Jamai Raja 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid calling Prashanth and asking him to arrange a romantic dinner for him. Prashanth thinks it is for Sid and Roshni and says he will arrange. Sid hears a sound and sees lamp shade on the floor, thinks someone was hearing his chat.

Resham informs DD about Sid’s romantic dinner. DD thinks it must be for Pratima and thinks she will ruin it. She calls Kesar and asks him to go ahead with the plan. Kesar gives files and asks Roshni to sign it. Roshni sees 2 rings in Sid’s name and asks about it. Kesar says yes Sid bought 2 rings.

Sid asks Pratima’s help to shop for his mom. She asks why don’t he take Roshni. He says he wants to take Pratima and says he will meet her around 6 p.m.

Roshni reaches DD’s jewelry store and asks employee about Sid. He says Sid has gone out on office work. She calls him and hears ring near Pratima’s counter. Pratima sees that and says Sid left mobile here. Roshni angrily walks from there. DD watches that and thinks she will show that Roshni did a big mistake by marrying Sid.

Sid comes home and thinks why is Sid lying repeatedly, what relationship he has with Pratima, thinks she is overreacting but will find out the truth. Naani comes and says she has a complimentary 5 star hotel passes and she has to go to dinner with Sid. She calls Sid. Pratima informs Sid about Roshni coming to store and seeing his phone near her counter, says she is doubting about them and he should tell her about them. He says if she will know, she will handle her then. He gets Naani’s call who asks him to come home soon as he has to go for a dinner with Roshni at 5 star hotel. He says he has important work today and cannot go. Naani asks Roshni to go with her then. Roshni agrees.

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Roshni comes to 5 star hotel with Naani. She sees Pratima and Sid there and follows them. Sid says Pratima this special dinner is for her. She asks why did he arrange this for her. He says she is special. Roshni comes in front of Sid and he gets tensed seeing her. He says he was waiting for her. She asks where is his colleague Pratima. He says he came alone. She says she saw them both. He says he got Naani’s call, so he came here to surprise her. Naani comes there and takes them both for dinner.

While enjoying dinner, Sid says Naani that she selected an amazing hotel for dinner. He asks why is he buttering her. He serves dish and asks her to try as it is very tasty. She asks if he had come there before. He says he can guess the taste by looking at dish.

Sid and Roshni come home back. He tries to convince her to talk to him, but she does not and falls asleep. In the morning he wakes up hearing alarm sounds. Naani and Mona come there and Naani tries to wake Roshni up. Sid asks why are there so many alarms. She says it is Roshni’s style as she cannot wake up in the morning early. She sends Mona to receive Sid’s parents. Sids parents reach there. Naani asks Simran to wake Roshni up. She tries, and Roshni gets up worriedly and asks if she is late. Simran asks her not to worry as even she woke up late during her first karvachauth fast. She asks her to get ready as they can have sargi together.

Precap: Pratima asks Sid if he is also fasting for Roshni. He says yes. DD sees them and thinks Roshni is fasting for Sid, but he is enjoying with Pratima, she will expose him soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid’s lies irritate me!!!! From lying about his name, to where he lives, to his status in society!?!?! Now this!?!??! If you have to lie continuously to keep a relationship going, is it even real!?!?!?

  2. I’m really very tired of the lies!

  3. J ss tt a fai dak avk vs le mensonge nes pa bn du tt cela nui Les relation

  4. The lies will be another story

  5. Am tired of this dragging lies

  6. Wtfh is this now. ..sid lies are getting worst..all the truth needs to come out…please writers n producers can yourl open up all d lues n let d story ho fwd now..its sickening now the story is dragging for too long…sid truth needs to be revealed soon. ..

  7. big question .who is Pratima to Sid???

  8. WTf….enough of lies yr…wen is Sid gonna tll d truth?truth shud cme out nw its being stretched too far…what kind of mom is DD who didnt evn do research on sid’s family…dey r famous nd rich still DD is sch an idiot if she doesnt knw dem? nd what the hll is pratima doing in dis stry?

  9. writers what connection does sid and pratima have why all the lies, what I do not understand is that it started with pratima applying for a job which it showed that sid did not know her all of a sudden he is buying pratima expensive gift ring and a cheap one for his wife whom he suppose to love so much and would do anything for and all he is doing is telling a lot of lies to roshini. come on now writers cut out the nonsense bring out the truth of pratima and sids relationship.

  10. Hi all. I think Prathima is Babloo’s wife and Sid is covering for him?

  11. Ha ha what tradh the story is turn8ng into if a girl loves a guy she loves him rich poor doesnt matter why the truth is not told is amazing once roshini knows the length sid went to show he is poor and parents too she will obviously lov them

  12. Trash sorry

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