Yeh Jawaani 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the canteen Everyone is present Cheeku tells all that he is popular not like them..Cheeku tells that he will take part in elections..and prove all of them are losers…and goes…DODO calls Cheeku asks why did he did not came along with him..Cheeku shouts and tell that he was having work…As Cheeku goes..some students calls him “Adi”…Cheeku ask what is this .The boy tells that he has made a shortcut name for Cheeku as “adi” stand in the location..Cheeku says thats awesome…Cheeku goes and takes Form..Cheeku tells that form is too big the student says that he will fil..Cheeku says thats good…Gattu sees the poster “Vote for Adi”…and says that name is awesome…kimaya tells from .morning she is called Cheeku..but he is ignoring..Dodo tells that Cheeku showed him attitude..Devika tells that when she was standing with her friends..Cheeku came and argue for parking..Gattu says how can one boy can change in a night…. Devika says that Cheeku is behaving soo weird ….after winning Student of the year …Dodo asks what does it means…Devika tells that Cheeku got popularity thats why behaving like that…kimaya tells that all Students are supporting Cheeku..tells that they see their all problem solution in Cheeku…Devika says that Cheeku is behaving like this after winning Student of the year what will he do after winning elections…Gattu says that Devika is right.. Gattu says that as soon as possible they have to find the solution..Devika tells that Cheeku should”nt win elections…Suddenly a girls comes and tells that Subhramaniyam has backout from the election…Only one participant is left over…The girls tells to another girl that Cheeku’s popularity is more and he will win…Devika tells Cheeku will win they have to do something…Dodo plays carrom..Gattu shouts at him …Dodo tells that he is not playin he is thinking about Cheeku…Dodo tells that a participant can win if they have number of supporters…Kimaya and devika comes…Kimaya tells what does it means….Dodo plays Carrom and pushes Rani…Dodo tells that who will win they have queen..Cheeku stands…Kimaya comes and says hi.. kimaya tells congratulations to Cheeku…cheeku tells thankyou….Kimaya tells that she didnt understand Cheeku..sometimes…Cheeku tells to call him “Adi”…Kimaya tells that they always calls him Cheeku….Cheeku says that he is now “Adi” Kimaya goes..Later..Gattu..Dodo and devika encourages kimaya to take part in election soo that Cheeku loose his overconfidence…

Precap::Cheeku finds that kimaya is standing opposite in elections and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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