Jodha Akbar 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha and jalal greets chisti, he blesses them. Voice over says that on chisti’s insistence jalal went in search of peace, he used to meet people in pain and tries to consle them, sometime he used to go to dargahs and pray, and then he completed his journey of getting peace.
Salima, hamida comes to chisti’s house, chisti ask shamshad to take them to jodha, she takes them to jdha who is sleeping, she makes jodha wake up, jodha sees hamida and salma and gets happy, hamida caresses her face.
the lady who jalal left alive in war along with her child, the one who denied jalal’s gold is in her house, jalal comes there, she is shocked to see him, she ask what are you doing here, jalal says I want forgiveness from you, I am repenting for my mistakes, please forgive me, lady says I don’t need your help, after killing so many people, you came to ask forgiveness, she closes door on jalal’s face, jalal thinks how will I get forgiveness from her.
Jodha is in pain, doctor checks her and says its labour pain. jodha screams in pain.
in night, jalal is waiting outside lday’s house, he finds her child coming infront of cart, jalal saves her child from getting crushed by cart, lady sees this. otherside jodha becomes unconscious. lady comes to jalal and takes her child from jalal, she ask you didn’t go rom here? jalal says till you forgive me, I wont go from here, you know I am going to be father, if you don’t forgive me then I wont be able to see his face, lady says I don’t want anyone to through pain so I am forgiving you but you were right, there is no GOd in this world, jalal is sad.
Doctor congratulates hamida and says a prince is born. Hamida gives baby to jodha, jodha kisses his forehead. all are happy. chisti thanks GOd.

Scene 2
In morning, jalal is serving people, he gives food to them, soldier comes there and informs that you have become father, congratulation, jalal cant believe this and gets happy, he says I have become father, he says to people that please pray for my child, all prays.
Voice over says that after listening to this news jalal went from chitter to Ajmer sharif by walk, it was a big thing fro a king but not for a father who lost his two sons, he had a feeling that his repent was finished, that God has listened to jalal’s prayers. Jalal comes to Khawaja gharib Nawaz dargah in ajmer and prays.
Jalal comesback to chisti and greets him, chisti says I was waiting for you only, jalal kisses on chisti’s hand, chisti blesses him and ask will you not meet your child? jalal looks on, chisti says come with me, he takes jalal to jodha’s room and ask him to go in, jalal ask how will be future of my child? chisti says beautiful but be careful regarding his heart.
Jalal comes in jodha’s room and finds her sleeping with child, jalal ask salim is jodha fine? she says yes, jodha wakes up and gets glad seeing jalal, jalal ask her to keep resting, hamida says when god closes one door, he opens another door, jalal takes son in his hands and kisses on his forehead, he is beyond happy, jalal takes him to chisti.
Jalal says to chisti that I am very concerned about my son after what happened before, chiti says nothing will happen to him as he has come in this world after your repent, jalal ask about his future, Chisti says his future is very bright, people will remember him for year but remember be careful with his heart, jalal ask why, will he have heart illness, chisti says no but his heart will play important in his life, his heart will make him strong and weak too, he will think from heart only as he is proof of love, jalal says I am very sorry for whatever I have done, this child has come after I followed right path which you insisted me so his name will be Salim, he will live for love only, he will follow the path of love which you have taught me, Salim chisti blesses jalal and his son.

Scene 3
Jodha and jalal comesback to Amer, all people chants for their name, they call jodha Marium zamani, ruks sees Salim in jodha hands and gets jealous. Ruks comes in her room, she throws things here and there, she shouts and says nobody can become marium zamani other than me, I want that child, I will become marium zamani, I will get what is mine, because of jodha, I lost my hussain otherwise I would be mairum zamani today, I want Salim, she shouts that i want Salim, i will take Salim from jodha, jalal is shocked listening to it, he comes in her room and says are you in senses, I came to meet you and here you are doing drama, ruks says what I did wrong, jodha has given birth to Salim but I have right on him, jalal says you have no right on him, ruks says you remember that statement that second child of jodha will be mine and because of jodha I lost husssain so now I want Salim, jalal shouts enough, he says remember you didn’t follow my order and made zeenat nanny of children, you are the reason that I have I lost my child, about salim, he is my child, he is jodha and my child and we will not give him to anyone, ruks breakdown, jalal says to ruks that control yourself, don’t give yourself pain, I know jodha has become marium zamani but don’t forget you are my friend and will my friend always, I want you to be in welcome of Mughal prince, he leaves, ruks fumes.

PRECAP- Ruks comes to jodha, she takes Salim in her hands and says I will raise you salim and if you are going to be king then I will be marium zamani only.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ruk will spoil Salim he will become sharabi and ayyash.

  2. Today’s episode was great .

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    Wow ja shouts on rukku
    But he slap rukku I feel very happy

    1. Did he really slap Ruks? This I have to see. That woman is trouble incarnate.

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    1. LOL!! Funny….

  8. Precap wrongly said, correct is Ruk thinks if she will bring up Salim, if he is going to be next king then she is going to be next Maham anga..

  9. That Ruks! She’s tormenting Jodha! Jalal should make her stay within her limits!

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