Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 18

Hey everyone! There is a lot I need to say before I start with today’s part … I had nothing to do in these days as I was not well so I’ve written a couple of episodes which will be posted occasionally. Once those episodes get exhausted I don’t know when will I get to post next because I’m going to get hell busy till 15th June because 3 of my very close cousins are getting married… Too much of shopping is to be done before that … So I’ll post my ff on Sundays & sometimes on Wednesdays so that I can still stay in touch … The ‘original track’ of the story is about to begin . The ff is called Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai for a reason … Hints are there in this part itself… Thanks all of you for showering all the love you people have specially for the previous one thanks all of you commented in that one … but the story is not just about two people meeting in school & falling in love it’s way more than that. Though I am scared in starting the track I have to but I solemnly declare that everything that will happen now will lead to Dev & Sona becoming Devakshi in the long run… A mother can hear calls for improvement in her child but not cater to demands in structural changes … This is my 1st ff … I’ve given my heart & soul to it … please support me in the future also

SONA’S POV: It’s been a week … where are you Dev? All these walks from the bus stop to home seem worthless without you… You are not even receiving my calls… Hope you are fine
Jatin: Sona … will you have ice-cream?
Sona: No … Jatin is Dev fine now?
Jatin: Recovering

Sona’s POV: All I know is you had fever & were admitted to a hospital … Which hospital none of us except Jatin knows … He is not telling me, he says you don’t want us to worry …You don’t even find me worth of sharing your pain & here I’m dreaming of sharing my life with you
Jatin: Sona … I need to say something important … don’t know how you’ll react but I
Sona: Jatin … is it something serious?
Jatin: Huh?
Sona: About Dev?
Jatin: No … Just viral that’s what he has told us
Sona: Ohhh … Is he picking up your phone?
Jatin: Yes …
Tears welled up in Sona’s eyes. She quickly controlled herself
Jatin: Sona … Kwality walls … Won’t you have your favorite Magnum?

Sona was lost in her own thoughts… Her mind was dwelling somewhere in the past
Dev: Sona … ice cream?
Sona: You scream
Dev: Very funny
Sona: Wo to mai hu
Dev: Will you eat barf ki malai ?
Sona: What’s that?
Dev: Ice cream … you didn’t get it the first time
Sona: Tumi eakdum …
Dev: Eakdum Smart, Intelligent, Handsome
Sona: I was saying Tumi Eakdom Impossible … Now why are you smiling?
Dev: I like this Tumi Tumi …
Sona: Oho … So you are loving Bengali?
Dev: Naah
Sona: Then?
Dev: I love it only when you say it
Sona was as red as a tomato. Ms Bose had become Ms Blushing Bose.
Sona: Learned that song that you are going to gift me?
Dev: Which Song?
Sona: Dev…
Dev: Sona …

Sona’s POV: Sona … I love my name … when you say it in that husky tone
Dev: You are blushing …
Sona: No … no … uhh … let’s have Ice cream
Dev: Which one will you have?
Sona: Magnum
Dev: Itna amir nahi hu mai (I’m not that rich)
Sona: Fine buy me a cola
Dev: Itna garib bhi nahi hu (I’m not so poor)
Sona: Cornetto chalega?
Dev: Daudega … but which flavor?
Sona: Chocolate
Dev: Wasn’t Vanilla your favorite?
Sona: Tha …
Dev: Ohh so you’ve started liking chocolate
Sona: No I love it … Won’t you ask why?
Dev: Puchunga nahi to bataogi nahi kya?
Sona: Obhodro
Dev: Acha acha … please don’t get angry
Sona: You’ve killed the feel of it
Dev: Fine mat bolo
Sona: I will still speak
Dev: Complicated
Sona: Go to hell I won’t tell you ever

SONA’S POV: Eakdom Obhodro … Eakdum Imp … No Eakdum smart,intelligent,handsome … but still he will always do something to become Mr. Obhodro … Duffer … I was about to say that I like chocolate because you love it … I love you Dev, I love everything related to you … Keeping this inside me is so tough but how do I propose you just like that … That will be the most memorable day of my life & I’ll leave no stone unturned to make it the best day of your life too … My only only my Mr. Dev Obhodro Dixit

Jatin: Sona … Sona can you hear me?
Sona: Yaa! (She snapped out of her flashback)
Jatin: Worried about Dev?
Sona: No … Why will I be?
Jatin: Good … Sona … when you came in the school for the first time … I was your first friend
Sona: Yeah! The Bong connection worked.
Jatin: You can confide in me Sona … What is bothering you?
Sona: uhh
Jatin: I’m not pressurizing you… Do it if you want
Sona: Joti … Dev …
Jatin: Yes … What about Dev?
Sona: Dev … is fine right?
Jatin: I’ve answered that already
Sona: Dev is your best friend …
Jatin: Hmmm
Sona: What does he think of me? Does he even count me as a friend?
Jatin: Why are you asking this Sona?
Sona: He can talk to you… tell you how he is … &
Jatin: &
Sona: He’s not even picking up my phone.
Sona: No
Jatin: Then what is this coming out from eyes? Sweat?

Sona couldn’t control & started crying
Sona: Yes …I’ m crying … what else should I do? He has not come to school for a week… He isn’t picking my phone & he’s telling you everything … What is this? If you want to have fun Sona is there then shouldn’t Sona be there with him in his pain … I feel like a toy …
Jatin: Sshhh … Sona
Sona: Sorry Jatin … I’m just … I’m just
Jatin: I can understand … Dev is my childhood friend … if he doesn’t respond to me he’ll not be left in one piece
Sona: Don’t you dare hit him
Jatin: I can … that’s my right … All 5 of us are friends … but we share different equations with each other
Sona nodded her head.
Jatin: As far as I know him he can’t see you worried & as far as I know you … you can’t see him in pain … All of us are friends … but the two of you
Sona: Two of us?
Jatin: Never mind
Sona: Thanks Jatin
Jatin: Ab thank you bologi tum mujhe
Sona: Sorry
Jatin: What I mean is … sukha sukha thank you nahi chalega … Have the ice cream and
Sona: And?
Jatin: Pay for the ice cream
Sona: Hawww
Jatin: What hawww
Sona: Fine I will

Jatin reached home & called Dev
Dev: Hello …
Jatin: Kaisa hai bhai?
Dev: Better … all this exertion caused by the school’s work must have caused this fever
Jatin: Sona was asking about you
Dev: What did you tell her?
Jatin: That you are recovering … Dev
Dev: Hmm
Jatin: That possibility that the doctors were talking of … Is that confirmed?
Dev: Not yet
Jatin: Don’t worry … everything will be fine
Dev: It has to be unless
Jatin: Unless?
Dev: You send me those Bengali songs that I’d asked for …
Jatin: I’ll come to meet you & then you can rehearse
Dev: Fine … Jaldi aao
Jatin: Shouldn’t we tell Sona about that possibility?
Dev: No
Jatin: Okay … I’m coming to meet you …
Dev: Don’t forget the songs
Jatin: Sure … khud ko bhul jaaun gaane zaroor le aaunga
Dev: Perfect … Just Perfect
Jatin: Theek ho jaa fir bahut pitega
Saying so Jatin disconnected the call …

Jatin’s POV
I was right … Sona loves Dev & Dev loves Sona …
Jatin was ready to go & meet Dev but it began raining heavily. There was nothing for him to do so he switched on his Tv but because of the bad weather there was no signal. He tuned into radio
Milke bhi hum na mile
Tumse na jaane kyu
Milon ke hai faaslein
Tumse na jaane kyu
Anjaanein Hai silsile
Tumse na jaane kyu
Sapne hai palko tale
Tumse na jaane kyu
Kaise bataye kyu tumko chahein
Yaara bata na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baaki
Aankhein tumhe samjhaye
Tu jaane naa
Tu jaane naa

Jatin’s POV: Leave it Jatin … She is the one you cannot have … Love can’t be forced … It will hurt but you will have to get out of this … For Dev, for Sona & for your friendship … For things that may have happened don’t spoil things that exist… I would have loved it if she reciprocated … hard luck … The best thing that you can do is act as a cupid in their story … You’ll find your Ms. Right someday … Care for Dev more than ever now cause your Sona … no … just…just… Sona loves him & it’s your priority to care for the one whom your love loves.
Wo afsana jisse anjaam tak
Laana na ho mumkin
Usse ek khoobsurat noor dekar chodna accha


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  1. DramaQueen1004

    Socha nhi tha ki ek epi itna acha ho sakta hai
    yay!!! Im d first to comment today..
    U rocked it today
    i hav no words to express for today’s epi
    im speechless
    pls convey my congrats to ur cousins n try to post soon
    n pls reveal dev’s prob soon
    love u loads

    1. Riti1107

      I’ll surely convey your message

      Thank you for all the lovely compliments Nafia

      I’ll reveal his problem soon

  2. SamayraRaghavKashyap

    I knew it…..I knew it…….
    Mujhe pata tha yahi hoga…..
    Bas Maine bola nahi yeh soch ke ki agar nahi hua toh phir meri popat ho jaayegi.
    Jatin loved sona….GOD I KNEW IT!!!!
    Call it telepathy or whatever……. The story is now getting very clear to me…..

    And riti madam thank you for putting in another of my most favorite songs…tu jaane na..??

    Twinny Mujhe lag raha hai tum wahi karogi jo main soch rahi hu?

    1. Nikkita0194

      hello jagat didi group ki leader

    2. Riti1107

      It’s gone too predictable now

      Your welcome Samayra madam

      But twinny jo tum soch rahi ho wo mai nahi karne wali

  3. V.V.harshita

    Omg !!! So emotional….???
    Really really awesome……posts ion ?????????

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks Harshita/Akshada
      I’ll post on Wednesday

  4. Richa144

    Omg…is Dev ok? I think something big is gonna happen. Promise me that Dev is going to be fine n they are going to have a happy life.

    1. Riti1107

      No Dev is not going to be fine
      But I will not kill him & they’ll have a happy married life soon
      Just 4-5 episodes that’ll be gloomy
      Then everything will be okay

  5. Nikkita0194

    dii m getting bore fun toh apke ff se mari gayo

    1. Riti1107

      I’m sorry Nikkiita but if emotional epispdes bore you after 2-3 episodes you’ll get bored to death because they will be loaded with emotions … I have a story to tell nd it’s high time it moves on now … The school life track is going to end & after that there will be a span of sadness but thinggs will get back to normal & fun will kick in … You’ll have to wait till then

    2. Nikkita0194

      nhi keh do ki yeh jhut hai ek to bindass walo ne v kmhl band kr diya hai sb mere sath aisa ku ho ra hai i mean shayad mere grah nakshtra ache nhi chal rahe
      even ayushi v fun end kr rhi hi
      ….. pata nhi ab kya hoga…

    3. Riti1107

      Ayushi fun end kar rahi hai???
      But jo maine kaha wo jhooth nahi hai

  6. Nikkita0194

    hmmm ap haste khelte hi ache lagte ho

  7. Sun riti…
    Tune kya rulaane ki soch rakhi hai..??
    Mujhe maalum tha yeh aisa hoga….???
    Dev ko kya ho gaya hai…
    Please keep him safe…nothing else…
    And joti ke liye achhi si ladki leke aao…???
    I dont want to say….par bole bina raha nai jaa raha….

    Yeh dev aur joti jo possibility ki baat kar rahe hain…kya uske alaawa bhi koi aur reason hoga….dev ka sona se dur jaane ka….

    Oh god…shut up vaishaali…

    Thank you for the update….it was really very deep and emotional….loved it…

    Will be waiting for the next one…

    1. Riti1107

      Are yaar
      Register ho jaao
      Nahi to meri saari future story tum telepathy ke through pata kar logi
      Register ho jaaogi to message bhej sakti ho waha I can tell u ki tumhara ye jo Chacha Chowdhary wala dimaag hai wo kitna sahi sahi imagine kar raha hai

      Nd yahi possibility hai jiski wajah se Dev Sona se alag ho jaayega

    2. Nikkita0194

      chaha chudhri apne v padi hai kaunsa wala mera fav. ls tha jab mai 1st me thi

    3. Okay okay fine…???
      From now on i won’t guess anything….??
      Otherwise i will become the reason of my own death.. ????
      And i guess you will be the killer…????

      Chacha choudhary waala dimaag…????

      Love you dear…??

  8. Nikkita0194

    maine v kuch likha hai pad lena

    1. Riti1107

      Message ki baat kar rahi ho ?
      Padh lia

    2. Nikkita0194

      nope os jo vo log page pr post hi ni kr rahe hai pata ni kab karenge

    3. Riti1107

      Oho OS nd all
      Good going
      Bahut zyaada Hindi thi kya usme
      Agar hogi to wo post nahi karenge
      Ask TU why aren’t they posting

    4. Nikkita0194

      Kuch v hindi nhi hi
      N they had posted

  9. Awesome episode

    1. Riti1107

      Thank you so much ❤❤

  10. ShrutiP

    Awesome Riti…bohut zyada acha tha…
    Emotional bana diya….
    Loved it…
    Love you loads…jaldi post karo…???

    1. Riti1107

      Post to Wednesday tak kar dungi
      Nd thank You
      Nd love you too

  11. awesome
    i think that dev is suffering from deadly disease such as cancer

    1. Nikkita0194

      oh plz rehne do mai aur nhi sun sakti

    2. Exactly…..bass ho gaya…
      Ab update ka wait karo sab chup chaap…
      Koi kuch guess ni karega….??

    3. Riti1107

      Accha itni tension mat lo
      I’ll upload a promo nd u’ll get a fair idea ki aage kya hone wala hai

    4. Riti1107

      Thank You Ragini
      You are partly correct
      But it’s not cancer … It has become too cliché ???

    5. Nikkita0194

      di public ki heavy demand pe we want climax

  12. awesome dear. it was so emotional. I have a request. plzzzzzzzzzzz whatever happens let devakshi fight together. I have full faith on u. plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t separate them. I know we all devakshi fans can’t see their separation. so u will not separate them.

    love u????????

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks for having faith Ritika
      Tough times are about to come
      Dev will take a wrong step but Sona will prove to be a true companion,Humdard & they’ll combat it
      Romance & Humour will not leave the ff till the end

  13. Priya12

    Di, it was amazing …splendid…
    I luved it a lot…
    U rocked it..
    It was marvellous…
    Pls post asap….
    Enjoy with ur cousins…it will be so fun r8…
    I can still remember my masti in my cousin s marriage..
    Ur so lucky..having 3 cousin s marriage..that too in leave..u will rock it r8…
    Post asap

    1. Riti1107

      Thanks dear
      Yes it will be fun but it will be too tiring & garmi bhi bahut hai but still we’ll manage to have fun
      I’ll post a promo soon nd the next part will be posted on Wednesday

  14. Asmita...

    Dont tell ki Dev ko koi incurable disease ho gayi hai…

    finally you made love triangle but in ur FF Jatin is so samjhdar same the show…

    waiting for the next part…

    n plz get well soon… take gud care of urself and enjoy wedding da season…

    1. Riti1107

      Mujhe kuch batane ki zaroorat nahi hai KRPKAB ka ek ek viewer Sona ke aashirwad se byomkesh bakshi, Sherlock holmes ka mini version hai … Sab samajh gaye ki dev bimar hai but agar Priya di ya Neha di ko pata chala ki maine Shah ko imagination me ek chote se tucche se ff mein bimar kar dia hai wo log mera gala kaat ke kali mata ko chadha denge

  15. Aamu

    Haaaye…saddy saddy epi tha..???
    Sorrry for not cmntng om previous..
    Actually i m back from hospital yesterday hi…
    Kal hi saaare epi read kiye…n mere ledt hand me abhi b sui hai…so write nahi kar paaati fir bhi mene saare jo b read kiye..sab ki cmnts ek saath likh kar post kiya hai… Pos ki heading hai “cmnts to all ffs by aamu -krpkab”
    Mene kal pos kiya tha TU waalo ne bina reject email k post nahi kiya..isliye aaj firse kiya haimene….
    Usme apni long long cmnt pls read karlena..again sorry haa..!
    Mera haath abhi b dard kar raha hai…warna me ,arur sab par karti…mene saaare par xmnt kiya hai..may b 3 epi the tumhare…start tumse hi hota hai…

    N ye kya hogaya..insab ki hasto khelti zindagi ko kiski nazar lag gayi…!
    Jldi jldi…post karo ..
    Love yaaa

    1. Riti1107

      No problem dear
      Health first.
      Take really good care of yourself
      I’ll read ur comments surely

    2. Aamu

      Hmm…but it is not gettin posted yaaar…
      I donno why..!
      Dey r not givin any reject mail too

  16. Juhi16

    Are di…ky isi possibility ki vajah se…dev sona ko taklif na pahunchane ke liye…uss se door ho jayega…and then shyd vo possibility negative ho jayegi ya somehow cure ho jayegi ya shyd sona ko pta chl jayega… phir vo use vaise hi accept kr legi and then happy happy☺☺
    Cute couples….
    Mai sirf tukka lga rhi hu..aage ky hoga iski koi guarantee nhi h mere pass…???
    And aap ky meko rula kr hi chodoge…..????
    Episode me emotions overloaded….aansu aa gye mere…..

    1. Riti1107

      Ha ha ha
      My byomkesh bakshi ha
      Nd us possibility ka naam maine promo me likha hai
      Kisi ne dekha hi nahi
      Ventricular septal defect
      Hole in his heart
      But he’ll be fine

    2. Juhi16

      Hole in the heart…??so sad…pr iska pta to bachpan me lg jaata h….jb koi bacha zyada uchal kud krta h genrally dhup me….to vo chakkar kha kr gir jaata h…then use hospital le jaate h….phir doctor sad sa munh bna kr room se bahar nikalta h and he says ki iss bachhe ke dil me chhed h…????????????

      Sry…vo mai daily soap baba ke diye hue gyan ka pradarshan kr rhi thi…?????

    3. Riti1107

      Haa bachpan pe pata chal jaata hai
      I’ve done all research …
      Nd cancer nahi karna tha bahut cliche ho gaya tha that’s why
      I’ll write it in a manner that medically makes sense but still it will be blurring tha line b/w reality & fictional treatment

      Ye kis daily soap me dekha hai?

    4. Juhi16

      Vo &TV me Ganga bolke ek show ata tha (ata h pr storyline change ho gya h) usme and Crime Petrol me bhi dekhi hu???

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