Jamai Raja 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with competition host announcing next round rules. She says competitors will have to prepare dish with their mother-in-laws and whoever prepares tasty dish, they will win. Simran hesitates to go, but Raj sends her. Simran then prepares makai roti and sarson saag with Roshni.

Sam’s boss tells her that he is giving her a cabin as a promotion and will take her to china on a business trip. She thanks him and says she always wanted appraisal for her job. He thinks he will trick and marry her for sure.

Host tells dishes will be tasted by all competitors’ husbands and give a flag and whoever gets more flags will win. Roshni waits for Sid. All husbands try dishes and stick flags. Sid comes late and tries dishes. He thinks Roshni must have prepared chole and tries to fix flag, rival lady gets happy. He then tastes roshni’s dish and fixes flag on it. Roshni gets maximum flags and hosts announces her and Simran as winner. Roshni and Simran hug but then get conscious. Everyone clap for them. Sid congratulates her. Host gives Roshni and Simran trophy. Roshni says Simran it is her win and gives her trophy. Host asks Roshni to speak. Roshni tells after marriage, a girl leaves her parents’ house and comes to her in-laws house, she considers her saas and sasur as mom and dad and gets their love as a daughter. She thanks Simran and Raj for being her parents. Everyone claps for them. Biji gets happy. Simran feels guilty. Everyone claps for her. Kritika with her ugly face tells Sid that in 2 months, Roshni will go back and Yash is lucky to have her. Sid gets sad and leaves.

At home, Biji distributes to her whole family and says everyone told gujrati bahu cannot win competition, but roshni proved them wrong and says her rival neighbor lady was boasting about her bahu, tomorrow she will call her for a celebration and make her jealous. Raj says they are lucky to have a bahu like her and asks her to reward her. Biji asks what she needs. Roshni says she apologizes for all the mishap happened and knows just by winning competition, she cannot win back their trusts easily. Raj asks her to forget past. Roshni says she apologizes by heart and says if she wants to give her anything, she should give a chance to become a good bahu. Kritika and Rajveer get irked. Biji says human makes mistakes and even she does and asks her not to break her trust hereon. Roshni takes her blessings. Sid walks towards his room. Roshni sees him angry.

Precap: Roshni sees rat on her bed and panics. Even Sid panics. Biji says they are of age to become parents and unnecessarily panicking.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kritika ain’t mean to stop,when will the true identity of Rajveer,Kritika and all the other evil persons stop.No matter what the bond that Sid and Roshni have is not easily broken.

  2. come on writers we want some serious action let crook rajveer be caught for the evil he is doing and let simran see for her self the daughter that she thinks is so good is actually an evil bit like her husband rajveer so let them both be caught throw rajveer in jail for life because he is a murderer and throw ugly face kritika back into oblivion where she came from in the first place and as for dd I think she seriously needs help a lot of counselling so see that she gets that help and sid and roshini may you live happily ever after now writers you can end the damn serial

  3. hassan thans for the update

  4. so DD never got her properties back????? duhhh

  5. Some of these series are just amazing they give u different emotions all in one week as jamai raja and kumkum bhagya made me cry in the last few episodes; made us laugh in so many episodes and angry at so many like the kumkum bhagya drama of purvi being kidnapper in it ( dats really barring dey can’t believe DAT rubbish ; she lived with dem way longer den they knew aliya ) and as for jamai raja krutika and rajveer n every other evil persons identity might be hidden but da episodes r going well dey not irking me in fact dey filled with different emotions are☺

    1. me too …. u r very right…√√

  6. Instead of complaining enjoy it or you’ll miss it wen it finishes like pavitra rishta
    N besides yre not professional writer’s so no matter what u say da writer isn’t gonna listen to u anyway

    1. I totally agree wid both ur comments finally v hv sum sensable person among us…

  7. Not a bad show,just want to see the outcome though.

  8. episode was good…
    I like it

  9. I am glad Roshni is having to prove herself. Sid was correct when he told her when he tried to explain himself, she did not believe him. I like Sid. I hope Sam gets tricked into marrying her boss. She never listens to anyone and thinks she is so great. I too cannot wait until Kritika and Rajveer get blamed for something…anything. They have caused so many problems for everyone.

  10. waidoe Raiffa


  11. current track is good, roshni trying to prove herself, nxt she shuld realise d love of sid

  12. loved the epi. …. but more i love the precap… u know that in fear they hugged each other…. aauuu so lovely….

  13. I love u sid…… I just have this for u :- MMUUUAAAAHHHHHHH…..

  14. Just want Roshni and sid to be together

  15. fhis episode was not bad therefore I do not have much to comment about.I really love to watch it,

  16. i really loved the episode, sid and roshni with her in-laws keep proving urself as u was selfish the past episode. love u sid

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