave agam gave her the trophy . Yug was so jealous about agam helping Nimrit and so he went and told the servants that agam added poison and as he thought the servants told it to nimrit and tej .

Yug and vishal were explaining agam that what he has did today is not correct , so agam said to yug that whatever you and amrit told me is different that i am watching by my own eyes , he said i also have sense to think and understand , yug said she is using her kids for her own protection , agam said even if nimrit is bad but she taught her daughter good and nimrit is a mom and so a mother can never use her child for her own protection , so yug said to vishal that now you explain him just then Nimrit knocks the door agam and everyone was very shock , agam opens the door he said her to come in and so then nimrit said i have not come here to sit i want to talk to you so he said but its not proper to make a guest stand at the gate . So nimrit comes inside , she said to Agam why had you added posion in my food , Agam said no i have not , so both fight on the same topic , after that agam challenges Nimrit that he will build a restaurant in front of Nimrit’s dhaba , Nimrit said last time i warned you and now if you want fight then its ok , now fight will start …
Nimrit enters home and Mahi and Sunita congratulates her , so Jojo asked her where is the trophy so Nimrit said that i have given it to MR , SEHGAL , so she leaves Tej asked her whats the matter so she said that Agam had challenged her about to build a restaurant . Bani and jojo heard it and planned to do hunger strike

Precap : Bani and Jojo standing infront of Agam’s car and saying stop it stop it , Agam said what are you doing here , so they said we will not let you build a restaurant ..

Update Credit to: Mehak

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