Jodha Akbar 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
maham is leaving agra palace under maan singh supervision, javeda and resham are going seeing off maham. jalal in his room recalls jodha’s words that if he thought maham as his mother ever then go and meet her, he recalls his childhood when maham used to play with her, he recalls how jodha said that meet maham not as a king but as her son, jalal recalls his childhood mischiefs, he hides maham’s things, maham runs behind him and catches him, jalal imagines all this infront of him, maham ask jalal where he hide her things, tad jalal says that I wont give it, maham says give it to me, I will show it to you when you will become big to show you how much naughty were you in childhood, kid jalal hides behind throne, maham brings him out and ask him to sit on throne, not hide behind it, I want to you see you as great king jalal, you will be history’s best king, jalal says but kings have big moustaches, maham laughs and says you will also get it then all will call you king with moustache, she hugs jalal, the imagination of jalal vanishes, jalal is tensed to recall all this.

Scene 2
maham is leaving palace, all wives to harem comes to see her off, maham greets hamida, maham is lying on plank which dasies are taking out from palace,resham stops them, maham sees garden area and recalls how she had seen adham’s deadbody there and points to that area, resham ask maan singh to take maham to garden area, maan agrees, maham’s plank is put on same place where adham was lying dead, she touches the place and cries for adham, resham hugs her, maham says I want to go to my son, I cant even say bye to my son jalal, I am very unlucky, maham recalls how jalal said that I lost my mother and I don’t know if you are regretting fro losing your son or not, he says you will remain chief minister but you wont have your son with you now, fb ends, maham cries, hamida comes there, maham ask where is begum jodha? please call her here, hamida agrees and ask dasi to inform jodha, maham wants to meet her.

scene 3
jodha is praying to kahna ji in her room and says what kind of situation is this that I cant fulfill wish of person dying, dasi comes and says maham wants to meet you, moti says should I say no to her? jodha says no I have to meet maham, she goes to meet her.
jodha comes in garden area to meet maham, maham is taking her last breaths, jodha comes to her and says maham your wish, I could not.. maham says jalal, jodha says I am saying that shehehenshah… maham points something behind jodha, all turns to see jalal standing there, maham says jalal, my son, jalal takes off his turban and starts coming to maham, maham imagines kid jalal coming to her, she is craving for jalal to come to her fast, jalal comes, maham hugs him tightly and cries, she says my son jalal, jalal cries too and says bari ammi(elder mother), maham says my son has come, he called me bari ammi, jalal calls her mother again and says you are my bari ammi only, maham smiles and says thank god my son has come back, she ask jalal what had happened to you, you could have killed me but why you stopped calling me bari ammi, why you gave me punishment like that, jalal says you were given punishment by king jalal but now your son jalal has come to meet you, how is you, maham says to be true, I don’t wanna live, she caresses jalal and looks at jodha, she says begum jodha use to come to make me eat food, I want to say something infront of you all, she says to jodha that I never accepted you, I agree that I hated you all the time but today you gave me my son jalal, you gave me biggest happiness of my life which no one could give to me but I am mahamanga, I also don’t take debts so I also will fulfill your wish and will pay your debt, I cursed you and jalal and today infront of all, I take my curse back, jodha cries in happiness, all smile, from today I pray that Mughal get heir of jalal and you give heir to Mughal saltanat, jodha will become mother of jalal’s heir only, she has jalal’s children in her womb and she will give birth to my jalal’s children and she has the right to become marium zamani, jalal kisses maham’s forehead, maham sees some lady and recalls she is a hindu dasi and said to maham once that she will someday salute rajvanshi, she calls that dasi forward and says you said and today infront of all, I bow down to rajavnshi and salute her, she salutes jodha, maham says to jalal that I don’t want anything, I couldn’t sleep from someday, I want to sleep peacefully now, can you please put your hand on mu head and sings lullaby for me which I used to sing for you in childhood, jalal puts his hand and recalls in his childhood how maham used to sing lullaby for him, he hugs maham and starts singing lullaby with heavy heart and choke voice, maham sings with him and suddenly loses her breath, she dies, jalal shouts bari ammi and cries, all cries for her, jalal hugs maham tightly and cries profusely.

PRECAP- shaguni bai says to jodha’s dadi that what has written in fate, I will happen, nor me neither can jodha stop it, this curse will show its effect, nobody can stop which has to happen. otherside its rainging heavily, jodha and ruks are going in palanquins from jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. And bye 2
    I am going 4 my exam (socail) so plz pray

  2. Hi every1

  3. labour pain started to jodha in jungle and rain, life of the twins are in danger..

    1. nahi to ka jo ji ke leya foregion se aadmi bulaya jayga

  4. Begum jo ko kudh haikim ke pass jana pad raha hai

  5. jo is responsible for this if she had done a zid!

  6. Seems rukaiya is taking her to doctor and after the birth of the babies jo wud give way one kid to hr

  7. this is a fake luv story there was nothing like this ruk was jalas fvrt wifr & hassan-hussain, fatimaa and many more childfren she had how any1 can show this much fake things just go to hell kash ye dharawahik band ho jay i just cant see this much insult of both the religion

  8. and for jo role ekta has taken a ve ry ugly lady others had died or what!

  9. Shreya wht the hell r u speaking
    And 2 whom do say ugly
    We have always said bad to ruks but not 2 lavina
    So plz mind u r language

  10. so even i said ugly to jo not paridhi & she is dark complexion, fat lips with brown lipstick, nose like chudail& her eyes look gud due to kajal and ruk is v pretty her eyes stretched like a lioness a well shaped nose and her lips thin like silk with orange lipstick & her complexion omg!

  11. and i just don’t need to mind my language for that ugly 1!

  12. sorry for jo i ment to write that she has dark complexion not is………….

  13. any1 online? pl come up herre

  14. Cutie u right this shreya is insulting jodha too even i like lavina and do not abuse her we only say bad to ruqs !

  15. And u know shreya u r saying these bad things and bad words its not ur fault its your mom and dad’s fault they had taught u how to abuse any1 without any reason , and i think u r doing ur job kinda well !

  16. And that ruqiaya ! She ! I feel like she is just like a joker and like a daasi which have only three dresses green , purple and red *lol * even moti have more dresses than ruqiaya !!

  17. Even ruqaiya is fair than jodha but she has a very small and black heart in which she only desire for higher position and not her husband !

  18. Sanaya plz don’t go or tell bad about parents
    Leaving this whatever u say is totally right

  19. Ruks does not love her husband (jalal ) but she just loves her post

  20. And shreya plz don’t go on beauty

  21. Jo is much better than ruks

  22. Just think if jo has said not 2 give her 1 child 2 ruks
    Then ruks won’t do this much 4 her
    And ruks has not taken a child 2 be mother she has taken a child 2 be Muz

  23. sanaya and cutie u both are disgusting u like jo thann when i said u all to hate her i am saying that i dont like jo i like ruk and no doubt that jo is gud by her heart but i like goodness but her goodness hasno limit how any1 can be like this and just becoz of this i hate her and pl u all go to parents and what u all write about others it shows that what teaching u all have got. DISGUSTING JO, COMMENTS INCLUDING U ALL

  24. See cutie ur goodness will show no infact she will say more bad words than before so the things which i wrote about her is actually right !!

    1. Sorry i forgot to write no impact on her !

  25. Just leave her cutie she will not change so lets ignore her !

  26. Chill sanaya
    Leave her

  27. The day we were waiting 4 has come 2 day
    Jo is gonna give birth
    They toke 4 months leap

  28. Just read the last comment of 17th sep there are many who understands what i mean and many fool those take bad and worst meaning of each and every words like u sanaya and cutie and sanaya u have now crossed ur limits. JUST BEWARE

  29. i just dont want to fight with u all but without any reason i had told that i dont like jo it doesn’t mean that i will leave this site or i cant say anything about ruk & u all are saying that u all told ruk a evil & bad lady so i did the same u like jo so i like ruk and i have full right to give gud comments on ruk and bad one for jo as u all do and i am warning u all that dont go to parents as u dont have that right u all say that they taught to abuse and what comments u all posted showed the way 1 respects others! shame on u all so much bad thinking about elders and i will be really happy if u start ignoring me & my comments.

  30. Leave it and stop it shreya
    Whatever happened forget it

  31. Whatever u want 2 say bad about jo say it
    Just don’t go on beauty
    And forget whatever happened

  32. Guys from many days sania has not come
    By the way what u guys think will happen in today’s epi

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