Gustakh Dil 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harry asking Lajjo to give the diary. Lajjo takes it back. Shalini aims a gun too. Harry tries to take the diary. Shalini looks on angrily. Harry holds Lajjo’s hand. Shalini asks Harry to move back and he is stunned. She says stop right there, else I will shoot you. He says what, are you mad. Shalini says I m doing what I should have done before, out the gun down Harry. Harry says Lajjo is our enemy. Shalini says let her go. Harry says no, I won’t leave her. Shalini shoots on Harry’s hand and Lajjo is shocked. Harry asks hr why did she do this. Shalini asks Lajjo to run. Harry says you can’t help her.

Shalini takes Lajjo out. Harry calls Ranawat. Ranawat is with Nikhil and asks him to be with her in deal. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo, did she get the safe and blue diary, I m tensed. Ranawat asks what happened. Ranawat talks to Harry. He says I told you not to keep any relation with me. Harry says hear me once, its about blue diary. Ranawat is shocked. Nikhil looks on and thinks is Lajjo caught, I have to leave and call up Lajjo. Ranawat hears all the truth and looks at Nikhil. Nikhil says washroom and goes. Shalini brings Lajjo out. Lajjo asks why are you helping me, your husband can go to jail, then why.Shalini says I know my husband is a criminal, so I want everything to be fine in my house, I want this to end so I m helping you.

Nikhil comes out and calls Lajjo. Ranawat comes to him and puts the gun. He says your game is over Nikhil. Nikhil is shocked. Ranawat scolds him and says your wife too is caught. He takes Nikhil with him. Nikhil gets worried. Shalini says she should have done this before, but now she has realized its no means to stay with fear. She says its better to die, but I want the world to see his real face. Harry comes there and scolds Shalini. He says he will tell everything to Ranawat and asks Lajjo to give the diary. Shalini asks Lajjo to go and succeed, just leave. Harry says no, she insulted me. This time, she won’t be save, Ranawat will be with me. Shalini says he won’t shoot, just go.

Harry says stop, else I will shoot. Lajjo cries. Harry says he will shoot. Lajjo turns to go. Harry shoots and Shalini comes in between. She gets shot. Ranawat kidnaps Nikhil and ties him to the chair. Lajjo comes the CBI and says she did the work, if anything happens to Nikhil. She gives the blue diary and asks Miss Roy to save Nikhil. Lajjo cries. DK says he will kill you both even if he got the diary. Now he will bargain us for the diary. Miss Roy says I m proud of you, I promise we will bring Nikhil back fine. Ranawat smiles getting Nikhil tied. He gets Lajjo’s call and asks Nikhil to talk.

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Ranawat talks to Miss Roy and laughs. She asks about Nikhil. Ranawat says fine him. Ranawat says the deal is give me my diary and take Nikhil, else take his dead body. Miss Roy says Ranawat wants the diary. Lajjo says then give it. DK scolds her and says if we give, even then he will kill Nikhil. Lajjo says how will we save him. Miss Roy says your work is over, my work starts now. Inder talks to Nani and supports her. Rishi comes and says about T20. Barkha says please, not in bedroom. They talk about the match.

Lajjo comes home crying with DK. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Lajjo hugs Barkha and cries. Everyone ask her what happened. Lajjo says Nikhil got kidnapped. They get shocked. Ranawat says he will kill Nikhil even when he gets the diary, else his men will kill him in installments. DK says Lajjo got the blue diary, but Ranawat kidnapped Nikhil. Barkha scolds DK. DK says don’t worry, we are trying our best. Inder argues and says did you not think this would happen. DK says trust me, I promise nothing will happen to Nikhil. He leaves. Barkha blames Lajjo for all this. Inder defends Lajjo.

Barkha says whose mistake is it, I just want my son back. Inder says what happened to you, stop it. Barkha shouts on Lajjo and asks what was the need to do all this acting. She asks Inder to find out who is this Ranawat, find him. Lajjo says even CBI can’t reach him. Inder calms down Barkha. Ranawat beats Nikhil. Nikhil says I did not cheat you, you all cheated me, you made me smuggler from salesman. Ranawat says I was impressed by you, as you cheated the CBI before, but now you cheated me, I want to know is your wife bringing the blue diary or not. Nikhil says stop begging me, Lajjo will not give you the diary.

Ranawat says he will not leave his family too. Ayesha is with Adhiraj and talks to him. They have a cute scene. She tells she wants to do a job, its big company, she is nervous. Adhiraj makes a call. No one tales the call and he worries. He says why is mum not taking my call, she always take my call. Inder aand Barkha worry. Nani asks Inder to find Ranawat. Barkha says its all because of Lajjo. Inder says everytime the same thing, all bad things because of Lajjo, is it, Lajjo did not tell him to do this job, I warned him too, Lajjo helped him.

Ayesha asks Adhiraj why is he upset. He says he has some work and has to be alone. Gunjan calls Ayesha and asks her to come home fast. Ayesha asks what happened. Gunjan says come and ends the call. Ayesha tells Adhiraj that she has to go. She leaves. Adhiraj is worried for his mum. Lajjo is worried for Nikhil and cries in her room. Barkha comes to her and scolds her blaming her again. Lajjo says I did not know Nikhil will be kidnapped, I did what CBI people told me. They have an argument. Lajjo says its not easy as you are thinking. Barkha gets angry and blames her for Nikhil’s state.

Lajjo gets upset and cries. Shalini is in hospital. DK asks the doctor to save her, and he wants to talk to her to take her statement. The doctor says she has to get stable first. DK says she can save someone’s life. Nikhil is tensed being alone. He cries and Lajjo cries in her room. Ek saans aaye re, ek saana jaaye re………………… plays………………….Sakhi saiyyan………………….plays……………….Nikhil tries to free himself but fails.

Nikhil is beaten up by the goons. Lajjo’s diya blows off.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nikhil dont die plz

  2. But what i think is that IF Nikhil dies HOPE SO NOT but phir bhi if nikhil dies lajo will marry sagar
    I dont wat will happen latter

  3. I don’t know what will happen after this****

  4. nikhil ko marke story ko bekar mat banana yaaaar.and this smugglers family is adhiraj’s family

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