Hello Pratibha 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone tries to calm Namrita down. Sumitra says this was enough of drama and it is good the reality came to front earlier, they must keep their daughter. Pratibha looks at Naina smiling, she points her ring and smiles at Namrita. Pratibha stops Sumitra saying there has been something wrong, she notices Namrita staring at Naina without blinking. As the stare breaks, Namrita gets normal, smiles and holds ears to Rishi saying sorry. Rishi asks wasn’t it too much, was is necessary to happen in front of everyone. Namrita says I know I was wrong, I was just joking as Pratibha bhabi did on her wedding. Pratibha smiles forcefully. Pushpa asks what kind of a joke was it, Naina defends Namrita that it was just a prank and that she must be forgiven. Sunidhi is taken aback by what Naina is doing. Kaashi wonders what is going on in Naina’s mind.
Pushpa asks Sumitra if she can talk to Namrita for a while, Sumitra gives it curtly. In the room, Pushpa asks Namrita was it really a joke, Namrita says yes it was. Pushpa says every girl has marriage jitters, but is something else going on in her mind; does she really want to marry Rishi. Namrita says yes, I do. Pushpa says if she really thinks this family isn’t good for her, she can do anything. She asks her to share what is in her mind. Namrita says marrying Rishi is a dream come true for her, she will get an attachment with Rishi’s family even, she promises she won’t show anger every again. They come outside, Namrita says I am sorry, she has got an ultimatum from her mom as well. Sumitra asks Rishi if he also has to give an ultimatum, what has he decided. Rishi was silent for a while, Sunidhi and Kaashi wanted him to say no. Rishi says there is no doubt Namrita is a bit crazy but he loves this crazy person. They all have seen her, they should all stay alert the next time.
Pushpa says to Sumitra that she is a bit ashamed, but may be due to getting married she is a bit worry. She apologizes from her family. Pratibha asks them to come inside. Anmol makes a video of the dances.
Pratibha takes Namrita to a side and asks Namrita was drama was she doing, Namrita says she hasn’t been to such a situation in all her life. She doesn’t understand why she loses control of herself. She cries, that she was afraid and had to take her name. Pratibha says it doesn’t seem good that she cries. Naina brings juice to Namrita and says there is a wedding nervousness but it doesn’t mean she gets afraid of the groom’s family. She says a bride looks good while smiling, and takes her hand to go. Pratibha holds her hand asking her to leave her, as she doesn’t want to go there for a while. Naina leaves Namrita’s hand. Pratibha says she wants to stay with her and Namrita also wants to stay alone. Naina says it doesn’t seem good in Sangeet when the bride isn’t dancing. Pratibha asks her not to force, Naina says they have arranged this wedding, she must atleast come with her. Pratibha tells her to go, but Naina asks for a song atleast. Pratibha says she doesn’t know how to sing, Naina shows her ring to her and stare at Pratibha. Sumitra compained her husband about Namrita, he said this is wedding; who will do this fun if not Namrita. Everyone gets attentive as Pratibha takes mike and begins to sing. Everyone is shocked. Sumitra says now this is another drama, Naina says cut my words once more. Pratibha gives a performance around Mahen along with singing, holding his hand. The lights get on, everyone claps for Pratibha.
Chacha says to Pushpa that the situation has gone light finally, they all head to dance. There was seriousness among Pratibha and Mahen, Mahen was angry at Pratibha. Pratibha looks back at Naina.

PRECAP: Anmol comes to tell Pratibha that she is such a great singer, they see a recording of it. In it, Naina whispers into a corner what has happened to light, had it not gone off her drama wouldn’t have ended.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Come on Prathiba ,you are showing your talent.This is good.Episode was a bit dramatic so it was not bad at all.

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