Jodha Akbar 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Hamida is crying that why did this happened with Joda only. Jalal comes there, he ask what happened to Jodha, why you all crying, one dasi tells him that Jodha is no more in world, Jalal is shocked, he starts crying, he recalls how Jodha asked him do you remember our 7 promises which we took in mariage, Jalal says how can i forget it, he says i wont be able to fulfill one promise, it was that you will face death if it comes to me but i wont allow you to go before me, Jodha says it is respectful for wife to leave the world before husband, Jalal says its my promise, i wont let you go before me, i want to see you infront of me till my death, Jodah says i trust that you will fulfill all your promises, fb ends, Jalal is in shock, he goe to Jodha’s room. he shouts Jodha, he comes by her side, finds her lying straight on bed, he says see i have come, i have stopped the shifting of graves, open your eyes and see me, he cries, Jodha sees dream of some spiritual soul taking her to heaven, Ruks says to Jalal that Jodha wont comeback, Jalal shouts that she never breaks her promise, she will get up, he ask them to not cry, he prays to God that give me punishment but dont let Jodha bear it, in dream, soul says to Jodha that your husband is calling you, he has passed the test, you husband’s tries are taking you back to world, your relation with him will not break liek this, you fullfiled your duties and Jalal did his, Jalal is calling you now, its time for you to return to him, soul leaves, Jodha starts choking, Jalal says i told you that she will not go leaving me, he says to God that i will not do mistake again, thanks for making Jodha fine, Jodah open her eyes, all are happy, Jodah looks at Jalal and smiles.

Scene 2
Salim is heading back to war, Anar comes there, she brings cream for his wounds, he says i dont need it, i am going for war, my soldier are dying, i cant stay here, if you want to do something for me then pray for my soldiers, i dont know if i will return safely or not but i want to request you that dont take me wrong, i agree that i never liked you but i never intended to hurt you and my love for you was genuine, Anar is shocked, he leaves, Anar prays for soldeirs.
Jalal comes to Jodha’s room, he ask how are you, she says i am fine now, Jalal says dont do this again with me, Jodha says i told you that i will never leave you, Jalal smiles, Jodha ask what about fort? Jalal says i will not make fort, i have given lan back to villagers, dasi brings Kadha for Jodha, Jalal says i will make her drink it, he makes her drink, Jodha says i cant drink more, Hamida says one more sip for me, Jodha says you too, she drinks it, Ruks says now drink the whoe bote, remember how many Kadhas you have made me drink, Jala makes her drink it, Ruks and Hamida leave asking Jodha to rest, Jalal says i will come too, she stops him and says if you thought that i wil haunt you as ghost? Jalal says i was worried that you irritate me in life, what will you do with me as ghost, Jodha says you.. Jalal says just joking, Jodha smiles, Jalal ask her to rest, he leaves.
Salim comes in war field again and starts fighting, Maan singh comes there with his force, he says i will not leave any enemy alive, Mirza says you are not loyal person, Maan says i was always loyal to Jalal and will always remain, he fights with Mirza, all Mughal men surround Mirza, Salim says there is no room left for you to run away, now you see power of Mughals, see how many soldiers got killed because of you, now surrender to me, Murad is about to kill him but Salim stops him and says we cant forget that he is our relative, Mirza says why did you stop, kill me like Jalal killed my mother Mahachuchak, Bhagwan says you are mistaken, Jalal is not like that, Salim says you must have lost the war but we will not forget humanity, we will not kill you, he ask soldier to arrest him and make sure he doesnt have any problem in jail, soldier takes him away.

Scene 3
Shah is brought in court, Jalal says i will give him punishment in Agra only, Shah ask him to have mercy, Jalal ignores him, he says to ministers that from now on, we will have open court sessions daily to help and understand problems of common man.
Jalal and Jodha sit in garden, she lies her head on his shoulder, she says you know what voice i like the most? he says tansen’s voice? she says no, i love you heart’s voice, it gives me peace, Jalal smiles, she says you saved me this time too, Jalal says it was you who saved me, Jalal says to Jodha that i thank you for making me realize my mistake, Jodha smiles and says we should go back to Agra, Jalal says you get fine then we will leave, Hamida finds them together and thank God that they look great together, its blessing to see them together. In Ankhon main plays, Jalal is shown to be helping Jodha in eating, they make each other eat food.
Bhagwan Das ask Salim what will you do to Mirza? Salim says he is Jalal’s brother, we will take him to Agra with respect and Jalal will decide his fate only, one dasi says to Anarkali that Salim is very nice guy, he could have killed Mirza but didnt do it, he has a soft heart, Anar thinks why he is something in one moment and something else in other moment, they get letter informing Salim that Jodha is out of danger, Salim is happy and thanks everyone, dasies for helping in war, he says we will leave for Agra.
Todar tells Jalal that now situation is under control in saltanat now, Jalal gets letter that Salim has won the war, Jalal smiles, Todar says seems like happiness is back in saltanat, Jalal says for sure.

PRECAP- Jalal says to Jodha that there is one surprise for you. Hoshiyar tells Ruks that Jalal is going to announce Malika-hind(queen of India) in celebrations, ruks thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Interesting episode…akdha scenes were cute…jaise jodha is back to life..vaise precap mei ruks ko dekh k lga she will also b back in her real roop..

  2. Awesome episode
    but it not mentioned about the ashes.

  3. I agree with liya the priest gave jalal ashes to put on jodhas forehead and this was not mentioned writers you are lapsing otherwise good episode

  4. maybe jalal didnt need the ashes to bring back jodha alive his love is strong enough to bring her back
    beautiful episode

  5. maybe jalal didnt need the ashes to bring back jodha alive his love is strong enough to bring her back
    beautiful episode[rani] that comment above name suppose to be rani

  6. sorry about that name rajna taras it a mistake i didnt realize it was that name write
    on my name tag
    i was fooling her with her name and forget to delete

  7. Nice love scenes of shahanshah & jodha…

  8. Lovely episode

  9. Love u jodha

  10. Wow….what an episode

  11. Great Jodha is here again.I knew my heroine could not die now.Love this episode.

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