Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang comes to know the stories of mahadev with biblarth. Rohitang says, is it dream for me, i am getting different biblarth today. biblarth smiles then rohtiang says, now you are passing different smile. Biblarth says, today while i was waiting for you, i was getting one thing that you have always finding something but can you get it? Are you ready to get truth but remember one thing, after getting truth nothing will left behind. Anyways leave or tell me, what will you hear today? Rohitang says, laugh biblarth because before i will go from there, i will clear out your smile.
Asur gets entered into nigas worship arena and then inform to him that indra is near to our boundary. then nigas killed that asur. Devguru comes to meet with mahadev and says, indra will attack on nigas, but his intention is not bad. Mahadev says, is he helping to tridev but he dont know that he wants to kill somebody and that man will destroy him. Now chakra is started. Dev guru says, how will i stop him.
Rohitang picks story about narayan and says, narayan helps alot for establishing jotirling. Biblarth says, one jotirling is established by narayan in form of Shri ram. Rohitang says, how, they all are same. Biblarth says, mahaadev is god of narayan and narayan is god of mahadev. Once upon time laxmi ji asked about heart of narayan then narayan says, half of my heart is filed with mahadev. Rohitang says, i know the story of ramayan and now i dont want to hear the story ramayan, i just want to know that incident when ram ji has established shivling. Biblarth says, this incident starts while ravan kidnapped sitaji then he has made rameshwaram and he feels that he is doing bad for killing ravan then he calls mahadev then mahadev guide him that he is not doing wrong. Then shri ram got his answer and mahadev gave name to that shivling as rameshwar.
Rohitang says, i dont know why will vishnu ji worship to mahadev, they only do because in world only devotee worship to mahadev or narayan thats why shri ram has done worship to mahadev. Thanks rishi biblarth, now i am going. biblarth says, stop rohitang, my main aim of my life is to give study. Rohitang says, thanks for your knowledge but can you tell me why are you saying this? Biblarth says, i have spent so much time in teaching and i know which answer is right and which answer is customized.
rohitang says, if you know that i am saying false then why will you insist me to says false. biblarth says, i dont know that you are thinking everything is depends on you but it is false. rohitang says, i am fool but why are you feeling feared to tell shivling story. biblarth says, if fool is powerful then it will be harmful. rohitang says, you just tell your story then after i will do my own. I will be back after meeting my teacher.
Mata comes near to mahadev and says, what are you thinking swami. Mahadev says to mata, you tell me parvati, what am i thinking? Mata says, what will i say swami, you shiv, bhole nath, shankar and you are common in all faces then how it is possible to assume that what are you thinking. Mahadev says, you are power of me in every face. Mata hugs mahadev. Mata says, i just want to say this, trust me, we will face every situation. Mahadev says, rohitang will get that he want and your presence is really important in it.

Precap:- Dev guru says, if you really want to meet with nigas then why you came here with your force. Biblarth says, you are also doing worhsip but main difference is that you are doing worship in wrong manner.

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